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Montgomery Co Tn Wills Roll #92

An Inventory of the Estate of Whitehead Joyner dec’d

1 Wagon and hind gear 4 head of horse. Creatures 30 head of hogs 7 head of cattle 1 plow 6 pair of plow gear 3 hoes
6 axes 1 Curring knife 1 drawing knife 4 beds and 3 bedsteads 1 chest and 1 trunk 1 table 2 guns and shotbags 4 pots and 1 skillet 1 oven 1 copper tea kettle
3 bolls(bowls?) 10 delph plates 2 pewter basons 1 pewter dish 1 delph dish 1 coffee mill 4 churns 1 loom 3 sleat and 4 pair of  Hames 8 knives and forks 1 washing tub and 2 pails 1 smoothing iron 1 shough and 2 pair of pot hooks a pot racks 1 large Bible 1 dictionary 1 hymn book 1 volum of the American Creator 1 cuting knife 2 iron wedges 2 augers 1 stray mare Time not out 1 looking glass 2 old plow irons 1 note of hand on L. B. Allen $215.29. 1 note of hand on Aquilla Johnson $132. One note on hand on Joseph Heathman $20. One note of hand on Felix Allen for $5. One note of hand on John Willis(could be Flillis or Hillis) for $20. One order on David B Allen for 24.17cts.
                                                                          Lucy Joyner
Rendered at April Term 1821


Bond for the Estate of Whitehead Joiner

Pg 452

Bond for the Estate of Whitehead Joiner

Know all men by these presents that we Lucy Joyner, Manoah Taylor, Bright Herring all of the state of Tennessee and County of Montgomery are held and firmly bound unto the Governor in and over the state afore said sucessors in office in the just sum of four thousand dollars to be paid to said Governor or his sucessors in office or their of assigns which payment will and truly to be made we bind ourselves our heirs Executors or Administrators jointly and severally firmly by these presents sealed with our seals and dated this 23rd day of April 1821.

The condition of the above obligation is such that if the above bound in Lucy Joiner Administrator of all and singular goods and chattels right and credits of Whitehead Joiner deceased do make or cause to be made a true and perfect Inventory of all and singular goods and chattels rights and credits of the deceased which have or shall come into the hands knowledge or possession of the said Lucy Joiner or into the hands or possession of any other person or persons for her and the same so made do exhibit or cause to be exhibited unto our ensuing county. The same goods, chattels rights and credits and all other the goods, chattels rights and credits of the deceased at the time of his death which at anytime here after comes into the hands of any other person or persons for her do well and truly administer according to law and further do make or cause to be a true and just account of the Administration within one year after the date of these presents and all the rest and residue of the said goods chattels and credits which maybe found remaining on the said Administration Account the same being first examined and allowed agreeably to Law shall deliver and pay unto such person or persons respectfully as the same shall be due pursuant to the true intent and meaning of this Administration and if it shall appear that any Will or Testatment was made by the deceased and Executor or Executrix therein to named do exhibit the same into Court making it allowed and approved of accordingly if the said Lucy Joiner there unto be required to render and deliver said Letters of Administration approbation of such testament being first had and made in our said court, then this obligation to be void else to remain in full force in law.

Acknowledged in open court                                                Lucy Joiner            (seal)

At April Term 1821                                                              Manoah Taylor      (seal)

Test W. C. Jamison Clk                                                        Bright Herring         (seal)

I did my best to correctly transcribe the copy of the original document that I found on Roll # 92 Wills for Montgomery Co Tn. This document was not part of any book or index it was at the beginning of the roll, unlike the Sale of Estate and the Estate Report that was in the Book D section.  Submitted by Jerry Riggs

Page 536 Book D

An Acct of Sale of the Property of Whitehead Joiner Dec’d

Lucy Joiner two beds and furniture   30.00                              Lucy Joiner 1 pot rack                    1.00
Ditto Ditto one Ditto                        15.00                              Robert Joiner  1 curry comb            1.25
Lucy Joiner one chest                         1.00                             Ditto two pair of Trace chains          3.00
Lucy Joiner one trunk                         1.00                             Lucy Joiner 1 hammeer                    3.12 
Lucy Joiner one large table Bible       2.00                               Needham Whitfield on Shovel          3.25 
The same one dining table                  2.75                              Anderson Walters 1 double tree        3.25  
Ditto one lot of books                         2.50                             Robert Joiner 1 pair hames                2.50
Bright Herring one Tea Kettle            3.75                               George Neville one Bridle                 2.12. 1/2
Lucy Joiner one Water Pale                3.50                              Christopher Owens  1 curry knife     3.50
Ditto for lot of earthern ware              3.50                              John Neville 1 cutting knife and ?      1.25
Ditto for lot of pewter                         1.00                              Robert Joiner on plough                   1.30 1/4
Ditto one smoothing iron                    1.25                              Davied Bunting pair ?                        1.75
Ditto one coffee mill                           1.25                              Lucy Joiner one log chain                  2.75
Ditto four chairs                                  1.25                             George Neville one pair steel yards   2.75
Ditto one bed stedd                             1.50                            Minoah Taylor one Gun                    7.25 
Ditto one cow and calf                      12.35                             Robert Joiner one gun                      1.30 1/4
Anderson Walters one plough             6.00                             John Hust one veel                            11.50
Lucy Joiner one loom and gun            3.00                              Lucy Joiner one orger                        11.?1
Ditto one wheel and ? of cards            2.00                              Ditto two iron weggies                      1.12 1/2
Ditto one pair of drawing chairs          1.50                              Ditto two axes                                   3.25
Ditto one mare and colt                      15.00                            Minoah Taylor one Mallock               1.50
Bright Herring one colt                      15.00                              Lucy Joiner two hoes                          1.25
Lucy Joiner one Horse                       15.50                             George Neville two hoes                   1.50
Hugh F. Bett two sows and pigs          6.25                             Lucy Joiner one drawing knife            1.06 1/4
Lucy Joiner two sows and shoats        7.00                             Lucy Joiner one Bell                           1.40
Ditto six shoats                                    4.00                           
George Neville lot of iron                     1.75
Wm E. Dancy 6 shoats                        5.00                            Needham Farrier one Bell                    1.40
James Ford 6 shoats                            5.50                           Christopher Owen one bell                    1.37 1/2 
Anderson Walters one Horse             65.00                            Needham Whitfield one ax                     1.25
Robert Joiner one wagon                   70.00                             Needham Whitfield one Kegg              1.12 1/2
Lucy Joiner one lot of castings            3.00                                                                                      333.70   
Anderson Walters one plow                1.00

                                                                                                            Lucy Joiner Administratix

Rendered January Term 1826

.MC Tn Wills Roll #92
 I found a second acct of sales on pg 14 Bk 
D, it was very similar so I didn’t include it.  

Pg 553

Settlement of Estate of Whitehead Joiner

State of Tennesee Montgomery Co
Pursuant to an order Court to us directed from the worshipful court of Montgomery Co, we
have proceeded this 6th day of April 1826 to settle with Lucy Joiner administratix of White-
head Joiner Dec’d and find the following vouchers ???

No 1 Receipt amount           $4.22
                            No 10 Provin acct amount           1.50
No 2 Ditto      Ditto                6.00                            No 11 Ditto    Ditto                      8.50
No 3 Ditto      Ditto               27.56 ½                       No 12 Ditto     Ditto                     2.75
No 4 Provin acct amount         1.50                           No 13 Receipt amount                52.06
No 5 Ditto      Ditto                   .50                           No 14 Ditto     Ditto                    42.40
No 6 Ditto      Ditto               32.90 ½                       No 15 Provin Acct                        2.0
No 7 Ditto      Ditto                  4.00                          No 16 Ditto    Ditto                       2.37 ½
No 8 Ditto      Ditto                  3.00                          No 17 Amt of sus paid                  2.00
No 9 Note taken in                   7.81                          No 18 Amt allowed admtrx         10.00                         

   Lucy Joiner administratix of Whitehead Joiner                                                                                      
                          To Said Estate     ??                                                                         $211.08 ½

To amount of Sales                                                            366.86 ½
To amount of Bonds on hand                                             416.46
                    Credit                                                            783.32 ½
By amount of vouchers                                                       211.08 ½   $572.24

And after due examination we find the said Lucy Joiner administratix aforesaid. Justly indebted
to said Estate  the above sum of five hundred and seventy -two dollars and twenty-four cents.
Given under our hads this 17th day of April 1826      
                                                                                      J P Vaughn J P
                                                                                      Thomas W Frazier
                                                                                       Reuben Ross

Rendered April Term 1826

Taken from Montgomery Co Tn Wills Roll #92

Submitted by Jerry Riggs

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