Located on the property of Dr. Arthur Cole,  Martha's Chapel Rd. Montgomery Co. Tn.
  Transcribed by
  Sandy Henke, Suzi Fatlan,
  Linda McCellan, her son Marvin McCellan
  Mary Thelma Jones, their mother.
  and Mary and Allan Workman.  

October, 2004

  Jones, H. J. b. Feb. 1938
  Jones, Norman b. Nov. 5, 1916 d. May 4, 1917
  At Rest
    Jones, Jordan Neblett b. May 21, 1902
  d. Sept 12,1917
  At Rest
    Cole, Tommy Ray b. July 8, 1946 d. Sept. 8, 2001
Submitted by Allan Workman    

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