Miss Powers' Scrapbook


Miss Bowman Weds
Mr. Lawrence Haynes

Announcements have been received here of the marriage of Miss Kathryn Bowman of Johnson City, Tenn., to Mr. Lawrence Haynes, son of Dr. and Mrs. Pugh Haynes, who is connected with the Sherwin-Williams Paint company.  Mr. Haynes has many friends here to be interested in his marriage.  The announcements read as follows:

Mrs. Julia C. Bowman
Announces the marriage of her
Mr. Henry Lawrence Haynes
Thursday the 25th of August, 1932
Johnson City, Tenn.

            Mr. And Mrs. Haynes will be at home after September 1st at 826 West Maple street, Johnson City, Tenn.


Submitted by Sandra Stacey-  Thank you!

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