I, Armistead Rogers,  resd ? . of the Montgomery County, State of Tennessee,
Knowing that I shall not stay long here on earth and having a desire to do
justice to all my children and thank God I  am now of sound  mind, I
therefore ordain this my last will and testiment.  I have heretofore given to
all my children some property, some money and some  lots which I shall not
herein name.  Therefore I shall will what I now name  in the following manner
herein.1st  I give unto Matthew Rogers my eldest son Hester and her unborn
child.  2nd  It is my will that William Rogers have my Morgan Mare Ned to be
hired out by my Executors for his comfort as I believe him not capable of
managing for himself.  Also a bed and furniture and fifty dollars.   3rd  I
give unto Peter Rogers a negro boy Horace to be sold in the neighborhood if
he is not willing to go with him to Missouri.   4th   I give unto  Barbara
Peyton’s children,  Nancy, Eliza and Elizabeth  fifty Dollars Each and
Armstead Peyton my negro boy John.   5th  I give unto Sally Payton my
daughter $75. and to her three children, daughters Letitia, Susan and
Henrietta twenty five dollars each.   6th  I give unto my son Armistead
Rogers a Negro girl Harriet.   7th  I give unto my son John Rogers a negro
boy Pettibone   8th  I give unto my son George Rogers 120 acres of land where
I now live on the east end of my tract of  220 acres, 9th I give unto my
daughter Nancy C(y)pret one hundred dollars and her daughter Susan Donelson
one hundred dollars.  10, I give unto my daughter Heneretta Hester five
hundred dollars and the money I have heretofore willed away. .  I leave a
negro girl Pollyna and 100 acres  of land on the west end of my tract of land
together with all the rest of my property not herein named to be sold to
raise the money before mentioned and to pay my just debts and the balanced of
any to be equally divided all my children. It is my desire that  the negro
girl Pollyna that I have left to be sold should be bought by some of my
children.  This  I order to be my last will and testiment signed with my own
hand in the 73 year of my age  and in the year of our Lord and Savior One
Thousand  Nine Hundered Thirty five month of August.  I leave my sons
Armistead Rogers and William Hester my Executors.

Signed in the Presents of               Armistead Rogers (seal)
Joseph Wray
Thomas O’Neal

I Armistead Rogers  of the County of Montgomery and the State of Tennessee do
this 19th day of September 1835 make and publish this condical  to my Last
will and Testament.  Whereas in my Last will and Testament I gave unto my son
William a certain Morgan mare  by the name of Ned to be hired out by my
executors for his benefit. It is my will that he be given fifty dollars more.
I gave in my last will and testament my son Armisted a negro girl Harriett.
__  ___ __ my will that he be paid out of my Estate one hundred Dollars more
also I gave unto William Hester in my last Will and Testament four hundrred
dollars and more it is my will ( page ends)

Montgomery Co TN Will book G, pg 267-268  Need page 269

Submitted by  Susan A Ward

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