Miss Powers' Scrapbook

NOTE:  This is a section under construction.  There are many files to be scanned and prepared so I will load them as they are fininshed. Keep coming back for it may be a while!

    The information contained in this file is from Miss Powers' Scrapbook that was autioned off on E-bay November 2004.  Our good friend Sandra Stacey contacted the lady who bought it and ask if we could use it on our pages.  The lady in turn donated all of the school information and information she was not interested in keeping to Sandra to distribute.  Sandra is scanning all of this information for us.  Thank you Sandra for all that you do to help obtain information for Montgomery County Researchers!!

1916 Class Roll CHS
1919 Commencement CHS
1922 Commencement CHS
Face at the Window- Ringgold School -  February 3, 1928

Opening Exercises- September 1929
1930 8th grade Roster at Ringgold
Joint Meeting of 13 Schools  - Jan. 7, 1930
8th Grade Graduating Exercises-  April 17, 1931
Austin Peay Normal School Commencement-  1931
26th Commencement CHS -  May 25, 1933
Austin Peay Graduation   1933
Miss Minerva and William Green Hill- New Providence Training School
March 3, 1933
Montgomery County 8th Grade Graduation  1935
1936 Clarksville High School- Remember the Day
1939  8th Grade Graduating Exercise 
An Arizona Cowboy
Austin Peay Debating Team  1932-33
Apron Social
Black Minstrel
Eyes of Love   Ringgold School
The Dramatic Club
Bride of Robert Durrett
English - Cosman Wedding
E. R. Tandy Letter
For the Old Flag   Ringgold School - 1919
Graduation Cards
Chloe Cunningham Shower
Blanche Young Weds
Bowman/Haynes Wedding Announcement
McMurray/Durrett Wedding
Miss Blue Bonnet  Lone Oak School
Reception Held at Bowl  Austin Peay Normal
Program at Ringgold
Program at Ringgold
Novel Chapel
Montgomery County Organization Holds Tea
Obituary for Mrs. Lee
Monteagle Assembly
Missionary Society
Peacher - Stevens Wedding
Tyler - Gill
The Manless Minstrel
Reception Held in Bowl
Ringgold Homerkers Club, July 23
The Little Clodhopper- Bethel Epworth League
Spring Program, Music Dept., Austin Peay Normal School
Special Contest Awards
Wade-Waters Cartoon

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