Petitions to the General Assembly of Tennessee

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10-2-1801     Petition of the inhabitants of the lower end of Montgomery County to grant them separate general musters and elections in the town of Palmyra because of their living near forty miles from Clarksville.  Signed by:

George? Glass
Leml/Saml Havey
John Harvery
John Glass
Stephen Murphey
Josiah Davidson
Joseph Davidson Jr
Joseph Brown
Joseph Davidson
William Brashaw
Thoumeas Hogan
Thomas Davis
David Wells
Federick Wells
Etherin Rachel
Gustus M/H Burten
James Rachel
Jhon Wardian
Joshua Sutton
John Hall
James Elliot
Jonathan Arledge
James Woods
John Hoobs
John Craft
William Giffin Sr
Andrew Giffin
William Giffon
John Giffon
John Brown
Ransom Amos
William Stroud?
Eliases Lucan?
Joshua Sturat?
Gorge Micheat
Salmulm Michel
Samel. Massey
James Salmon
Ezel Noress
John Gainer
Alexr. Faith
David Burney
William Huntsman
William Dungian
Joseph Eubank
James Blaine
Levi Smith
William Chambers
Hugh Harris
Isom Totten
John Totton
Ritchard Cocke
Stephen Corbin
Benjamin Whithead
William Good
Jesse Haiston
Ritchard Whithead
William Corbin/Corlue

            A second petition on the same subject gave more description of the situation . . . " the extensive and scattered situation of settlers in the lower and frontier part of said county is such that a number of the inhabitants have to ride from twenty to forty miles to attend General Muster . . . we therfore pray that the four Companies on the South side of Cumberland River in (Montgomery) County and Capt. David BRIGHAM'S company on the North side may be constituted into on Battallion whose place of Rendezvous and General muster may be at Palmyra--Also that the said companies may have one day of election to be held at the same place. . ."  This petition contiuned the number system used on the previous page and was signed by:

John Cooke/Cocke
Spilsbey Tribbel
John Tribbel
James Loggins
Edward Work
Thomas Work
Victor Harris
William Cunney
William Hubbard
Aaron Tayner
Abner Harris
Edward Carter
Shadrick Tribbel
David Pritchitt
James Grein
John P. Vaughn
Benjamin Baker
    (all of the above names seem to be written by the same hand)
Samuill Street
Revis? Addams
William Addams
Howial? Addams
Heypehs? Herrel
Hoge Addams
John Harden
John More
Thomes Williams
John MeGill/McGill
Thomas Moore
James Mose/More
Elishey Cotham
David Davis
Benj. Downs
Isaac Morgan
Thos. Brigham
James West
John Davidson
Frederick Hyer
Thomas Simmons
Thomas K McElrath
Martin Wills Sr
Francis Tomkins
Thomas Tomkins Jr
Jacob Bradbury
Jno? Weathersbee?
Wm Curl?
John B Tomkins
Thos. Tomkins
Jaff? Brown
Morgan Brown
W C Jamison
James Moore
Willm. Weathersbee
Jas. Fentress
John Rives
B M Williamson
John H Berton
Edward Johnston
John Johnston

Note: Names spelled as appear in article

Transcribed from "Petitions to General Assembly of Tennessee". "Ansearchin' " News, Summer, 1993 page 71.  [Information abstracted from Tennessee State Library and Archives Microfilm, Legislative Petitions 1799-1801, Roll No. 1. "]

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