Petitions to the General Assembly of Tennessee

8-2-1801:  Inhabitants of Montgomery County submit a plan for dividing the county so as to leave Clarksville as the "County Town."

The town "was supported and kept up in the time of the Indian war by the persevereing zeal of Sundry of your Petitioners as a post so importnat to the whole Cumberland Settlement; by which several of them suffered Injuries in their Families and loss of property. . .  "   Signed by Geo. NEVILLE and the following:

Hugh Tinnin
William Williams
William Gresin (Grayson?)
John Tinnin
John Williams
Relph Williams
Fraces Moor
Thompson Tinnin
James Tinnin
James Williams
Allexander Tinnen
John Kithley
John Newell
Andrew Peterson
James Dunbar
C B Wilcox
John Mcelrath
Rober Mathis
Isaac Peterson
Jones Kendrick
Obsimus? Kendrick
John   ----sik?
John S-----
David Duprey
Wm Kendrick
John Marshal
James Miller
A Bird
Jas. Adams
Joseph Neville
James Elder
Henry Small
Hugh McClure
Jno G Robbins
Abr Allen
Larsance Killebrew
Andrew Allen
Samuel Moor
Jas Lockert
James Jefferies
Stephen Clanton
Larry/Lazzy Tinnin
Hamblin Manley
John Elliott
Lewis Elliott Sr.
Samuel Pugh
Lewis Elliott
George Atkins
James Brandley
Richard Manley/Meanly
Samuel Gallis
George Allen
Joel Oldham
Hugh Cresswell
John Patterosn
Thomas Tinnin
Gideon French
Wm Jordan
Willi Hust
Jedediah Hall
Wm Ross Jr
Joseph Bard/Burd
Geo Oldham
Moses Oldham
Aaron Williams
Nathaniel Jefferies
David Enloe
Jas Ross
Jno Ross
Isaac Ross
Charles Ross
Thos Watson
George West
Rittchard Hicks  Ma/Md
Bray Bowker
Tho King
Wm King
Henry Williams
Joseph Husk
John Crunk
]Leonard Hays
Wm Farmer
Jno Gibson Jr
Wm Montgomery
Robt Cooper
Aron Barloe
Henry Starr
Jacob Pickett
Wilson Gibson
James Patten/Dalten
Wm Moore
Christor Owens
Joseph Dalten
James Stewart
Hugh McCollum
Jno Edmonston
James Edmonston
Haydon Wells
Faulkner Elliott
Wm Ross Sr
Alexr Hamilton
John Hill
H F Bell
Hugh Creswell
Jas Huling
Andrew T Patterson
B Wm Pollock
John H Hyde
John Baly
Saml Beaty
A R Crutchn
Phillip Compton
Jno Saunders
Timothy Draper
Samuel Allen
Samuel Nicolson
William Givin
William Rayen
Mason Bennett
David Patterson
Thos Clinton
Willm Blanks
L Louse/Down
Wm Reasons
Archd Cooke
John Graham
Jno Stewart
Jno Nelson
John Hyler/Hyder
Joseph Wray
Jas Walker
John Simpson
M Phillips
Charles Brantly
A Brantley
Roland Peterson
Benjamin Linzey
Sam Rusell?
William Revill/Nevill
Thos French
William Linzey
Saml Grind/Privet
David Beatie
Tim/Jom Anderson
Henry Anderson
James Watt
Henrey Frank
Cornelius Anderson
John Cearns
John Coffey
John Philips
Hugh Currey
James Stephens
Allen Annderson
Saml Caldwell
Henrey Dryer
Alexd Carns/Cains
Jacob Randulph
Jos Hubby/Hubbs
David Dryden
Jas W Cocke
Eph Clark
Bnj Wells
Danel Anderson
Nickles Beler
Wm Hubbard
Wm Baker
John Harrass
Haydon Wells [sic]
Faulkner Elliott [sic]
John Hutchison
David Philips
William Fowlar
Thomas Hutchison
William Hutchison
James Hutcheson
Ems Philips
Jom Philips
Bn Philips
Eligey Remey
Dvd Hogan
Richard Perde
Jes Rusell
James McGowen
David Wells
Jas Boyd
Edward Jett
Arch Wells
Allen Grace
Daniel McMester
John McClean
James Sanders
John Gibson
John Mann
Williams Rogers
Jacob McCarty
John McCarty
Lewis Browck
Philip Hornbergr
Elisha Ellis
William Hornberger
Thos Clinton
Nath Denson
Thos Smith
Benj Martain
Jorge Martain Sr
Thos Massenbill
Enoch James
Thos Almond
Henry Wiatt
Joseph McCarty
John Kizer
Archabel Cook
James Cook
Peter Boughanon
John Gransom
John Hanery/Harvey
Gause Brinson
James Taggard
Andrew Ervin
Joseph Davis Jr
Mallicha Lewis
William Crouse
Enoch Mashburn
William Lewis
John Hughs
John Thornton
John Warden
Robart Wyatt
John Parchment
John Smith
James Wyatt Jr
George Martain Jr
John Peale/Seale
Benjamine James
John Cottingham
Charles Cottingham
William Cottingham
Jas Masingill
John Erwin

Note: Names spelled as appear in article

Transcribed from "Petitions to General Assembly of Tennessee". "Ansearchin' " News, Summer, 1993 pages 20-22.

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