This cemetery has a  Virtual View submitted by Jim Long

TRICE-PRICE CEMETERY - 646 Bunker Hill Road, east of 41-A in District #3.
 Copied by James N. Long on 11/15/97.  All but a few of the tombstones have
been scattered and severely broken.  Only the markers of James J. Wilson
and J. W. Johnson were standing.

Fragments uncovered and assembled include those listed below.  Parentheses
() denote missing fragments.

Johnson, Virginia, daughter of Margaret Johnson  born ______
V. J. - footstone

Bridgwater, Margaret S., daughter of Chesley & Julia A. Bridgwater  born
May 23, 1852  died Mar. 29, 1869
M. S. B. - footstone

Johnson, J. H., son of J. G. & J. E. Johnson  born Mar. 22, 1854  died Apr.
17, 1869
J. H. J.  - footstone

Johnson, Margaret, wife of Hen(ry Johnson) Aug. 10 _____ Died Mar. 20, 1873
M. J. - footstone

Wilson, James J., son of John & Mary T. Wilson  born Dec. 10, 1830  died
Oct. 14, 1831

Bridgwater, Julia A., wife of _____y Bridgwater  born _____3, 1823  died
____ 16, 1854
J. A. B.  -footstone

Gowans, Mary L., daughter of W & M Gowans, born Oct. 20, 1840  died Sept.
15, 1858

Trice, Fannie wi(f)e of G. B. Tr(ic)e  bo(rn) Mar. 1____ die(d) M(a)y 23___

Johnson, ___G. (son of E. S. & ) E. A. (J)o(hn)son  (bor)n S__(18)57 died
M__15, (1)865

(Bridgewater, Hettie)
H. B. - footstone

Johnson, J. G. born Aug._______

(Johnson, Jane E.)
J. E. J.  - footstone

Johnson, J. W.  born Feb. 6, 1861  died May 15, 1917

Johnson, Ed(i)thy A.  wife of E. S. Johnson  born ______1838  (d)ied
____20, 18__

Cooper, Hiram  born Dec. 30 _____ died July 7, 1896

about one dozen additional graves with fieldstone markers in place,
presumed to be slave graves, including one with an inscription:

Jones, F. F.  died August 17, 1850


This cemetery is located at 646 Bunker Hill Road in New Providence.  It has
been very heavily vandalized, and most tombstones are in fragments no
bigger than your fist.  I have been covering the area with a fine-tooth
comb, hoping to eventually find all the shattered fragments and reconstruct
the tombstones.  The cemetery covers a wooded half-acre lot, with the front
half apparently the "white" part of the cemetery, with what are probably
slave burials in the back.  There are many field stones still in place in
this part of the cemetery.

submitted by  James N. Long

5th-great-grandson of John G. Johnson and wife Jane (Brewer) Johnson (both
buried here)
5th-great-grandson of Julia A. (Johnson) Bridgewater (buried here)
6th-great-grandson of Margaret (Williams) Johnson (buried here), wife of
Henry Johnson and mother of John G. Johnson and Julia (Johnson) Bridgewater

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