George Neville was in the 1st Regiment Continental Dragoons of Virginia. He was a Lt. Col. at the close of the war. He served until the end of the war.

George Neville was born in 1734 in Prince William Co., Va. He died 1811 in Montgomery County, Tennessee. On 26 March 1762 he married Rachel Earle of Westmoreland Co., Va., the daughter of Maj. Samuel Earle III and his wife Anna Sorrell who was the daughter of Thomas Sorrell and his wife Elizabeth O’Conney of Frederick Co., Va.

George Neville received a grant of 640 acres on Red River in what later became Montgomery Co. (This was on April 29, 1789-Davidson Co., Tenn. Reg. of Grants -Book A, page 330, Grant #173)

The children of Lt. Col. George and Rachel (Earle) Neville were:
1. Voiletta Neville born 4 Feb. 1763 and married Barkley W. Pollock.
2. Joseph Bargel Neville was born 21 Dec. 1764 and married Elizabeth ??
3. Sophia Neville was born 19 May 1766 and married Christopher Owirns.
4.     Ann Neville was born 6 Feb 1769.
5. George Washington Neville was born 19 Feb. 1772 S. C. and married Rachel Killebrew.
6. John Neville was born 20 Mar 1774
7. Rachel Neville was born 27 Jan. 1776 and married Septimus Williams.
8. Miriam Neyille was born 4 May 1778 and married Needham Whitfield.

Neville Line of Robert Septimus Jett:
 1612 - 1664 John Neville to Bridget Thoenbay
 1640 - 1698 James Neville to Elizabeth ?.
 1665 - ? John Neville to Elizabeth Bohanon - m 1685
 1693 - ? Joseph Neville to Ann Bohanon - m. 1730
 1734 - 1811 George Neville to Rachel Earle - m. 26 Mar. 1762
 1776 - ? Rachel Neville to Septimus Williams (1770 - 1844)
 1809 - 1885 Joseph B. Williams to Adeline Bridgewater (1818 1886)
 1847 - 1945 Septimus Williams to Laura F. Basford (1855 - 1891)
 1881 - 1938 Edna Earle Williams to Lloyd Alfred Jett (1875- 1966)
 1907 - living - Robert Septimus Jett to Claribel Brandon (1907 - living)
 (All of the above information from Robert Septimus Jett.)

Will of George Neville dated April 22, 1811 names wife, Rachel. Sons: Joseph B. Neville George W. Neville and John Neville. Daus: Violetty Pollock, Rachel Williams, Sophiah Owens and Marion Whitfield. Granddaughter: Rachel Whitefield. Children of daughter, Violetty Pollock

to wit: George Pollock, Presley Pollock, John Polleck, Demarius Travis and Letty Lynes. (Wills & Records of Montgomery County, Tenn. Book A., page 56.)

J. B. Neville and Elizabeth ____: 0ct._1902. Berkley Wm. Pollock as security. (Old Marriages of Montgomery Co. Tenn. and a Pollock will names a daughter Elizabeth Neville.)

Copied from The Montgomery County Genealogical Journal, Vol. 1, No. 4 - Ann Evans Alley, Editor  Article  Soldiers from Montgomery Co., Tennessee in the War of 1812 and The Revolutionary War by Anita Whitefield Darnell

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