John Carroll (born 1830) came from Leitrim Ireland in 1847 on the boat St.George. In May 1861 he joined the 14th infantry in Clarksville. He was wounded and captured then released for exchange.  He then went with the 10th Sons Of Erin Company I, where he was wounded and captured again.  He was sent to Camp Douglas in Chicago where he was held prisoner from 1862 until he was released in 1865.  He was admitted to the Confederate Soldiers Home in Nashville in March 1896.  He died there May 25th 1896.(My birthday is also May 25th 1940) He is buried there in the cemetery.It is located there by Hermitage Plantation.If any one is by ther I would appreciate a few kind words over him thank you.He had it rough all his life as did all the others. He survived the great famine in Ireland, came here to this country for a better life but things didn't get much better where he worked at the furnaces in Stewart County. His brother Mike Carroll joined the Union Army he worked at the Cumberland Iron Works lived in house #5 in1870. Great grandpa John never spoke or would not see or have anything to do with Mike again for the rest of his life.

Submitted by  Jerry Carroll

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