Gaston O’Brien mustered-in as Captain of Company H, 1st Tennessee Volunteer Infantry on May 20, 1898. Company H left Nashville for San Francisco on June 10, 1898.  They were encamped at Camp Merritt, later at Camp Merriman at the Presidio in San Francisco, California.  In July 1898, he was ill in quarters. As part of the 5th Philippine Expedition, the company embarked for Manila on the City of Puebla, November 6, 1898.  Gaston was evidently involved in an altercation as his troops disembarked, since he was ordered to apologize to two named officers, and the officers of Companies D, G and H, for “certain conduct and language used by you.”  Company H was stationed at Manila and Iloilo in the Philippines.  Company H embarked for the US aboard the Indiana September 19, 1899, and was mustered out at the Presidio, San Francisco, California, November 23, 1898.  Their homecoming celebration is described in Along the Warioto.

Personal information in his records says that he was 23 when he mustered-in, a resident of Clarksville, Tennessee.  His description says he was 5’5 ¾” tall, weighed 137 pounds, and had blue eyes and light brown hair.  He was single and employed as a tabacconist.

Compiled Military Service Record, NARA
Along the Warioto, Ursula Smith Beach, 1964
Picture from TSLA web site

Gaston O'Brian

Picture caption: (L-R) Capt. Gaston O'Brian, Capt. Nick Givens, Lt. T. H. Bates, Capt. H. B. Myers


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