Agatha Peeples

Source:  Montgomery County, Tennessee Will books "A" and "B"  1797-January 1818 by Anita Whitfield Darnell photocopied 6-2000

Inventory of estate of Agatha Peeples dec'd by Nathan Peeples and Haydon E. Wells, adm. Nov. 28, 1817.

Personal Property includes:

Bed and furniture, cupboard, chest, reel, table, looking glass, flax wheel, tackle, candle molds, small bowls, 5 teaspoons, dish, two sets of plates, cups and saucers, pitcher, case bottles, coffee mill, pewter dish, small jar, large Bible, tin pan, knives and forks, crock, chairs, bells, trace chains, keelers, waffle irons, spinning wheel, pail, wash tub, churn, oval oven, 16 gallon kettle, tea kettles, side saddle, 5 slays, two coverlids, 8 head cattle, 5 head sheep, 2 head horses, 21 head hogs, 40 barrels of corn, cutting knife, bedsteads, 35 lbs. wool, 50 lbs. cotton, loom, lantern, 10 geese, branding iron, barrel salt, note for $313.50 on Nathan Peeples.
           signed:    Nathan Peeples, Administrator
               Heydon E. Wells, Administrator

  Submitted by Jean Hancock 

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