This is the unedited research and genealogical collection of Geneva Suggs Swain donated by Carroll Ray Ellis.

Items from the collection are listed below. Click on the underlined word to access a picture of the document.

Obituary of Leona Yarbrough Wickham 5-20-1968 Obituary of Aaron Porter Wickham 7-1967
Obituary of Dewitt T. Wickham 3-9-1972 Obituaries of Enoch Tanner Wickham 8-22-1970
Obituary of Harvey Wickham 12-30-1980 Obituary of James Lyddy Wickham 12-8-1990
Obituary of Lena L. Randle 5-16-1976 Obituary of Lester Ray Black 3-3-1971
Obituary of Madge Crocett 1-5-1976 Obituary of Otto Meyer 10-30-1982
Obituary of W. O. Wickham 5-21-1973 Obituary of Ned Walton 5-25-1971
Obituary of Minnie Bell Wickham 10-1-1972 Obituary of Mildred Lyddy 7-13-1983
Notice for Ida Lyddy Morris 2-12-1982 Obituary of Infant Wickham 5-5-1972
Obituary of Willie Wickham 10-16-1980 Notice of Willie Wickham 12-15-1980
Obituary of Betty Wickham Dinsmore 1-19-1987 Obituary of George Edward Welker 11-27-1986
Obituary of Joseph Jesse Wickham 11-7-1968 Obituary of Neva Gayle Crockett Turewicz 10-7-1986
Obituary of Raymond G. Wickham 3-11-1973 Obituary of Sarah Francis Dinsmore Oliver 9-12-1987
Obituary of Vera Iantha Wickham 9-23-1986 Obituary of Wallace Dinsmore 10-18-1986
Obituary of William A. Wickham 4-18-1981 Letter from Louis Wickham to Frankie Daniel Sellas- Page 1 Letter from Louis Wickham to Frankie Daniel Sellas- Page 2
Listing of Myers Cemetery Burials- Page 1
Listing of Myers Cemetery Burials- Page 2

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