On Palmyra Road in Montgomery Co. TN

Ada (Taylor) Cherry Mar. 15m 1866-Mar. 12, 1948
Jefferson Davis Cherry-1861 (tombstone) 1865 (census)-1931
Wilbur Cherry-no dates on tombstone
Christine (Cherry) Sousan-Dec. 18, 1921-Apr. 28, 1987
Lurine (Cherry) Taylor-Dec. 18, 1921-Apr. 21, 1997
Myrtle (Cherry) Swift-Jan. 1887-1925
Myrtle married Leonard Swift 29 July 1921 Montgomery CO. dau. of Ada and Jeff.

Submitted by Elizabeth Brown

 Sam O. Fessey, b. 1849    d. 1943
 Maud M. Fessey (wife of Sam O.),  b. 1859    d. 1939
 Mimms G. Fessey (my great-uncle and son of Sam and Maud),  b. 10/ 31/ 1894    d. 11/ 26/ 1967
 Erma F(essey) Broome (wife of Aubrey Broome), b. 10/ 19/ 1898   d.  8/ 19/ 1978
 Aubrey C. Broome (husband of Erma), b. 8/ 3/ 1899   d. 5/ 2/ 1956
 Mary C. Broome (infant daughter of Aubrey and Erma),  Feb. 16, 1939
[Note from submitter: I am related to the Fesseys'.  Sam and Maud had four children: Kenneth, Mimms, Callie, and Erma.  Callie(Carolyn) McCauley Fessey-Elliott was born at Sailor's Rest in Montgomery county in Sept. 29, 1896 and died June 5, 1993 and her remains buried in Westland, Michigan next to her husband, the late Robert James Elliott originally of Bumpus Mills, Tenn.  Callie and Robt. Elliott had two daughters, Elma Frances and Ann Finley. 
        Sam Ogburn Fessey is one of 5 (I think) children of the late William Henry Fessey and Annie Walker-Fessey, both of whom are buried in the Antioch Methodist Church cemetery. Samuel Fessey had one brother, Gabriel Russell Fessey and three sisters.
        Sam and Maud Fessey lived in Palmyra all their lives and were involved with the community. Sam was a bible school teacher of 45 years at the Methodist Church there and also was Postmaster for a time in Palmyra. Maud was a homemaker. They owned about one or possibly two acres land which they cultivated for their family. Sam's ancestors were from England, Maud's were from Scotland. Her daddy was Mordy McCauley (or perhaps, McAuley). His remains are interred in the Myers Cem. at Tarsus.
Submitted by Edward William Oz, Jr. of Dearborn, Michigan, son of 
Edward Wm. Oz, Sr. and Ann Elliott Oz of Florida.]
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