Transcribed from a copy in the Houston Public Library, Clayton Genealogy Center, Houston, TX, by Aubrey Doggett, February 9, 2000.

I certify that the family name of this Bible is Whitfield and said Bible is located in the home of Mrs. Edna Faye Whitfield Muncrief, 731 Ridge Crest Drive, Duncanville, Texas 75116.

Nellie Dodd Bates

April 9, 1983

Houston Public Library

Houston, Texas

Gift of

Nellie Dodd Bates

In memory of

Ida Whitfield Dodd

Holy Bible

Containing the

Old and New Testaments

Together with the Apocrypha

Translated out of the original tongues

And with the former translations diligently compared and revised

By the

Special command of his Majesty King James I of England

With marginal notes and references

To which are added

An index

An Alphabetical Table

Of all the names in the old and new testaments with their significance

And tables of scriptures weights measures and coins

Publisher’s name illegible



The next page is illegible, but appears to be a list of births of slaves since only first names are used.


Page 677


Bryan Whitfield and Anne Neville were married the 9th day of November 1797

Bryan Whitfield and Catherine Bailey were married the 2nd day of April 1801

Mary Jane Whitfield and Charles Minor were married the 1st day of September 1824

William B. Whitfield and Mary H. Gibson were married the 28th of August 1828

Catherine E. Whitfield and John H. Williams were married the 12th day of May 1836

Margaret A. Whitfield and Kennedy Harrington were married the 10th day of September 1835

W. B. Whitfield and Verlinder Schofield were married the 15th of Oct 1835

Duncan B. Whitfield and Letticia Scott were married on the 10th September 1840

Wm. R. Whitfield and Viola Chapman were married the 12th of June 1870

Wm R. Whitfield and Eliza H. Lane were married 29th of October 1874

Matilda Vannote were -----

W. R. Whitifeld and Malinda Roland were married October 13, 1891.

W. R. Whitfield and F. T. Parks were married February 15 1910

Page 678


Rachel Whitfield daughter of Bryan and Anne Whitfield was born the 5th day of November 1798

William B. Whitfield son of Bryan and Catherine Whitfield was born the 18th of January 1802

James B. Whitfield son of do. was born the 22nd day of March 1804

Mary Jane Whitfield daughter of Bryan and Catherine Whitfield was born 26th December 1806

Bryan Whitfield son of Do. was born the 23rd of February 1808

Charles S. Whitfield son of Do. was born the 19th of May 1810

Anne and Catherine Whitfield daughters of Do. were born the 15th of April 1812

Margaret Whitfield was born the 27th day February 1814

Duncan B. Whitfield was born the 31st day of March 1818

Margaret A. Whitfield was born the 13th June 1819

Mary Inez daughter of W. B. and Mary G. Whitfield was born the 19th day of September 1831

Laura Ann daughter of W. B and Verlinder Whitfield was born January 31st 1837

James B. Whitfield son of --- and V. Whitfield ---

Page 679

Lewis Whitfield was born November 8th 1784

Elizabeth Whitfield was born November 1st 1788

Joseph Whitfield was born August 23rd 1806

Sally Whitfield was born April -- 1808

Needham Whitfield was born June 7th 1811

----- Whitfield was born August 8 1813

Lewis Whitfield was born January 7th 1816

Elizabeth Whitfield was born 7th November 1817

George Whitfield was born 3rd April 1819

Elizabeth D. Whitfield was born 17th January 1821

----Whitfield was born 15th 1823

William B. Whitfield ---


Anne Whitfield wife of Bryan Whitfield died the 2nd of October 1799

Charles S. Whitfield died the 20th March 1812

Anne Whitfield died the 5th of January 1813

Margaret A. Whitfield died the 30th October 1814

Catherine Whitfield wife of B. Whitfield died the 3rd of April 1825

Bryan Whitfield died the 9th day of July 1825

Mary Jane Minor died the 17th of November 1828

Bryan Whitfield ----

Page 680

Mary Inez Whitfield daughter of W. B. and – Whitfield died the 29th of August 1832

Marg. – Whitfield died the 21st March 1833

James B. Whitfield died the 20th of December 1834

James B. Whitfield son of W. B and V. Whitfield died October 16 1842

Charles B. Whitfield son of W. B. and V. Whitfield died November 2nd 1842

Laura Ann Whitfield the daughter of W. B. and V. Whitfield died July 6th 1843

Catherine E. Williams died the 8th of November 1847

Mary Verlinder Whitfield daughter of W.B. and V. Whitfield died the 3rd of April 1852

Duncan Whitfield died April 7 1860

Margaret A. Harrington died December 19 1865

Verlinder Whitfield wife of W. B. Whitfield died March 23 1867

Viola Whitfield wife of Wm. R. Whitfield died May 7th 1873

Wm. B. Whitfield died March 28th 1881.

Eliza L. Whitfield wife of W. R. Whitfield died February 1 1888

Malinda Whitfield wife of W. R. Whitfield died May 15 1907

Submitted by Aubrey Doggett

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