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Roosevelt School
Our teacher was Miss Margaret Ramey. Miss Ramey taught two grades this year--4th and 5th. The class I was in was so huge (we being baby boomers born in 1948) that we had to be split. So each year from 2nd grade onward, there were 10-12 of us who were placed in the next grade upward. This year Miss Ramey was the teacher who got the split class. Our classroom was the one directly behind the students. We sat at huge wooden library type tables. The ceiling was very high and there was a fireplace (unused if I remember) in the corner of the room. I remember we had a termite swarm that came from around the fireplace. There was a cloak room in the space behind the Roosevelt sign. Restrooms were across the gym from our room.

Roosevelt School
4th grade

 Students in 4th grade
June 1958
L-R Row 1: Ida Sisk, Merilyn Knight, Bobby Hudson, Ceecy Parks, Ricky Williams, Jerry Atkins; Row 2 James Bandy, Betty Winchester, Van Albright, Judy Wilson, Mary Ann Marks

Roosevelt School
5th grade

Students in 5th grade

Known Students pictured: L-R Row 1: Elaine Pace, Kenny Conner, Donnie Binkley, Rachel Rye, David Starley, Bonnie Ferrell, Berkley Gray. Row 2: includes Donny Appleton, Albert Marks and Nancy Hudson

Submitted by Ida Deal


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