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Baggett's Chapel School
Eighth Grade
Update: the second person from the left is Lester Mackens(that's right Lester is a girl) and the boy on the end on the right is Alonzo Vann.

Baggett's Chapel School
Students around Dr. Norris's car

L-R front row: Fannie Baggett, Hattie Mockabee, Beatrice Harris, Robert Harvey, Grace Davis(on car), Ella Bea Britt(on car), Lester Mackens, Anna Lee Mockabee, Ruth Baggett and Dr. Norris.
second row: Lila Baggett, Claudia Shelton, Hubert Mackens, Alonzo Vann and Frank Baggett.

Submitted by Cathy Hollister


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