Rinehart Graves located on Lovell Rineharts farm McAdoo Dist #15
copied by CGHogan summer 1967

Reorge C. Rinehart 1872-1914
Laula E. 1875-1947 Mother (wife of Geo. C. Rinehart)
Lorene Rinehart 1804 (sic)---1928 (should read 1904--1928)
5 Unmarked graves
John R. Smith died 10-10-1915 age 76 years old
Elmer Stewart 1893-1934
J.M. Pace 1857-1908
Princella Pace 1853-1914
Morris G. Evans 11-21-1904--9-24-1962 (Mason)
Bertha Bagwell 1907-11-27-1930 dau of J A and L E Bagwell
James Allen Bagwell 4-22-1874--10-15-1951
Lucy Edd (Castleberry) Bagwell 3-15-1881--1-11-1957 wife of James AllenBagwell
Mary C. (Nicholson ) (Smith) Albright 9-6-1858--3-2-1945 2nd wife of Fannie Albright, relic of John R. Smith

Submitted by Tommy McMinn

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