Schools in Montgomery County
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Antioch School

Class of 1925
Picture made on the steps of Antioch Methodist Church.
Seated: Lola Jones, Frances Suiter, Louise Bumpus, Mildred Eades, Maggie Byard, (Sally Byrd or Martha Haynes), Lucille Byard, John Rose, Henry Oldham, Ted Broome, Burt Stacy, Lloyd Green, Bob Eades, Lucian Poole, Leon Blackwell [?], Leslie Lyle, Mrs. Anna Belle Cocke (now Powers), Lillian Suiter, Kitty Suiter, Frances Byard, Herman Haynes, Leonard Bumpus, Raymond Bumpus, Emil Byard, Jim Byard, Lawrence Oldham [?], William Blackwell [?], Lillian Eades, W. A. Allen, Nora Balckwell, Louise Eades, Maggie Bump us, Frances Stacy, Amos Oldham, Beveley Allen, Stanley Poole, Rozell Balckwell, Ola Suiter, Hettie Byare, Vera Polle, Odell Blackwell. . .

Names provided by Vera Poole Tallman Byard and Maggie Byard Coleman. Picture given by Anna B. Powers, Clarksville, Tennessee.

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