Student Roster of Needmore (colored) School

Enumeration of Scholastic Population
between the ages of six and twenty-one

In District No. 6, Needmore (colored)  School, Montgmery County, State of Tennessee on
on the 30th day of June, 1923. The Secretary of the District Advisory Board will deliver this Report to the Secretary of the County Board of Education or County Superintendent as soon as completed, but in any event before August 1st.  It should be taken "in the month of July," and duplicate kept in District Clerk's Record Book.
John Coleman Clarksville R.3 Louise 10
Mandy Johnson Sarah 9
Sadie 7
Andrew Gold Allie Mae 8
James Dunbar Iad Mai 11
Catherine 8
Reuben Northington Maria 14
Lee Tucker Mary Tucker 10
Luther Ligon Ed Neil 15
Dean Johnson Katy 12
Jim Leavell Love 9
Becky 7
Pete Moore Frankie Moore 13
Lizzie Mai 11
Puckie 7
Hunt Hooser Rose Esther 7
Preston Taylor Lily Louise 11
Catherine 9
Frank Meriwether Molly 8
William Rabun Louise 16
Emma 14
Susie 8
Pete Snadon Clara 20
Mai 14
Aines Wilson Blanche 9
Aines Wilson Rose Ella Wilson 15
         "  Myrtle 13
Doc Legon Clarksville R.1 Thomas 10
Willie 18
Doc McElivain Dave 10
Jim Leavell Will 15
Jessie 12
Ed 8
Frank Meriwether Frank Jr. 6
Wm. Roberm William Jr. 9
A. L. Lylen Carney 13
Jas. Moore Jessie 12
Andrew 10
Joe Norman 7
Pete Snadon Joe 17
Rufus 14
Ray 8
Henry Clay 10
Ames Wilson Fred 9
James 6
John Coleman John William 13
Vernon 10
Bowen 8
George Winters 13
Andrew Gold Doulgas Bell 17
James Dunbar Will 12
Fred 12
Ruben Northington Clarksville R. 1 Commodone 12
Davis 10
Jasper 6
George Jones George Jones Jr. 6
Lee Tucker Lee Jr. 16
Owen 9
Nelson 7

Submitted by Sandra Stacey

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