Miss Powers' Scrapbook


    A novel chapel program was given under the direction of Miss Louise Jackson last Thursday, which disclosed the latent talent of faculty members to the amusement and surprise of the student body.  Those who took part introduced themselves and their number musically.  Each number was enthusiastically received.  The following program was rendered:  Violin solo "The Shadow of the Pine," J. A. McCord; piano solo "Annie Laurie," W. B. Nicholson; male quartet "Sleep Lady Sleep;" W. T. Gayden, Felix Woodward, C. F. Alden, V. C. Moffitt; harmonica solo "Long Long Ago," Miss Elizabeth Bell; Piano duet "Charge of the Uhians," Misses Wallace and Tanner, reading, Miss Louise Jackson.

Submitted by Sandra Stacey-  Thank you!

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