Henry Brygger- was born about 1480 in Godalming, Surrey County, England. He died before 15 Dec 1521 in Godalming, Surrey County, England. He was buried in Godalming, Surrey County, England Henry Brygger and unknown spouse were married about 1509. They had the following children: Rychard Brydgere, John Brygger, William Brygger, Elizabeth Brygger, Alice Brygger, and Beatrice Brygger


Their son Rychard Brydgere was born about 1510 in Godalming, Surrey County,

England. He died in Feb 1593 in Godalming, Surrey County, England. He was buried on 10 Feb 1593 in Godalming, Surrey County, England. He married Margery Elliot about 1547, she is the daughter of John Elliott and Cecily Peto Margery was born about 1530 in Godalming, Surrey County, England. She signed a will on 08 Oct 1596 in Godalming, Surrey County, England. She died in Mar 1601 in Godalming, Surrey County, England. She was buried on 22 Mar 1601 in Godalming, Surrey County, England.  They had the following children; John Brydgere born about 1548, Lawrence Bridger Sr. born about 1550, Rycharde Brydgere born about 1552, Julian Brydgere born about 1554.


Their son Laurence Bridger Sr. was born about 1550 in Godalming, Surrey County, England. He signed a will on 24 Sep 1630 in the county of Gloucester and it was probated on June 30, 1631. He was buried on 18 Oct 1630 in Slimbridge, Gloucestershire, England. He died in Oct 1631 in Slimbridge, Gloucestershire, England. Lawrence Bridger Sr. married Gillian Tanner on 13 Jan 1582 in Ockham, Surrey County, England.  Gillian Tanner is the daughter of Thomas Tanner and Gillian Fairchild; she was born about 1564 and died before 1588. They had the following child; Samuel Bridger Sr. born in 1584, Doritha Bridger born about 1592, Lawrence Bridger Jr. born about 1594, Benjamin Bridger born about 1596, Anne Bridger born about 1598, Faith Bridger born about 1600. Lawrence Bridger Sr. and unknown spouse were married about 1600. They had the following children; Mary Bridger born about 1602, Elizabeth Bridger born about 1604, Joseph Bridger Sr. born about 1605,  Richard Bridgere born about 1608, and Arthur Bridger born about 1606.

Their son Samuel Bridger Sr. was born in 1584 in Slimbridge Parish, Gloucestershire, England. He signed a will on 30 Jul 1650 in Slimbridge, Gloucestershire, England, probated 19 October 1650. He died on 31 Jul 1650 in Woodmancote Manor, Dursley Parish, Gloucestershire, England. He was buried in the Cathedral of Gloucester. Samuel Bridger Sr. and Mary Purchase were married on 20 Jun 1622 in Cranleigh, Surrey County, England. Mary Purchase is the daughter of John Purchase and Joane Perier and was born in 1603. She was baptized on 17 Jul 1603. They had the following children; John Bridger born about 1623, Samuel Bridger Jr. born about 1625, Mary Bridger born about 1627, Martha Bridger born about 1629, Joseph Bridger Sr. born in1630, James Bridger born in 1631,  George Bridger born about 1633, Jonathan Bridger born about 1635.


Their son Joseph Bridger Sr. was born about 1630 in Manor of Woodmancote, Dursley Parish, Gloucestershire, England. He was baptized on 28 Feb 1631 in Dursley Parish, Gloucestershire, England. He served in the military in 1675 (Indian War). He signed a will on 03 Aug 1683 in Isle of Wight County, VA, first will. He died on 15 Apr 1686 in Smithfield, Isle of Wight, VA. He was buried in Bridger Family Cemetery at White Marsh Plantation and later removed to the Old Brick Church near Smithfield, VA. Joseph Bridger Sr. and Hester Pitt were married about 1653 in Isle of Wight County, VA. Hester Pitt is the daughter of Robert Pitt Sr. and Martha. Hester Pitt was born about 1636 in Dursley, Gloucestershire, England. She died in 1711 in Smithfield, Isle of Wight County, VA. They had the following children; Joseph Bridger Jr. born about 1654, Martha Bridger born about 1658, Samuel Bridger born about 1663, Elizabeth Bridger born about 1665, Mary Bridger born about 1667,  William Bridger Sr. born about 1669, Hester Bridger born about 1671 in Isle of Wight County, VA.


Their Son Joseph Bridger, Jr. was born about 1654. He served in the military in 1702 (Captain of the militia.). He signed a will on 14 Mar 1712 in Isle of Wight County, VA, probated on January 25, 1713. He died before 25 Jan 1713 in Isle of Wight County, VA. He was buried in Isle of Wight County, VA. Joseph Bridger Jr. and Elizabeth Norsworthy were married about 1674 in Isle of Wight County, VA. Elizabeth Norsworthy daughter of John Norsworthy and Frances English was born about 1656 in Isle of Wight County, VA. She signed a will on 14 Dec 1727 in Isle of Wight County, VA, probated on Jan 22, 1728. They had the following children;  William Bridgers Sr. born about 1675,  Joseph Bridger III born about 1678,  John Bridger born about 1684,  Hester Bridger born about 1688,  Robert Bridger Sr. born about 1692, James Bridger born about 1696,  Elizabeth Bridger born about 1698.

Their son William Bridgers, Sr. was born about 1675 in Isle of Wight, VA. He signed a will on 02 Nov 1729 in Bertie County, NC, probated May Ct. 1730. William Bridgers Sr. and Elizabeth Godwin were married about 1697 in Bertie County. Elizabeth Godwin is the daughter of William Godwin and Elizabeth Wright. She was born about 1680 and died before Nov 1729.They had the following children; Joseph Bridgers Sr. born about 1698 William Bridgers Jr. born about 1701,  Samuel Bridgers born about 1703,  Benjamin Bridgers Sr. born about 1706, Mary Bridgers born about 1709,  Elizabeth Bridgers born about 1712. .

Benjamin Bridgers Sr. is my direct ancestor and the brother of William Jr. (Found in FTDNA Test Kit# 187964 Ancestor Chart, my highest match) Benjamin Bridgers Sr. is my direct ancestor the brother of Samuel. (Found in FTDNA Test Kit# 23767 and Ancestor Chart, match) and the brother of William (Found in FTDNA Test Kit# N33492 Ancestor Chart, match)

Their Son Benjamin Bridger, Sr. was born about 1706 in Isle of Wight County, VA. On 30 Mar 1769 he gave a deed of 125 acres in Edgecombe County, NC, to his son Joseph Bridgers, DB 2, pg 27. He died after 23 Nov 1780 in Nash County, NC. Benjamin Bridgers Sr. and Sarah Bryant were married about 1729. Sarah Bryant daughter of James Bryant was born about 1708 in Bertie County, NC. She died after 08 Oct 1770 in Nash County, NC. They had the following children; Samuel Bridgers Sr. born about 1730,  William Bridgers born about 1734,  Joseph Bridgers born about 1738,  Mary Bridgers born about 1742, Benjamin Bridgers Jr. born about 1746. 


b. about 1705 in Isle of Wight, VA d. about 1781 and married to Sarah nee Bryant, widow of John Drake. They resided in Nash and Edgecombe Counties, NC. Benjamin died about 1781. Benjamin is the stepfather of James Drake.

Benjamin Bridgers gave all his personal inventory to his son, Benjamin Bridgers, by deed dated Nov. 23, 1780, witnessed by Thomas Lewis and Siorlesian Davis. Source: Nash Co., NC - formed 1777 from Edgecombe Co., NC (Nash Co. Estates):

Their son Benjamin Bridgers, Jr. was born about 1746 in Edgecombe Precinct, NC. He and his wife, Martha owned and sold on 16 Mar 1775 in Edgecombe County, NC, a tract of 250 acres to Jesse Lee of Dinwiddie Co., VA, DB 3, p 40. He served in the military on 20 Apr 1776 (Enlisted as a private in the militia Company of Capt. Jacob Turner, Franklin County, found in Revolutionary War Record). He signed a will on 08 Sep 1821 in Franklin County, NC, probated on April 22, 1823.He died after 8 Sep 1821 in Franklin County, NC. Benjamin Bridgers Jr. and Martha Braswell were married about 1760. Martha Braswell the daughter of William Braswell and Margett _____. Martha was born ___ and she died before Sep 1821.They had the following children; Benjamin Bridgers III born about 1761,  William Braswell Bridgers born about 1763,  Chloe Bridgers born about 1765,  Mourning Bridgers born about 1767,  Josiah Bridgers Sr. born about 1770

Benjamin Bridges had 2 sons, William and Josiah and had at least one daughter who married a Lewis, the father of Guilford Lewis, who was the father of the Hon. A. M. Lewis. A.M. Lewis died in Raleigh, NC where he had resided and practiced law.


Their son Josiah Bridgers Sr. was born about 1770 in Edgecombe County, NC. He bought 134 acres on 13 Mar 1794 in Franklin County, NC, from Elias Stallings, both of Franklin Co., Deed 1256, p 81. He died on 24 Jul 1841 in Louisburg, Franklin County, NC Josiah Bridgers Sr. and Martha Williams Bell was married about 1791. Martha Williams Bell was born about 1769 and died in 1814 in Franklin County, NC.  They had the

following children; William Bridgers born about 1792, Temperance Bridgers born on 10 Feb 1794, John W. Bridgers born about 1796, Martha Bridgers was born about 1798, Elizabeth Bridgers born on 12 Oct 1800, Lucy Bridgers born about 1802, James Bridgers born in 1804, Josiah Bridgers Jr. born about 1806, Benjamin Bell Bridgers born on 07 Sep 1809, George Washington Bridgers born about 1812. Josiah Bridgers Sr. and Elizabeth Strickland were married about 1815 in Nash County, NC. They had no children Elizabeth Strickland died in Mar 1847 in Louisburg, Franklin County, NC.


Josiah Bridgers b. ca 1770/80 d. ______ alive 1810 Franklin Co census, married a Miss Martha Williams (whose first husband was a Drake, with whom she had no children). Josiah and Martha had a number of children: John left the state and went to AL, He had a son who the family called Frank who visited his relatives in NC; Josiah married Elizabeth A. Hutchins of Wake County, NC, Benjamin Bell Bridges, William who died young, and George W. Bridges married Miss Delany Bryant of Nash County. Josiah's daughters were: Tempe who married Caswell Finch of VA, Martha and Lucy each married a Denby. The Denbys were named Thomas and John. Both Denbys died, the men left NC and moved to Indiana. Daughter Elizabeth Bridges married Jeremiah Solomon on March 4, 1818.

Their son Benjamin Bell Bridges, b. 7 Sep 1809 in Franklin County, NC d. 5 May 1870 married Rebecca P. Southerland (daughter of James Sutherland and Rebecca) m. 3 Jan 1834, Franklin County, NC. Rebecca b. 1813 in Edgecombe, Nash Co., NC d. 25 Jul 1876. Their children were: James S Bridges b. 1834; Josiah J Bridgers b. 1837, Sabat S. Bridges b. 1839, Rebecca Martha Bridges b. 1840, Anna C Bridges b. 1849.

Their son James S Bridges, b. 23 Nov 1834 in Warren County, NC d. 1 Oct 1884 in Montgomery County, TN m. 8 May 1861, Montgomery County, TN Louisa Matilda Mockbee (daughter of Risdon Mockbee and Margaret Howard; Risdon b. KY and Margaret b. TN) Lousia b. 16 Mar 1843, TN d. 3 Nov 1909 Montgomery County, TN. Both buried in Bridgers Cemetery, Montgomery County, TN. Their children were: Risden Bridges 1864 – 1886; Sabat Stith Bridges 1865 – 1883; Joseph Bell Bridges 1867 – 1954; Martha Bridges 1868 - ?; Bulah Bridges Hale 1870 - ?; James Wilson Bridges 1875 - ?; Daniel Slayden Bridges 1877 – 1944; Emily A Bridges 1879 - ?.

James S. Bridges is found with Benjamin Bell Bridgers and Rebecca P in 1850 Sandy Creek, Warren, North Carolina census; Not yet located in 1860 census and then found with wife Louisa in 1870 District 16, Montgomery, TN Census; 1880 District 16, Montgomery, TN Census.

Their son Risden Bridges b. ca 1864 d. 1886 buried in Powell Cemetery, Montgomery County TN m. 1883, Montgomery County, TN  Rebecca Sue Talley (Daughter of George Fredrick Talley and Mary E Abernathy) b. abt 1862 d. _____ . Two assumed Children; Risdon Baxter Bridges b. June 1883 d. 22 April 1940 Douglas County, OR; and James Howard Bridges b. 26 Feb. 1883/85.

We found the following entry in the Montgomery County Marriage Book

RH Bridges    RS Tally   Vol 10:529

I believe RH Bridges is Risden because they are the only Bridgers/Bridges in that area and in the 1870 and 1880 Census from Dist 16 of Montgomery TN, McAllister crossroads there is a Talley family listed very close to the JS Bridgers family.  The Talley family has a daughter named Rebecca Sue Talley born about 1862.  Daughter of George Fredrick Talley and Mary E Abernathy.  

Assumption of Risdon Baxter Bridges and James Howard Bridges being brothers based on Risden was of age to have children and passed away when James Howard was approx 1 year old, forcing the boys (Baxter and James) to live with relatives. Sabat already passed when James was born. Baxter is found living with his grandmother Louisa in The 1900 Dickson Co. TN census.  According to Risden’s obituary it confirms that he had a wife and 2 small children giving some credence to my assumption.

Resden Bridges, of the McAllister’s Cross Roads neighborhood, died last Thursday.  He was about 25 years old.  He leaves a wife and two little boys.

Semi-Weekly Tobacco Leaf of 25 May 1886 p.1

James is found in 1900 Montgomery Co. TN census as Howard Bridges (no "r") b. Feb. 1885 age 15 in 1900 Montgomery Co. TN census. Living with Mary Doran Watkins b. 1823 (widow with 7 children born, and 5 living). Mary Doran Watkins Baxter is the daughter of Rebecca Boone Mockbee that is the sister of Risdon Mockbee (Louisa Matilda Mockbee’s father). (Great Grandfather of Risdon Baxter Bridges). In addition James Howard could have received his middle name from Great Grandmother Margaret Howard.

Their son, James Howard Bridgers b. 26 Feb 1883 (or 1885) in Montgomery Co, TN, USA and d. 14 Jan 1953 in Sumner, Lamar, Texas, USA. married Malissa (Melissa) (Lisse) Catherine Lawson (daughter of George Washington Lawson and Sarah Jane Brewer, both b. TN) m. 24 May 1907, Wayne County, TN. Melissa b. 29 Jul 1883, Wayne County, Tennessee d. 27 Nov 1962 Paris, Lamar County, Texas. Both are buried in Little Vine Cemetery in Lamar County. Their children were: Rosella R Bridgers 1908 – 1988; George R Bridgers 1910 - 1974; Tom Baxter Bridgers b. 1912; Susie Jane Bridgers 1914 – 1991; Jettie Jay Bridgers 1916 – 1993; Charles Eugean Bridgers 1917 – 1933; Roy Walter Bridgers 1920 – 1972; Robert L Bridgers 1923 -2001; Gladys Marie Bridgers 1925 – 1983. ............... Howard Bridges was found at age 15 (b. Feb. 1885) in 1900 Montgomery Co. TN census; James was found in 1910 Seminole Co. OK; 1920 Seminole Co. OK; 1930 Colbert Co. Alabama. James Howard lists Montgomery County, TN as birth place on WWII draft registration in 1942 Montgomery County, Arkansas.  Both his parents were b. TN. From family tradition, James Howard Bridgers may have had a brother named Baxter Bridgers.

Their son, Tom Baxter Bridgers b. 16 Feb 1912 in Seminole County, Oklahoma and d. 12 March 1982 in Duncanville, Dallas County, Texas. m. Leona May Tackett (daughter of L. C. Tackett and Ardelia C Tallant, both born Arkansas) 28 Aug 1937. They had 4 daughters and two sons. One of the sons was Larry Gene Bridgers b. 1946.




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