Henry H. Weaver  1-9-1841- 1-1-1880
Daughter of H.H. and M. A. Weaver  10-20-1874- 6-28-1876
Mandy Weaver 5-14-1873- 9-30-1876 Daughter of J. and L. Weaver
Mrs. Martha Elizabeth Weaver 8-18-1847- 7-8-1907 married 4-6-1865 Jesse
Margaret  Weaver 7-9-1843- 2-2-1901 wife of W. H. Weaver
Willie Wickham 8-20-1877- 10-5-1882  son of Wm and Eliza Wickham.
Bob Wickham 2-17-1912-- 5-15-1915
Infant Son Wickham 6-27-1910 of C. S. and M. Wickham.

Submitted by  Debbie McMinn

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