Miss Powers' Scrapbook

Interesting Program Given At Ringgold

       The following "Better Home Week" program was given at Ringgold Wednesday evening.
       Home Sweet Home - Quartet -S. D. Durrett, D. W. Drrett, A. D. Whitfield, Jack Barbee.
       Devotional - Rev. J. H. Thomas
       Quotations on Homes -  Mrs. J. C. Caroland, Mrs. T. H. Wallace, Mrs. T. E. Elliott, Mrs. C. D. Mills, Sr., Mrs. Jack Mills, Mrs. C. R. Nichols.
       Talk - Clean-up Campaign and Home Improvement - Miss Marvel Bass.
       Poem - House by the Side of the Road - (Foss) Louise Elliott.
       Inspirational Talk - -Home- V. C. Moffitt.
       Poem - It  Takes a Heap of Livin' (Guest) - Mrs. E. R. Dabney.
       Song -  Mother Machree - Mrs. D. W. Drrett.
       My Old Kentucky Home - Audience.

Submitted by Sandra Stacey-  Thank you!

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