Thomas Walton Atkinson (1777 - Feb, 7, 1862 Montgomery Co.) md.
Lizzie Humley (--- d. 1809) : Srgt. Capt. Butler's Co.,Ky. Mil 9-18-1812 -- 10-12-1812 and Capt Ky. Vol. Mil.  8-24-1813 for 3 mos. at Battle of Thames; W D & Ky S A & P. D; Clarksville, Montgomery Co.
Pvt mkr. (Soldiers of the War of 1812 Buried in ‘Tennessee)

Thos. W. Atkinson married Betsy Carlile Nov. 5,1810 in Green.Co.,Ky.  John Carlile was bondsman. Betsy was the daughter of, John and Sarah (Catos) Carlile. The Atkinsons were in Montgomery County, Tenn. by  1819.

Thos. W. Atkinson made his will 24 April 1858 names second wife, Elizabeth and. her children: Sally Lackey, Quinttia Clark, Representatves  of  Joshua  Atkinson and representatives of Sherwood S. Atkinson. The children and grandchildren of first wife: Frances Mason, formerly Frances J.. French, Elizabeth Trabue  and Q. C. Atkinson.. 7 heirs in all. He mentions Dr. Jno Trabue in his will. .

Elizabeth Carlile Atkinson died 1881. Quintta Atkinson married Beverly Clark Aug 29, 1846. T.W, Atkinson married Henritta E.. Trice Jan 25, 1847 and died before his father and without issue as he is not mentioned in the will. Sally married first a Harris and then John W. Lackey. Joshua Atkinson. married Elizabeth A. Watkins 1838 in Todd Co., Ky. and left one son, Quint Atkinson. (from my Carlile- Trice records. AWD) .

From The Montgomery County Genealogical Journal, May 1972-  Ann Evans Alley, Editor-  Page 70- Article by Anita Whitfield Darnell

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