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Copies of Brevet Captain (regular army 2nd Lieutenant) Thomas Herndon's "Reminiscenses of the Civil War" and "Johnson's Island Prison Diary and Journal" and his May, 1861, photo are in the museum archives in Clarksville.  "Cap'n Tom" is buried in Clarksville's Greenwood Cemetery.  Herndon, KY, was named for "Cap'n Tom"  (Log on to Christian County, KY).

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 Capture of Genral Archer -  From Thomas Herndon's "Reminiscenses of the Civil War".
 Herndon Kentucky - Kentucky town named after Thomas Herndon- Confederate Veteran and Clarksville Wholesale Grocer
 Herndon United Methodist Church -Thomas Herndon and  Laura Coleman Herndon, had a 457 acre tobacco farm SE of the crossroads of present-day Herndon, KY.  The town was named for "Cap'n Tom" because he was a founder and director of the railroad that passed through there and placed a depot at that site.  He sold a tract off the west side of his farm, adjacent to the N-S road, for the construction of a Methodist Church (both he and Laura Coleman Herndon were staunch Methodists), and then gave half the purchase money back to the church.  He told my Dad that he would have given them the land outright, but he wanted to ensure their commitment and sence of propriotership.

 Thomas Herndon Family History - Thomas Herndon's Clarksville family.  You will note that my Dad was his youngest child.  A biography of Thomas Herndon appears in the old (1897?) book, Picturesque Clarksville.  Thomas Herndon achieved great wealth after the Civil War but lost it all in the Crash of 1893.  Despite energetic strivings, he was never able to recover.  He died October 20, 1918, and he was buried with the Second Mannassas minie ball still in his leg.

Submitted by Chesley C. Herndon, Jr.--Grandson

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