Pleasant View Baptist Church Cemetery

Located in Dicstrict 13, Montgomery County, Tennessee

This cemetery has a Virtual View submitted by Thomas Murff.

William Harris born 7/28/1848 died 7/20/1918
Emma Harris born 4/11/1856 died 8/4/1937(her stone reads Mrs. William Harris)
Robert Harris (their son) born 5/11/1876 died 11/11/1938
Vicey Manning Suiter born 3/11/1873 died 7/6/1951
Evaline(Eberline) Gilbert Manning (Emma Harris' mother) born 2/26/1835 died 7/25/1909
James Manning (Emma Harris' father) born 10/25/1829 died 2/24/1905

Submitted byCathy Hollister

                               DIED IN 1934 AT THE AGE OF NINE MONTHS OLD
                               INFANT CHILD OF JOE AND DORA CRESIE
                                     DIED 1930 AT THE AGE OF TWELVE DAYS
                                     INFANT CHILD OF ED AND BERTHA CRESIE
Submitted by  WILLIAM ( BUTCH ) CRESIE

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