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The Clarksville Star staff taken prior to it going daily. I don't remember the year. William Wallace Barksdale, Jr., Publisher, standing extreme left; His mother, Minnie, (I believe was her name) standing next to him; Back Row standing, Earl Carter, 3rd from left; Paul Council, 4th from left; James Hallums, 5th from left;Standing 2nd from right, Dan Ross; standing extreme right, Tom White; Front row kneeling, 3rd from left, J.W. Morrison, paper carrier; 5th from left, Russel Bates, paper carrier; 6th from left, John Herbert Bailey, "printer's devil". He worked there several years before the Star was sold to the Chronicle. He then worked for the Chronicle until he joined WJZM as Engineer. I don't recall the names of the others althoughI remember seeing them as I used to "hangout" and sometimes do odd jobs at the Star. Jim vividly recalls the night John and he were called in to work the middle of the night when Germany invaded Poland. That may have been the Star's first EXTRA.
Submitted by Jim Bailey

The fourth person from the left (and kneeling) is Charles R. Hallums. He currently resides in Wadsworth, Ohio. He and James Hallums (who is directly behind him in the photo) are second cousins.

Submitted by Nicole H. Carney

According to Mrs.. Sally Barksdale, wife of W. W. Barksdale, Jr., the black man on the photograph is Mr. John Dickerson.

Sumitted by Phil W. Petrie

Can you name any of the others appearing in this photo?  If so, let me, Frances Osburn, know.

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