Take Highway 13/48 about 9 miles to Seven Mile Ferry Road. Turn left go 2 miles to four-way stop. Turn right on Martha’s Chapel Road. Go .1 mile. cemetery is on the left.


ARMS Alicia Jo daughter of Thomas & Tammy Arms Feb.26,1991

                  God bless our baby girl

ATKINS Richard K. “Dicky” Dec.16,1949 - Apr.11,1992

                   Rest in peace Our beloved son

BRAME James E. 1867 - 19?? (footstone: J.E.B)

               Anna L. 1876 - 1944 (footstone: A.L.B.)

BRAME John T. 1950 - 1950

BRAME Nancy E. 1945 - 1947

BRAME Samuel B. 1879 - 1956

               Iantha D. 1880 - 1957 (footstone: I.D.B.)

BRAME Walter Harris Dec.30,1881 - Jan.30,1970

BUMPUS Eva B. June 28,1889 - Oct.12,1987 (footstone: F.B.B.)

                          At Rest (Footstone as written)

BUMPUS Finis Dudley April 5,1887 - Dec.18,1946

                Mai Dunlavy April 3,1890 - Jan.8,1970

BUMPUS Infant son of Thomas & Irene Bumpus 1925 - 1925

BUMPUS Jack Dudley August 21,1928 - (footstone: Daddy)

                 Dorothy Ussery August 1,1928 - March 23,1995 (footstone: Mother)

                        wed March 17,1950

BUMPUS John T. 1854 - 1936 (footstone: J.T.B.)

                Nora 1856 - 1939

BUMPUS Lonnie Holmes Sept.13,1924 -

                 Doris McWhorter June 26,1929 -

BUMPUS Lorene Dedicated Teacher

                      (footstone: Lorene Bumpus June 18,1913 - Feb.22,1995)

BUMPUS Ronald Wayne Jan.13,1951 - Oct.16,1996 (footstone: Son)

BUMPUS Thomas R. Feb.28,1892 - Feb.16,1965 (footstone: Daddy)

                  Irene S. Feb.9,1897 - Aug.4,1971 (footstone: Mother)

CARRALL Martha E. Born Jan.12,1868 Died Jan.8,1890 (footstone:)

                              At rest in peace


                              JANUARY 28,1936

CHADWICK Joseph B. 1859 - 1929

                       Blanche L. 1865 - 1940

CHADWICK Louise April 14,1903 - November 3,1997 Gone Home

CHADWICK Millard S. Oct.3,1898 - Mar.7,1975

CHESTER Infant son of Edwin & Nell Chester Feb.6,1916 - Feb.6,1916

                           (footstone: Baby)

CHESTER Infant son of Edwin & Nell Chester Feb.1,1927 - Feb.1,1927

                           (footstone: Baby)

COLEMAN     R. Douglas Oct.21,1886 - Jan.2,1969 (footstone: Father)

                         Catherine M. Apr.5,1902 - Jan.15,1984 (footstone: Mother)

COLEMAN Rebecca Jean Mar.21,1932 - May 12,1932

D’AUGUSTINO Mary Mills Sept.20,1913 - Dec.14,1987

DUNLAVY Edmond G. Born Aug.22,1846 Died Sept.3,1907 (footstone:)

                     Lucy D. Born Dec.7,1858 Died Mar.28,1905 (footstone:)

DUNLAVY Robert B. son of Edmond G. & Lucy D. (footstone:)

                    Born Aug.15,1897 Died Dec.28,1911

                           How much of light, How much of joy is buried with our darling boy.

DUNLAVY Everade G. 1882 - 1960

                    Nora M. 1885 - 1961 (footstone: Mother)

DURHAM Alice C. dau. of W. & P.T. Durham

                   Born Jan.21,1867 Died Jan.11,1888

                           Our darling Alice past from this world to a happier home in Heaven

                                                     (On bottom of headstone: Humbolt, Tenn.)

DURHAM Charlie M. 1877 - 1955

DURHAM Fannie A. 1860 - 1940

DURHAM William 1828 - 1910 (footstone:) At Rest

DURHAM Prince E. wife of W.M. Durham

                      Born Sept.15,1837 - Feb.20,1922 (footstone:)

DURHAM Louise M. dau. of W.M. & P.E. Durham

                  Born June 22,1857 Died May 10,1920 (footstone:)

                          Having finished life’ s duty she now sweetly rests

EVERETT Frankie R.,Sr. Oct.1,1944 - Oct.20,1997 (footstone: Daddy)

                       My beloved son (Photo on headstone)

FREEMAN Davis E. Jan.13,1930 - Nov.18,1999

FREEMAN Norman E. Dec.25,1897 - March 7,1972 (footstone: Daddy)

                    Thula D. April 19,1900 - Dec.14,1980 (footstone: Mother)

GRAHM Rebecca Ruth July 1,1984

GRANT  B.F. May 29,1843 - Father

               Mary Aug.22,1845 - Dec.30,1920 Mother

                          She was a kind and affectionate wife, A fond mother and a friend to all

GRANT Catherine (footstone only)

GRANT Charlie F. Born Sept.15,1870 Died May 10,1916 Husband

                          An honest man’ s the nobelist work of God, His record is on high

               Gussie T. Born Nov.5,1868 Wife My trust is in God

GRANT Cora Apr.21,1871 - May 2,1957 (footstone: C.G.) She is just away

GRANT (footstone: Dennis C. 1905 - 1942

               (footstone: Lorena Lee June 2,1908 - May 9,1994

               (footstone: Infant son of Dennis & Lorena Grant 1939 - 1939

GRANT Henry B. 1869 - 1940 (footstone: Father)

               Laura R. 1864 - 1932 (footstone: Mother)

GRANT Sam Nov.7,1864 - May 25,1924 (footstone:) Gone but not forgotten

GRANT Cora Apr.21,1871 - May 2,1957 (footstone: C.G.) She is just away

GRANT Norman Aug.30,1899 - Jan.30,1900 (footstone:)

                   In Heaven there is one Angel more

GRANT Sterling Feb.10,1894 - Dec.11,1935 (footstone: S.G.)

HARGROVE George Milton 1854 - 1925

HARGROVE John Born Sept.7,1823 Died Feb.17,1890 (footstone: J.H.)

                           Peaceful be thy silent slumber, Peaceful in thy grave so low,

                           Thou no more will join our number, Thou no more our sorrows know,

                           Yet again we hope to meet thee, When the day of life is fled,

                          And in Heaven with joy to greet thee, Where no farewell tears are shed.

                                                          (George & John Hargrove are together with a wrought iron fence around them.)

HARGROVE Herbert C. Oct.9,1901 - July 5,1985

                       Alice May Feb.9,1906 - Nov.12,1997

                               Footstone: Alice H. 1906 - 1997 Herbert C. 1901 - 1985

                                 Together Forever

                            On Back: Parents of Frances, Lauren, Sue, Jean, Peggy

HARGROVE Mary T. Jan.29,1904 - Dec.14,1906 Our Darling

HARGROVE Thomas C. April 28,1821 - April 8,1891 (footstone: Father)

                        Suzannah W. April 11,1824 - Dec.19,1897 (footstone: Mother)

HARGROVE William Thomas 1864 - 1955

                        Alice Wyatt 1870 - 1952

HARRIS Benjamin F. Born July 2,1830 Died Mar.7,1918

                         Rest father, Rest in quiet sleep, While friends in sorrow o’ er thee weep

               Margaret E. Born Sept.19,1839 Died Aug.20,1920

                         She was a kind and affectionate wife, A fond mother, And a friend to all

HARRIS Benjamin T. son of B.F. & Margarett Harris

               Born Feb.27,1869 Died Jan.24,1918 (footstone:)

                      Asleep in Jesus’ peaceful rest, Whose waking is supremely blest

HARRIS George M. 1867-1941 (footstone: G.M.H.)

HARRIS Loraine Jan.1901-Feb.1901

HARRIS Louis R. May 16,1870 - April 11,1954 (footstone: Father)

               Mary Lou July 14,1879 - April 25,1951 (footstone: Mother)

HARRIS Maggie Lee Born Sept,14,1873 Died Mar.17,1910

                    Gone but not forgotten

HUNTER John Anderson July 26,1924 - June 12,1985 (footstone: Father)

                 Georgia Ruth Aug.12,1924 - June 22,1984 (footstone: Mother)

HUNTER Martha E. Nov.5,1953 - Mar.19,1993 (footstone: Daughter)

JONES Addie Lee wife of J.R. Jones Feb.2,1864 - Aug.16,1924

                  (footstone:) At Rest

JONES Albert C. Feb.1,1901 - Jan.5,1992

             Ethel M. jan.30,1897 - Aug.22,1986

                   married Dec.30,1920

JONES Clyde L. 1904 - 1934

JONES James Robert 1857 - 1934 (footstone: J.R.J.)

JONES Nannie Davis wife of J.R. Jones Jan.23,1853 - Aug.29,1929

                (footstone: N.D.J.) A precious one from us has gone, A voice we loved is stilled

JONES Jeffery A. Dec.16,1956 - Dec.4,1998

            Celia S. Apr.26,1956 -

               married Mar.5,1976 Forever Love

JONES John Albert July 12,1923 - Jan.24,1987

             Mary Elizabeth Dec.21,1922 -

                      married Jan.1,1944

JONES Lizzie Lyle daughter of John Nelson & Mary Ann Lyle Jones

             July 12,1864 - Dec.18,1929 (footstone: L.L.J.) At Rest

JONES Sallie L. daughter of John Nelson & Mary Ann Lyle Jones

             Feb.26,1867 - Feb.28,1932 (footstone:) At Rest

JONES Mary Harris 1868 - 1955 (footstone: M.H.J.)

LANE Elma Bumpus McGhee (footstone: Elma B. Lane Nov.25,1917)

MATTHEWS Edgar 1860 - 1935

                       Laura 1860 - 1900

MATTHEWS Emma Enola Mar.10,1893 - Nov.10,1990

MATTHEWS James Joseph Oct.16,1985

MATTHEWS John M. 1862 - 1898 (footstone: Father)

                       Mary D. 1864 - 1964

MATTHEWS John M. May 9,1899 - Aug.26,1994 Papa

                       Agnes S. Aug.5,1911 - Aug.6,1994 Mimsey

                           Parents of Carolyn, Betty Sue, Johnny, Angie

MATTHEWS Carolyn Dec.28,1934 - Mar.8,1995

MATTHEWS Laura wife of C.L. Matthews

                       Born Nov.3,1861 - Oct.8,190?

                                                (Headstone laying in ditch outside cemetery gate facing Roberts Road.)

MATTHEWS Robert F. Dec.3,1893 - Dec.13,1972

                            (footstone: ROBERT F. MATTHEWS TENNESSEE CPL U.S. ARMY

                                            WORLD WAR I DEC.3,1893 - DEC.13,1972)

                       Betty L. June 1,1900 - Dec.19,1997 (footstone: Mother)

MATTHEWS Sarah Ann Apr.4,1941 - Apr.5,1941

McWHORTER Christopher M. Mar.18,1990 - Apr.8,1990

                               He gave so much in a short time, But angels always do.

MILLS    C. Marvin 1917 - 1981

                Margaret E. 1917 -

MILLS Samuel A. Born Feb.27,1848 Died May1,1902 (footstone: S.A.M.)

MILLS Eunice G. Born Feb.14,1849 Died 1931 (footstone: E.G.M.)

Thy Will be done

MILLS Climmie May daughter of S.A. & E.G. Mills

             Born Nov.28,1874 Died Nov.28,1911 (footstone:)

                     Borne by Angel’ s hands away to a home of peace and love

MILLS Thomas H. Nov.23,1858 - Feb.2,1938 (footstone: T.H.M.)

             Virginia E. June 8,1867 - Dec.18,1944 (footstone: V.E.M.)

MINOR (footstone: George A. Minor Feb.4,1857 - Nov.9,1937

              (footstone: Hattie M. Minor Nov.29,1881 - Nov.9,1959

              (footstone: Lula S. Minor Feb.5,1860 - Nov.4,1936

              (footstone: infant son of George & Lula Minor 1887

MOORE Anna Laura Oct.6,1905

MORRISON Billy D. June 9,1933 -

                      Betty Jo Aug.13,1935 - Jan.23,1999

                          married Aug.28,1953 In my Father’ s house are many mansions

MURPHY Cleveland T. June 10,1882 - June 30,1961 (footstone: Papa)

MURPHY Ora Lee July 14,1892 - Feb.17,1922 (footstone: Mother)

PLUMMER Robert Lewis Feb.10,1913 - Mar.25,1957

RAMEY Samuel Edward 1862 - 1942

               Mary H. Dec.18,1863 - Mar.16,1951

ROGERS Andrew J. 1876 - 1955 (footstone: A.J.R.)

                Ruth B. 1885 - 1964 (footstone: R.B.R.)

                                             funeral home marker: Ruth D.B. Rogers July 21,1964 age 78 years

SCHRYVER Robert Clifford June 17,1927 - Oct.3,1997

                                          (footstone: Father Born in Omar, New York)

                      Shelia Winifred Aug.16,1929 -

                                         (footstone: Mother Born in London, England)

                         married Aug.11,1951 Morning has broken

SCHRYVER Reed Hunt Oct.21,1960 - Jan.13,1986 (footstone: Reed)

                            Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit Beloved son and brother

SMITH Jeep July 20,1944 - June 14,1972 First in the hearts of those who loved him

               (footstone: GEORGE F. SMITH TENNESSEE S SGT BTRY A 6 BN 1 ATRY

                                 JULY 20,1944 - JUNE 14,1972

SWIFT    (footstone: Samuel E. 1861- 1934

                 (footstone: Elizabeth 1837 - 1906

                 (footstone: Bettie M. 1864 - 1934

                 (footstone: James T. 1833 - 1903

                 (footstone: Emma E. 1870 - 1891

TROTTER James S. 1856 - 1904

                   Alice M. 1861 - 1899

TROTTER Averitt L. Born June 22,1870 Died Dec.15,1880 (footstone: A.L.T.)

TROTTER Gordon B. 1889 - 1895

TROTTER Norman Hightower Born Nov.29,1891 Died Jan.10,1909

                           (footstone: N.H.T.) At Rest Our loved one

WEAKLY Gilford Louis June 30,1956 - Jan.15,1995 Beloved husband and father

                  Terri Beth Jan.25,1960 - Beloved wife and mother

                           Together Forever

WILBER Alan A. 1923 - 1987 Darling husband

              S.N. Morrison Born Mar.19,1867 Died Jan.10,1907 (footstone: S.N.J.)

             Sallie Jones Morrison wife of S.N. Jones 1874 - 1937

             Olive J. daughter of S.N. & Sallie Jones

             Born Oct.12,1900 Died June 15,1905 (footstone: O.J.J.)\
                        ( Not sure of these last names - Transcribed as written)


unmarked graves and graves marked by fieldstones


Transcribed by: Kathy Reynolds & Patty Davis and

April 19, 2000 Martha’s Chapel Cemetery Montgomery County, Tennessee

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