? Evans came to Tennessee from Virginia and was killed In the War of 1812

He had a son, Hugh Evans, who married Sallie (Chisnan). Hugh Evans had seven children: 1. Leigh W. Evans born 1834 2. W. L. Evans born Oct. 15, 1832. 3. Mary F. Evans 4. Sallie A. Evans 5. Carolina Evans  6. Ross Evans and 7. Amos Evans. (Goodspeed’ s HISTORY OF TENNESSEE, page 1029 - 1030)

Hugh Evans did not marry Sallie Chisnan. He married Sallie Chisenhall the daughter of Reuben and Jane (Leigh) Chisenhall. Jane was the daughter of Richard and Ráchel (Bingham) Leigh. Reuben. Chisenhall was the son of Alexander Chisenhall. (from my Leigh papers. AWD)

Hugh and Sallie Evans are buried in the Liberty Church Cemetery in Dist. #8. Hugh Evans born Dec. 12, 1807 died Jan 28, 1874
Sarah B. Evans wife of Hugh Evans was born Feb. 25, 1805 and died Oct. 30, 1870.

1850 Census of Montgomery County, Tenn.
Hugh Evans age  42 b. Tern   Leigh W. Evans age 16 b. Tenn
Sarah   46 b. Va. (error.   Ross   13 b. Tern
     She was born in N. C.)    Frances   11 b. Tenn
William L. Evans age 20 b. ‘Tenn   Sarah   7 b. Tenn
Mary   18 b. Tenn   Caroline   5 b. Tenn

Copied from The Montgomery County Genealogical Journal, Vol. 1, No. 4 - Ann Evans Alley, Editor  Article  Soldiers from Montgomery Co., Tennessee in the War of 1812 and The Revolutionary War by Anita Whitefield Darnell

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