Petitions to the General Assembly of Tennessee

9-1-1803     Citizens of Robertson and Montgomery Counties, because of the "extreme inconvenience under which they labour the distance being From thirty to Upwards to fifty miles to their Court House having to Cross Cumberland river and a Very uneven road . . . "  petition for a new county to be formed.  Signed by:
    [Dickson County was formed in 1803 from Montgomery and Robertson Counties, and Stewart County was formed in 1803 from Montgomery County]

John Clifft
John Bonn
Jacob Phillips
Solomon Potter
James Woods
Eli Hutchens
Thomas Mitchell
George Clark
Joseph Woods
Joseph Worley
Laken Walker
James Gillespie
Benja Holland
John Tatam
Stephen Tatam
Ch's/ Eli Givens/Grimes
John Arnold
Wm Doughton
Philison Howel
Wm Griffith
William B Ross
John Northerland
Aaron James
Abel James
John Paxton
John Forbus
Vann T/S Walker
John McClish
Ambrose Williams
M Lamb
N P Thompson
Joel Hobbs
James Hobbs
John Hobbs
Solomon Hobbs
Fedrick Goss
Vincen Ennoss
Steven Ward
Isaac Chaddoch
Isaac West Sr
Isaac West Jr
John West
Abner West
D--l Harkleroad
George Ross
D Ross
Jesse S Ross
John Harman
John Law/Low
Wm Cox
Charles Walker Sr
Charles Walker Jr
Lewis Russell
Abrom Robinson
Thomas Hall/Hale
William Stone Sr.
Wm Stone? Jr
James Foster
James Larkins
Willis Russell
Wm Russell
Thomas Panal
James Bennett
A Richardson
George Clark
Bartholomew Smith
Isham H Baird
Robert Stephenson
J Taylor
John Rogers
Andrew Stewart
Joseph Brown
Elias Napier
Thomas Smith
Ezekiel Smitt
Jessesse Russell
Vinson Ennis
Iaac Robertson
Simon Miers
Chars Teals
Michael Benson
John Brown
Isaac Barr
Wm Wynne
Wm Griffith
Randall Ramsey
Aron Tainor
Francis Heston/Hatton
Wm Brigham
Martyn Goss
Matthew Gilm---
Isaac Walker
Moses Smith
John Larkens Sr
John Jones
George Lamb
Barton Scrogin
Christopher Chote
John Wade Sr
Christopher Chote [sic]
Aron Chote
Isaac Choat
Tho's Choat
John Wade
James David
Alexander Bingham
James Walker
William Ward
Jacob Wm/ D Miller?
Samuel Lavin/Lanim
Hanes Hamilton
Sam'l Hawkins
Thomas Napier
Georg Mitchell
Sam'l Walker
Tho's Mathews
John Palmer
Wm Grigsby
George Ross
Moses Iver/Lues
James McCrory
Joseph Melugin
Thos Cle--t
Sacharies Wather
Wm Doughten
Izsack Walker
John Burgan
Charles Boles
Moses Ferguson
Simeon Walker
Jesse T/S Ross
John Ross
Rich'd Napier
John Jonston
Thomas Simpson
Peter Rentfrow
Jesse Russel
Thomas Choat
David Choat
Benjamin Choat
Ellis Tyser
R C Napier
John Nisbett
James McCllend
Robert Nisbitt
David Huse Sr.
Moses Chot
William Hues
Marcus Johnston
James Currie
John Currie
David Robertson
Rob't Jamison
Samuel Jamison
William Currie
Tho's Craig Sr.
Tho's Craig Jr
James Craig
John Bell
James Poyner
Alexander Mitchell
William Crag
Francis McClaland
John Wast
David Erwin
Nathan Nesbitt
William Teas
James Teas
Cha's Teas
John Teas
Jeremiah Nisbit
Isaiah Wadkins
Stephen Hosley
Benjamin Adams
James Salmon
John Varrer
Robert Reagh
John Lewis
Adam Wilson
Jo's Wilson
James Cooper
Will Cooper
Joseph Varner
Hugh Dickson
Hugh Dickson Sr
Jo's Maning
James Moor
Charles Boles Sr
George Davidson
Tho's Gray
Thomas Boles
Edward Picket
Huse Robertson
John Moore Sr
James Boles
Tho's Maxwell
Benjamin Vallentine
Harry Volentine
Charles Johnston
Ric'd Hagley
Rob't Norris
William McNutt
John Maxwell
Samuel Parker
Joshua Parker
Ric'd Parker
William Moore
Ja's Teas
Tho's Jones
Wyet Arnold
James Dickson
James Willson
William Henderson
Hennery Simons
Howel Adams
William Parker
John Taylor
Drury Taylor
Rob't Boles
Thomas Moore
David Hogan
William Adams
Bagley Hooper
Aron Arnold
Jamee Peeveley
James Means
James Caldwell
Samuel Parker
Jno Holland
Philip Fouller
Ezekiel Norris
James Ellot
Hezekiah Barr
Aron Arnel
Jo Potter
John Arnal
Hugh McCammon
John Power/Powell
Lewis Powers/Powell
Tho's Powers
Tho's Barker
William Allen
John Woods
Andrew Smith
William Cowen
Ric'd Hasley
William Norris
Stephen Stricklan
Ric'd Heyley Jr
David Doake
Abraham Robinson
Jospeph McNeely/Nesbitt

Note: Names spelled as appear in article

Transcribed from "Petitions to General Assembly of Tennessee".  "Ansearchin' " News, Summer, 1994 pages 73-74.  [Information abstracted from Tennessee State Library and Archives Microfilm, Legislative Petitions 1803, Roll No. 2. "]

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