Photo by D. B. Collins, Traveling Photographer from Vanleer, TN.

(Names in parentheses indicate to whom girls were later married.)

Front row: Violet Moore, Mary Lyle (B.F. Holmes), Mabel Orgain (I.W. Manning), Thyrsa Harper (Deason), Bessie Davis, Jennie Hollinsworth, Irma Neblett (Judge Albert Williams), Maggie Hunter (Chas. Lewis)), Ruby Workman (Rev. Parsons), Hazel Hunter, Jewell Lyle, Edgar Batson, Hubert Harper, Roy Dodson and Maurice Harper. Second row: Bell Bartlett, Mary Harper (Willard Hicks), Alice Batson (Ed Davis), Myrtle Langford, Pearl Langford, Emma Martin, Nellie Carney, Edna Tomlinson (Workman), Willie Phillips, Mamie Scott (Sid Harris), Lizzie Batson (Andrews), Hulda Roberts, Shellie McKay (Cooley), Angie Pennington (Lewis Lyle). Third row: Myra McKay Harned, Daisy Neblett (Dr. Geo. Vaughn), Faith Goodloe (teacher), Mattie Trotter (Burr Hinton). Addle Nicks, Eliza Dickson (S.B. Harris), Rosa Hagewood (her daughter is Mrs. William D. Sanford) (Ed Harris), Eve Harper (John Baggett), Eva Harper (Todd Coulter), Bertie Waller, Rosa Waller (Jim Harris), Bertie Collins, Flora Reath, Eunice Scott (Isham Harris), posit Heath. Bessie Wyatt (Cooper). Fourth row: Jim Scott, James Stewart, George Hargrove, Felts, Eugene PenningtonFelts, Eugene Pennington, Grundy Dickson (became preacher in Methodist Conference), Henry Jones. Preston Phillips, Sam Luton, Epps Foster. Back row: George Evans, Lewis Lyle, Rufus McCaslin (became merchant  and Postmaster), Cullom Harris (practiced Dentistry in Nashville), Ed Trotter, Prof. William Isham Harper, Prof. Perry Lee Harmed, Gerald Harper (became preacher to Methodist Conference), John Workman (became Supt. of City Schools, Pensacola, FL), and Grafton Dickson. *****

Names of other students who attended this school, but not in photo, Include: Plevna Workman, Annie Hewitt, Edna Hewitt, Ethel Sallie Gaines, Daniel Proctor, Milton Yarorouth, Susie Proctor, Edna Frazier, Fannie Stewart, Clara Stark, Ed Harris. Edgar Brawnier, Gus Langford, Robert Roland, Betty Roland, Fred Pennington, Nell hunter, John Harris, Isham Harris, Sam Baggett, Kate Lyle, Alex Outlaw, Sidney Corban, Reps Corban, A. Lyle, Anna Dawson, Plummer Hodges, Vannan Jones, George Bartlett, Saul Workman, Russell Lyle, John Scott, Walter Collins. Vernon Brewer, Betty Dickson, Eskew Dickson, Lucien Adkins, Sue Harris, Herbert Harris, Jim Harris. Honor Hunter, Carrie Wyatt. Hugh McCormick, Claude McCormick, Sid Harris. Sam Harris, Betty Davis, Joe Davis, Ed Davis, Elmer Scott, Buist Scott, Lillian Scott, Eva Bartlett, Sally Langford, Newt Waller, Lena Batson, Sandy B. Harris, Sam Mathis, Leon Hunter, and Delma Batson.


<>The Southside School in 1890 was taught in a log building. The primary department building of the SPS was located in a building which still stands at Southside. The front of the building has been converted into a residence across the road from Dr. R.M. Workman's home. A stock company was formed and a new building erected to provide higher education for local pupils and boarders. A Certificate of Graduation from this school was honored without examination to the University of Tennessee. A school 'catalog' was published at the time showing photos of the school campus and buildings, with details of courses of study, student regulations, costs of attending, etc. Board at the school was $7 to $10 per month. Tuition $2 to  $4 per month, depending on studies taken. An incidental fee of $1 per year was charged.

Submitted by Leah Bartlett and Sandra Stacey.

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