Montgomery Co, Tennessee   Microfilm Roll 107
Deed Books  Vol A May 1789 - June 1797
Vol B June 1797 - 1805

McGraw & T Hill
Conveyance from
Phillips & Campbell
600 acres on Halfpone

This Indenture made the 12th day of September in the Year of our Lord One thousand Seventeen Hundred and Ninety Six Between Phillip Phillips of the State of Tenn and County of Davidson and Michael Campbell of the State of Kentucky & County of Nelson of one part and David McGraw and Thomas Hill both of the State of Tennessee & County of Davidson of the other part. Witness that the said Phillips & Campbell in consideration of the sum of Six Hundred and forty Dollars in hand paid the receipt whereof or hereby acknowledge hath bargain to Sold released and Confirmed and by these presents Doth bargain alien (align) & confirm to the said David McGraw & Thomas Hill their heirs assigns forever all that tract of Land Lying in the County of Montgomery and in the State of Tennessee aforesaid on the North Side of Cumberland River and on the waters of Half Pone Beginning at a large Hickory in a ridge about two or three miles from Cumberland River running north fifty chains to a popular East chains fifty links to Common South West Corner and with his line in all Eighty Chains to the beginning containing Six Hundred & forty acres the warrant of which is succumbered three thousand three hundred and ninety-six was issued by the Secretary of the State of North Carolina for the Services of Nelson Re____(lott?) as a private on the continental line of the State of North Carolina and surveyed by Robert Weakley.

I Phillips & Campbell as a___am by his Deed bearing date the Eighteenth day of May One thousand Seven hundred and Eighty Nine and recorded in the Registar Office in Tennessee County Book A _____190 July twentieth one thousand seven hundred and ninety three to have and to hold unto the said David McGraw & Thomas Hill heirs and assigns the above mentioned tract of Land heredita____ and appus to named to the said tract of land belonging or in any wise assertaining and the said Phillips and Campbell for themselves their heirs Executors & adminstrators warrants & agree with the Said McGraw & T Hill to warrant & defend the said premises to the said Hill & McGraw their heirs & assigns against the claims of all persons whatever the said Phillips & Campbell having for themselves their heirs Executors & Adminstrators quit claims and relinquished unto the said McGraw & Hill their heirs and assigns all right interest title and Property to & in the within bargained premises In witness whereof the said Phillips & Campbell hath hereunto set their hands & seals the Day and date first above written - signed Sealed and in the presence of Isaac McNeil, Tho Rutherford

The above deed was done in open and by the oath of Isaac McNeil at the term 1797 who was a subscribing Witness.

Francis Prinse PR
June 24th 1797

Kathy White Casey transcribed the above deed on July 8, 2000 at the Tennessee State Archives, Nashville, Tennessee.

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