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Harry W. Bullock was born in Montgomery County, Tennessee about 1837 to John Bullock and Anna Jones Rawlings Bullock. As a young man of 24 years of age, Harry Bullock joined with other young men of the Woodlawn area in Isaac Brunson's company of volunteers. Brunson's company traveled to Clarksville in late May of 1861 where they soon became Company G of the 14th Tennessee Infantry Regiment under the command of Col. W.A. Forbes.


The 14th TN was reorganized 26 April 1862 at which time 2 Lt Bullock was promoted to 1st Lt. He was slightly wounded at Manassas on 29 Aug 1862. He was further promoted to the rank of Captain on 12 Aug 1864.


Captain H.W. Bullock was admitted to the hospital at Patrick's Station, Virginia on 2 April, 1865 with a gunshot wound to his left shoulder. He was wounded in the "Battle before Petersburg" in the early morning hours of 2 April 1865 as the Confederate defenses collapsed. He also appears on a "Roll of Prisoners of War" at Armory Square Hospital in Washington, D.C. stating that he was captured at Petersburg on 2 April 1865. The roll is dated 15 April 1865.


Following his capture on 2 April, Capt Bullock was admitted to the Union Hospital at City Point, Virginia on 3 April, 1865. He was then transferred aboard the U.S.A Hospital steamer "Connecticut" on 7 April, 1865 to travel to Washington, D.C. The diagnosis of his wound, dated 8 April, 1865 states "GSW - ball entered left shoulder 1 1/2 in. below accronium process of scapula passed back to the right lodging to the right of spine at a point corresponding to 3rd dorsal vertebra, where it was extracted". Notes further state that at 7 PM on 18 April 1865, Captain Bullock suffered a "violent hemorrhage from his wound in back, probably from the sub scapular artery".  Captain Harry W. Bullock died on 19 April 1865.


An inventory of Captain Bullock's personal effects  notes that he possessed 1 great coat, 1 dress coat, 1 pair of pants, 2 flannel shirts, 2 pair of cotton drawers, 1 pair of socks, 1 pair of boots, 1 haversack, then notes a pocket book and papers carried in his vest and $430 confederate currency, plus $ 5.25 in U.S. coins.


A "Record of Death and Interment" lists name and number of person deceased as "Harry W. Bullock (Reb). Hospital number of the deceased  is noted as "82 - misc - 1865". Regiment, rank, and company are noted as 14th Tenn Vols., Capt., "G". Residence before enlistment is listed as Clarksville, Montgomery, Tennessee. Conjugal condition is listed as "single". Cause of death "G.S. wound of left shoulder". Age of the deceased is "28 years". Nativity is listed as being "American". References and remarks are listed as "John Bullock (Relative) care of T.F. Pettus, Clarksville, Montgomery, Tenn. Date of death and burial "April 19th - April 21st, 1865".


Captain Harry W. Bullock is buried in his family cemetery (Bullock Cemetery) in the Woodlawn area.


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