Records from Revolutionary War Pension file No S-39159, from National Archives & Records Service, Washington, D. C. Have not located his grave, in Montgomery Co. He may be buried at Baggett’s Chapel Cemetery on Highway 13 - or he may be at Baggett’s Cemetery on Budd’s Creek, Palmyra or Hackberry area. First Montgomery County records show him listed on the 1806 voting petition.

May 7, 1818 he is living in Montgomery County. His age 62; his mother lives with him and is “upwards of 100 years”. His wife is “very infirm” and his sons “are grown and left him”. In October, 1820, he renewed his pension application, stating he is a farmer by occupation, aged 64; his wife, Nancy, is 62. No other family. His property consists of 20 acres of land; one mare and colt; 4 head of cattle; 7 head of sheep; 5 head of common size hogs; 8 pigs; 1 large iron kettle; 2 iron pots; 1 dutch oven; 1 skillet; 1 chest; 1 table; 1 rawhide; and some shelf or cupboard articles; 2 dollars “due me” and “I am in debt thirty-five

Revolutionary War records states he enlisted in Anson County, North Carolina, near the South Carolina line, in the month of March preceding the fall of Ft. Moultrie. He marched to Charleston, S. C.; went to Sullivan Islands.; took part in siege of Ft. Moultrie. Served in states of Georgia and South Carolina. In service 15 months.

From The Montgomery County Genealogical Journal, Ann Evans Alley Editor, September 1972.

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