Montgomery County Tennessee
Civil War Veterans' Questionnaires

Beginning in 1914, historians tried to capture the experiences of Tennessee Civil War veterans through a detailed questionnaire.  The questionnaires are preserved at the Tennessee State Library and Archives.  Although only 1,650 veterans completed questionnaires, for those who did the questionnaire is a rich source of information about the veteran's family, his life before the
war, his military experience and his life after the war.

Use the link below to connect to the page on TSLA's web site that describes the collection program, the questionnaire, and an index of the veterans who responded.

Tennessee Civil War Veteran's Questionnaires

The nineteen Montgomery County veterans who responded are listed below.

Name    Company    Regiment   
Atkins, Lucullus C.    G    3rd KY   
Bringhurst, Edward S.    H    14th TN   
Coakley, James        10th KY Cav.   
Edlin, G. C.    C    2nd KY Cav.   
Everette, James J.    K    49th TN   
Felts, Rufus M.        49th TN   
Felkerson, Peter G.        Independent Company   
Hunt, B. M.    I    58th VA   
McKay, William L.        18th TN   
McNeill, Andrew J.        14th TN   
Mison, Charles    A    14th TN.   
Mockbee, Robert T.    B    14th TN   
Morrison, Robert        13th KY   
Nesbitt, James Lewis    B    14th TN   
Rogers, James Monroe    C    11th TN Inf.   
Walthal, Thomas W.    A    49th TN Inf.   
Whitfield, Hervey    A    2nd TN Cav.   
Williams, John Bailey    B    14th TN   
Winn, Richard M.    K    14th TN   


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