Reuben Bullard was born probably in South Carolina in 1775 - 1780 (from census data) and died in Montgomery County on January 22, 1835. He was in Montgomery County by 1806 and spent the rest of his life there except for the period 1813 - 1814. After his service in the war, he married Elizabeth Dawson on December 8, 1816 in Montgomery County, and settled on the East Fork of Yellow Creek. His children, in birth order, were: Paleman, George Thomas, Nancy, Elizabeth M., William Edward, Sarah Prudence, Martha Jane, Octavia Ann, and Reuben Newton. The first of these, Paleman, may have been a son by a prior marriage; his name appears on a list of voters from 1836, and he would have had to have been 21 then. Reuben Bullard served at least two tours in the War of 1812, from Montgomery Co. TN. The first of these tours was from Jan 28, 1814 to May 10, 1814, with "Dyer's Regiment Cavalry and Mounted Gunmen", and the second from June 20, 1814 to Jan 27, 1815 with "Pipkin's W. Tennessee Militia".

I say "at least" because there is some indication that he was on a tour in late 1813. He applied in 1832 to be compensated for a horse of his that was taken for public use on the second tour above. In a narrative with the petition, he stated that he was engaged in the war against the Creek Nation "in the fall of 1813 and in the spring of 1814" before he set out on the second tour named above. Since the first tour above was entirely in 1814, there may have been a further tour (though perhaps not from Tennessee).

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