Abel Johnson born 1760, place of birth not certainly established. (possibly North or South Carolina).. His place of residence during the Revolutionary War was Johnson County N. C. He died 1830 in Montgomery Co., Tenn. He was married in 1805 to Curtis Frazier who was born 1780, South Carolina; died 1855, Montgomery Co., Tenn.

The issues of Abel and Curtis (Frazier) Johnson:
1. David Johnson
2. Elizabeth Johnson married ----------_ Travis
3. Archibald Mason Johnson b. Aug. 20, 1809, South Carolina; died
13 Aug 1889, Hickman Co., Ky.; married 24. Aug 1841 in Hickman Co., Ky., Nancy Ann Ward, b. Jan 19, 1826, Tenn. died May 26, 1891, Hickman Co., Ky.
4. Elijah Johnson, b. 1814 married Margaret Sills
5. Martha Ann Johnson, b. May 27, 1824 married William Henry Bailey
6. Phinette Johnson, married _------ Bruce.
7. Polly Johnson, married ----- Williams
8. Matilda Johnson married ------ McGee
9. Harmon Johnson

Abel Johnson bought land from John Jefferies in Montgomery Co., Tenn. 1821 The boundry lines and the neighbors put this land in either District #4 which is now in the Camp area or in District#9, which is across the road from the camp. He should have been buried on his land but we have never found his grave.

Harmon F. Johnson m. Inna Crank Feb. 2, 1841 - . A. M. Johns on was sec. (Marriages of ‘Montgomery ‘Co., Tenn.)

1850 Census of Montgomery Co.., Tenn. Household # .1632
Thomas McGehee age 47 b. N. C.
Matilda  46 b. S. C.
Benjamin  22 b. Tenn
Louisiana    12 b Tenn

Household #1633
Elizabeth Johnson age       36 b. Tenn.
Margaret J.                         29 b. N. C. (Could this be the widows of two of the Sons of Abel Johnson? There is a son ABEL and they are next door to the Johnsons)
Abel T. Johnson age 13         b. Tenn
Elizabeth Johnson  9/12            b. Tenn.
Kinchen B. 8                    b. Tenn
Joseph 4                    b. Tenn.

Household #1634
Curty Johnson age 64 b. N. C.

Household 1635
William H. Bailey age 23 b. Va.
Martha A. 2Sb. Tenn
Elizabeth M. 2 b. Tenn
Pauline E. “ 6/12 b. Tenn
Rufus   15 b. Va.

McGee Cemetery in District #9 on the old Dover Road has:
Thomas McGee Jan. 30, 1802   - July 5, 1875
Matilda T. McGee. wife of Thomas McGee Mar. 8, 1803 - June 21, 1881
B.M. McGe.e  Dec. 5, 1827- June 8, 1906
Fredonia D. Morgan wife of Willis Morgan Aug. 8, 1826 - July 27, 1862
(Fredonia McGee m. Willis Morgan 1843 - Montgomery Co., Tenn. marriages)

From The Montgomery County Genealogical Journal, June 1972-  Ann Evans Alley, Editor-  Page 85- Article by Anita Whitefield Darnell

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