Obediah McBee, born about 1774 possibly in Pittsylvania Co., VA., but date, location and names of Parents are all unknown for sure, Obediah died inHardeman Co., TN in 1826. I do not know how long Obediah and family were inthe Montgomery County, TN area but think they were just passing through as they are found in Perry County, TN in 1819.

1812; War of 1812---Obediah McBee served as a Private, in the War of 1812.
Source: "Tennesseans in the War of 1812: Shown as OBADIAH MCBAY (MABBY),
Pvt. Col. Philip Pipkin, Capt. John Strother, Inf" .** He served from June
1814 to December 1814- 1st Regiment of the West Tennessee Militia- under
Capt. Sands in Capt. John Strother's Company of Infantry- He deserted 20
September 1814- from Mobile;

He is given a warrant dated 8 March 1815, as to his service and entitlement
to his pay for the 6 months of service, signed by, "J.
Winchester/Winchister, B.G.- US Army, from Ft. Charlotte, Mobile". I cannot
read the name of the Capt. that signed the warrant (may be J.L. Sands?).

Obediah's name is spelled several different ways on the 1812 Service Records
that I received; 1. Obediah McBay, 2. Obadiah Magby, 3. Obadiah McBay.

He signed a Power of Attorney to the Offices of McClure & Elder in
Montgomery Co., TN, to seek and collect his pay for the 6 months of service
in the US Military, He signed the POA as "Obediah McBay", and affixed it
with his (seal) on 7 December 1815, it is Notarized by Stephan Thomas, J.P.
of Montgomery Co., TN.

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