Miss Powers' Scrapbook

(The following lines were composed and read by Mrs. E. R. Dabney at the meeting of the Ringgold Homemakers club July 23.  This club is wide awake and has a large membership).

When Mary asked for  just a line
To tease the Ringgold vamps,
I hunted up my pen and pad
And rubbed my magic lamps.

A genii brought the folloiwng
To five you each a whack.
And tho I hold the whip-hand now
Some day you'll get it back.

We hear of modern mother's views,
The things that they have done.
But the wisest combination yet
Is Margaret Anderson.

Whne Mrs. Armistead takes a turn
To drive the latest car,
Some one had better test the gas
Before she goes to far.

Anothjer member saunters in,
Her backbone stiff with pride,
She answers to Victoria
And many names beside.

Her dainty daughter has a way
Of getting by with ease,
A curl, a coat, a box of paint
A hint of Japanese.

With Mattie in her Ford sedan
Are many precious faces
She doesn not take controlling stock
In suicide of races.

Across the road live Cordy,
Whose many gifts excell,
She has a way of waking me
When she wakes up the bell

An then there's Mrs. Mote Cornell
Whose daughters are a treasure,
They've joined the Everready hour
In giving others pleasure.

A welcome to our lovely Fan
Who naps each day at noon,
Then she may go at candle light
And dance by the light of the moon.

All hail our long time President,
Who wears a Cunning name,
Who bore the brunt of battle front

The town has ?raned the country of
The best cook that she had,
And may a great ambition make
Ann Hnery's place the fad.

The Durrett wives, tho unafraid
To don the latest modes,
Will hunger yet for old time pets
As "Bantams," "Pigs" and "Toads".

But Mary loves to feel the Wind
And Spunk to rob the Mill
And Laura likes to take a trip
Whne Dawson pays the bill.

Now Billie's synonymn we read,
"An old hen with her ducks,"
As soon as they get in the swim
They cease to hear her clucks.

At White Hall in the olden times
We found the Duke of Glouster,
But in the Hall in Tennessee,
The Duchess may be Foster.

It takes a great magician
To make a Mat a Fort,
And tho the spies may Hunt around
They bring a good report.

And one fact oft recalls the past
Brings other thoughts to me
When heroes names were Malcolm Gracme
And lassies Lillie Leigh.

There was a time when Nancy's soul
Was bound up in her daughter
But now she sits and holds the son
While Susan splashes water.

And a flapper fills that vacant place
Whose name is Mrs. Jack,
And in this sweet companionship
Nance gets a daughter back.

The changes in the currency
May gratify the fickle.
But never can we do without
The value of a Nickel.

For one has brought a Ruby, red,
And one is Ernest, ever,
And one is spent on just Her-man
And all are very clever.

We have a Patrick on our list
And some will call her Ruth,
And like the gentle Moabite,
She likes the honest truth.

Don't let's forget our teachers
Be she Royter or Power,
The club is ever on the watch
To give them each a shower.

With Alma Mater and Mrs. Will
The club returns to school
To times when Misses Whorley taught
To can and cook by rule.

It is hard for Mrs. Walker
Her hobby, to confess,
Still I have a faint suspicion
That she likes a game of Chess.

And Lucy drives a Chevrolet,
As born unto the wheel.
It may be somewhat difficult
To immitate her zeal.

So here's to all our officers,
And county agent Bass,
A team of strict efficiency
That few will ere surpass.

Well, I've left myself on purpose
'Till I sound the great "Amen,"
And read upon your faces
That I wield a naughty pen.

But there's love in what I've written
And your pardon I will beg;
I'm glad you throw me roses,
Whne you might have thrown an egg.

Elizabeth Dabney

Submitted by Sandra Stacey

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