------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Take Highway 48/13 about 10 miles. Turn right on Highway 13. Go about 8 miles to Shiloh-Bridge Road. Turn right and go straight up the hill on the cemetery road.



BOYER Peter R. Sept.27,1902 - Sept.3,1989 (footstone: Daddy)

               Louise Aug.28,1908 - June 18,1987 (footstone: Mother)

                married Aug.31,1937 Precious memories

BRITT Dorothy Pearl Mar.9,1923 - Mar.10,1943

               She was the sunshine of our home

BRITT William Boyd Apr.28,1894 - June 4,1962 (Footstone: W.B.B.)


                                                 APRIL 28,1894 - JUNE 4,1962

             Mary Lee Oct.4,1901 - July 24,1925

BRITT Wilson Nov.7,1868 - Aug.10,1947 (footstone: Father)

            Nora R. Jan.11,1875 - Jan.31,1965 (footstone: Mother)

                 At Rest

DAVIDSON Irvin Lee Aug.27,1910 - Mar. 24,1975 (footstone: I.L.B.)

                                           ( footstone inscription as written) ( There was a footstone that said “wife“)

HARRIS Miss Sallie Age 80 At Rest

HENDRICKS George N. 1898 - 1965 (footstone: Husband)

                        Etha S. 1891 - 1974 (footstone: Wife)

HUNT Sally age 82

            On Back: Billie-Jean Smith Born Jan.4,1934 Died Feb.28,1934

LOUIS Upton C. June 15,1888 - Feb.22,1949

             Lucy U. Mar.13,1892 - Mar.17,1982

LYLE Janeth Evon infant dau. of Coy & Virgie Lyle (footstone:)

            Apr.13,1943 - Apr.131943 Safe in the arms of Jesus

PUCKETT John R. 1898 - 1994 (footstone: J.R.P.)

                   Myrtle L. 1900 - 1955 (footstone: M.L.P.)

                              A tribute of love

RICE Sterling S. Sept.10,1915 - Dec.4,1982 funeral home marker: Mr. Sterling Sub Rice

                                 STERLING S. RICE U.S. ARMY SEPT.10,1915 - DEC.4,1982

          Mary S. July 5,1917 - (footstone: M.S.R.)

                    married Apr.22,1947

ROWLAND Graden Sept.3,1907 - June 19,1988

                     Annie Jan.26,1913 -

                     wed Sept.3,1927 Love lives on

SHANNON Elizabeth Born Apr.6,1840 Died Jan.2,1901

                         Gone but not forgotten

SMITH Barbara Gail Dec.8,1946 - Dec.9,1946 (footstone:)

                A fare bud of promise never bloomed

SMITH Billie Jean infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Irvin Smith

              Jan.4,1934 - Feb.1,1934 (footstone:)

                       Safe in the arms of Jesus

                                        ( See also: Sally Hunt)

SMITH Buford N. Sept.29,1908 - Aug.21,1932 Gone but not forgotten

SMITH Cecil W. May 22,1918 - Jan.27,1990 Father

             Pete C. Aug.9,1952 - Son

SMITH Corban H. “Smitty” Aug.13,1915 - May 19,1990

SMITH Ethel S. 1881 - 1043

SMITH Eugene Mar.18,1925 - July 29,1926 (footstone: E.S.)

             Imogene Mar.18,1925 - July 26,1926 (footstone: I.S.)

SMITH Irving C. Nov.22,1883 - Aug.7,1969 (footstone: Father)

             Nora S. July 6,1888 - June 29,1963 (footstone: Mother)

                      Where the flowers bloom forever

SMITH Norman J. 1881 - 1952 Father

STAMPER Mrs. J.M. age 83 A minister’ s wife at rest

SYKES Rev. A.H. Mar. 16,1868 - ??, 19??

SYKES Ambers Hartwell Died December 26,1967

              age 78 years 5 months 3 days

SYKES Arthur Ramon son of A.H. & Dora F. Sykes

             Born Aug.11,1892 Died July 15,1893

SYKES B.J. age 43 and wife age 20

             On Back: Dora F. wife of A.H. Sykes

                              Born Oct.9,1870 Died Oct.9,1892

                              Our darling one hath gone before to greet us on the blissful shore

SYKES Carnie B. son of J.H. & Eliza Sykes Nov.9,1903 - July 25,1904

                   Gone but not forgotten

SYKES Charlie Feb.22,1865 - Mar.5,1940 (footstone: Father)

              Sarah S. Apr.30,1865 - Feb.20,1947 (footstone: Mother)

                              At Rest

SYKES Ellen July 28,1844 - Aug.18,1934 At Rest

SYKES Elnora

SYKES Emmer L. Sept.4,1874 - Oct.24,1953 (footstone: Emmer)

             Dora F. Oct.9,1870 - Oct.9,1892 (footstone: Dora)

                     They are at rest (See also B.J. Sykes)

SYKES Hardy July 23,1899 - Dec.26,1967 Daddy we will meet you

              Lillian Apr.1,1894 - Mar.8,1978 (footstone: Mother)

                        married Dec.27,1908

SYKES J.H. May 11,1863 - June 8,1950

             Eliza Jan.9,1868 - Aug.9,1933

                       We will meet again

SYKES James Y. son of A.H. & D.F. Sykes

             Born Feb.2,1890 Died June 22,890

SYKES Willy Born Sept.3,1837 Died Sept.12,1896 He is at rest





Back fenced in area. Follow the road past first section.


GILBERT William July31,1855 - M?? 23,1931

                                    (He is laying on the right side of the road. There is also another stone with him with no writing.)

HARRIS John 1862 - 1939 He died as he lived, A Christian

HERNDON Thomas M. June 23,1884 - Dec.10,1942 (footstone: Father)

                     Ina Mae Aug.22,1889 - Oct.23,1980 (footstone: Mother)

HERNDON infant son (footstone only)


                 MARCH 9,1933

              Born Sept.25,1897 (footstone: B.U.S.)

                 In fond memories of our boy

SMITH E.J. Aug.4,1831 - May 7,1870 (footstone:)

DAVENPORT Leander wife of E.J. Smith

                        May 8,1833 - Oct.9,1914 (footstone:)

SMITH Plummer Nov.5,1864 - Oct.31,1944

             Clarissa Sept.6,1863 - Jan.24,1953

WILLIAMS Mattie L. Aug.31,1893 - July 23,1919

                         A devoted wife and loving mother

WILLIAMS infant daughter of H.N. & M.L. Williams Born Oct.5,1916

                                A bud too soon faded


unmarked graves and graves marked by fieldstones in both sections

Transcribed By: Kathy Reynolds & Patty Davis


April 3, 2000   Smith-Sykes Cemetery   Montgomery County, Tennessee


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