O. Thorntonís Will

   Montgomery Co. Tennessee
   Record Book  P ,  page 120

In the name of God Amen !
I Orville Thornton do make and publish this as my last will and testament hereby revoking and making void all other wills by me at any time made.
First.  I will my Soul to God.
Secondly. I direct that my funeral expenses and all my debts be paid as soon after my death as possible out of any moneys that I may die possessed of or may first come into the hands of my Executor.
Thirdly.  I desire that my slaves Eliza, Angeline, Bill and Jack be sold at Palmyra upon nine months credit, first giving forty days notice, Eliza and Jack to be sold together.
Fourthly.  I desire all my perishable property sold upon the premises on nine months credit except my riding horse Wallace & Blacke filly.  I wish Wallace  sold at Palmyra at the time the slaves are sold and for cash.
Fifthly. I value my farm & crops except the rents at seven hundred dollars & will and desire that my nephew Samuel Allen and niece Sally Williams have it, and pay to my executor in twelve months from the time of the sale of the slaves whatever amount may be over his or her distributive share of my  Estate. I make this disposition of my Land that it may not be sold, but retained in the family.
It is my request that Sally Williams and husband move to my home as soon after my death as practicable.
Sixthly I desire my nephew Madison Allen to take my slave Hart upon whom I place no value, he being crippled, neither is he to account my Executor or Heirs for Hart.  It is my sincere wish that my nephew Madison Allen protect Hart and treat him kindly and never sell him unless it should be Harts request.
Seventhly I wish my executor to pay to my nephew Samuel Williamson of Memphis, Three hundred and fifteen dollars for Land sold by me to George Rolins, upon his making a deed to my executor for said Land.  I have deducted seventy dollars of the amount the Land sold for in consequence of that amount having been paid by Henry Thornton to George Williamson the father of Samuel Williamson upon said Land.
Eighthly I will to Montgomery Vermont Heathcock the tract of Land upon which Elizabeth Heathcock now lives, nine acres more or less as the deed will show.  Elizabeth Heathcock to have the privilege of living upon it her life time.  I desire my executor to sell the Black Filly mentioned in the fourth clause at the time & place he sells my other perishable property on four months time & apply proceeds of her sale to the use & benefit of Montgomery Vermont Heathcock on furnishing him cloth & provisions.  I further more wish my executor to retain one hundred dollars in his possession to be applied to the education of Montgomery Vermont Heathcock as he my executor thinks best for him.
Eighthly The remainder of my estate I wish equally divided between my legal heirs.
Ninethly I do nominate and appoint my friend Robert H. McFall  my executor.  In witness whereof I do to this my Will set my hand and seal.  This 3rd day of May 1858.


Signed, sealed & published in our presence and we have subscribed our names here to in the presence of the testator.
This 3rd day of May 1858.
   Witness  I. H. Marable
      W. H. Dilling

Recorded at May term 1858
      Wm Rogers   Clerk

Submitted by Deanna Oklepek

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