Take highway 149 miles, Turn left on Tarsus Road. Go 2 miles to Wiley Powers Road, turn right and go .3 miles. Cemetery is on the left.


APPLE J. Frank 1872 - 1952 (footstone: J.F.A.)

             Dixie P. 1888 - 1967 (footstone: D.P.A.)

EDLIN John Bell July 5,1844 - Aug.17,1913 (footstone:) Gone but not forgotten

HARRIS Dorothy F. Feb.19,1943 - Feb.28,1943

HENLEY Tyler Lee 1888 - 1983 (footstone: T.L.H.) Father Loves last tribute

HENLEY Roxie Powers 1898 - 1953 (footstone: R.P.H.) Mother Loves last tribute

POWERS Alpha L. 1883 - 1936 (footstone: Father)

                 Carrie W. 1880 - 1957 (footstone: Mother)

POWERS Ambrose D. U.S. NAVY WORLD WAR II July 11, 1917 - Apr.13,1979

POWERS Barnaba 1772 - 1842 and his wife Elizabeth Died 1845 In memory of

                                  ( According to the family, they are not buried here. This was a memorial stone. Actual grave site is unknown.)

POWERS Barnabas C. Born in North Carolina March 1,1811 Died June 20,1881

                     (footstone: B.C.P.)

                     The sweet remembrances of the just shall flourish when they sleep in dust

POWERS Susan wife of B.C. Powers Born Mar.13,1813 Died Oct.12,1887

POWERS Barney Nesbitt S1 U.S. NAVY WORLD WAR II 1923 - 1982 U.S. flag flying

POWERS Clay W. Oct.7,1885 - Feb.7,1964 (footstone: Father)

                 Bertha N. Dec.22,1886 - Nov.12,1948 (footstone: Mother)

POWERS Dora daughter of B.C.& Susan Powers Born Dec.20,1855

                     In Montgomery Co. Tenn. Professed religion Oct.3RD 1867 and joineth the

                     ?? Church South

                 Dec.18,1879 (footstone:) (inscription unreadable)

POWERS Dora Margarett daughter of Mary & Wilson Powers

                 Aug.26,1887 - June 27,1889 (footstone:)

POWERS  E. Wilson Jan.30,1850 - May 25,1926 (footstone: Father)

                  Mary Webb Oct.5,1857 - Apr.11,1938 (footstone: Mother)

                     At rest

POWERS Earl W. 1908 - 1954 Dear father and husband

POWERS Jewel Mava daughter of C.W.& B.N. Powers

                 Feb.6,1910 - May 31,1911

POWERS Julius C. Aug.25,1912 - July 4,1993 funeral home marker: Julius Powers 1912 - 1993

                 Kathleen C. Dec.7,1919 - (footstone: Wife)

POWERS Louis R. Feb.5,1892 - Dec.21,1970 A friend to all

                    (footstone: Louis R. Powers


                    Feb.5,1892 - Dec.21,1970) (U.S.Flag flying)


POWERS Wylie J. Dec. 17,1894 - Apr.21,1982

                     (footstone: Whlie J. Powers PVT U.S. ARMY WORLD WAR I

                      Dec.17,1897 - Apr.21,1982)

                  Beatrice R. Sept.13,1897 - May 29,1984 (footstone: Mother)

VICKERS Clyde L. May 2,1915 - (footstone: Father)

                  Madloyn P. Dec.24,1916 - Sept.20,1998 (footstone: Mother)

VICKERS Joel L. Nov.11,1915 - (footstone: J.L.V.) Our son

WILLIAMS Infant 1903

WILLIAMS Samuel 1882 - 1908

WILLIAMS Una 1876 - 1898

WILLIAMS Walter 1874 - 1900


Note: One stone with no name

(The original log cabin of the Powers family is in the basement of the Montgomery County Museum)

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March 20,2000 Powers Cemetery Montgomery County, Tennessee

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