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If you have Marriage Records for your Montgomery County family that you would like to contribute, please e-mail me and tell me a little about them. All families with Montgomery County roots are welcome and encouraged to submit their records. The only restriction is that one of the persons listed in the Marriage Record must have lived in Montgomery County at one time. Be sure to include your e-mail address. All entries are listed in groups by submitters and followed by the e-mail address of the submitter. Thank you for your willingness to help make the Montgomery County pages a valuable asset for online research.

Marriage Contract between Benjamin Whitehead and Sally Willis

Source: Probate Records, Montgomery County, Tennessee, E: p 512. Spelling is as written

Know all men by these present that we Benjamin Whitehead and Sally Willis both of the County of Montgomery & State of Tennessee having concluded to intermarry have agreed and covenanted with each other upon the following marriage contract viz: I Benjamin Whitehead do hereby agree and covenant with the said Sally Willis, that all the property both real and personal belonging to said Sally Willis or that may be aloted to her upon a division of the Estate is to (unreadable) to his daughter Sally Willis at his death or the said Sally Willis is at liberty to dispose of her part of the property aforesaid at his death to his daughter Sally aforesaid, & I, the said Sally Willis do hereby expressly covenant & agree with the said Benjamin Whitehead that all the property both real and personal belonging to the said Benjamin Whitehead is to be (unreadable) to his children or the said Benjamin Whitehead is at liberty to dispose of his property at his death to his children aforesaid. In witness whereof we have here unto set our hands & seals this 18th August 1828. Teste: Signed: Ben. Whitehead {seal} George Watkins her John Layne Sally X Willis {seal} mark

Submitted by Jean Hancock



Powell Marriages in Montgomery Co. TN between 1838-1854

1. Joseph Powell m. Rebecca Blanton on Feb. 15, 1852 witnessed by W.B.Stewart & R.T. Gupton

2.Mary Powell m. Howell Baggett on Jan 29, 1844 witnessed by Josiah Baggett

3. Malinda Powell m. Henry Baggett on Mar. 29, 1844 witnessed by Abraham Baggett

4. Henry Baggett m. Mary Weaver on May 26, 1851 witnessed by Thos. R. Clark

5. John Powell m. Martha Jett on Dec 19, 1853 witnessed by George W. Brown

6. Ransom Powell m. Caroline Powell on Apr. 29, 1840 witnessed by G. D. Hall

7. Caroline Powell m. Wesley Baggett on Apr. 3, 1839 witnessed by Abraham Baggett

8. Barney E. Powel m. Margarette A. Mockbee witnessed by John H. McFall

9. W. H. Powell m. Susan Morrison on Feb. 4, 1852 witnessed by G. D. Anglen

10. Nancy Powell m. Rich'd Vaughan on Jan. 31, 1849 witnessed by B. F. Bartlett

11. William Powell m. Sally Davis on Jan. 21, 1847 witnessed by W.P. Norwood

12. Ameline Powell m. Elisha Row on May 30, 1840 witnessed by Barnet Powell

13. Levi Powell m. Edyth H. Dodd on June 11, 1843 witnessed by Wm. Powell

14. John Powell m. Eliza Channell on Dec. 5, 1843 witnessed by Wm. Ferrell

Submitted by  Cindy Powell  at


Edwards,  Jane  to my g/grandfather,  A. J. Winter on 16 January, 1875.
Dicey Ann Winter married 02 May, 1866 to Faunt Spillers, in Montgomery

Co.  Clarksville, Tennessee.

 Dicey Ann and A. J. Winter were twins.
Their parents were John  Winter and  Melissa "Lisha," Anderson

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The Reverend J. T. Thornton, m.g. married my great-great grandfather to his 3rd wife Jack Joyce (full name is Andrew Jackson Joyce) married Mrs Annie Black  1-26-1903


1st wife was an Oshaughnessy

2nd Florence Virginia Hayes


  Submitted by Marcia Taylor-Finnegan e-mail:

 Some ANDERSON MARRIAGES - Montgomery Co TN.

[Copied from the microfilmed typed transcript. Please refer to the film or original county record if you have a question regarding a date or name.]
Lic = license
J.P. = Justice of the Peace
sec = security
M.G. = Minister of the Gospel
L.E. = ? (lay elder?)
M.E. Church S. (Methodist Episcopal Church, South?)

* Asterisk indicates the Anderson is known or believed to be descended from or related to Timothy Anderson, who came to Montgomery County from Lancaster Co SC around 1791. There is no known relationship between him and
Thornsberry Anderson, who was connected to the Bonds and Meacham families.

*Archibald M. Anderson to Virginia Apperson. Lic 29 Sep 1838. Married 30
Sep 1838 by M. Oldham, J.P. Wiley Sawyer, sec.

*Thomas Stewart to Margaret Anderson 10 Oct 1839 by John Roberts, J.P.
Robert Anderson, sec.

Robert A. Anderson to Marian B. Love 1 Aug 1839 by Jas. (Jos.?) Pollard,
Richard Poston, sec.

(James P. Anderson sec for Alford G. Bledsoe to Phoebe Ann Welker 25 Dec
1839 by John Roberts, J.P.)

John Compani to Rebecca Anderson 21 Sep 1840 by J. Williams, J.P.
Richard Humphries, sec. [Typed transcript of marriage book shows name as
"Compani", but the name on the original may be Compari. The spellings
Cumparee and Comparee are found in an 1841 list of Montgomery Co citizens.]

*Archibald M. Anderson to Amelia Senseny 24 Nov 1840.
Jno. F. Kennedy, sec.

*Jacob Anderson to J(ulia). S. O'Doniley 4 Jan 1842. James O'Doniley, sec.
In Stewart Co TN 1850 census.  Later in Christian Co Ky, where they're
buried in Powell Cem. [A Brame family is also in this cemetery.]

B. J. Anderson to E. Starks 19 Sep 1841. P. N. Anderson, sec.

John Fry to Martha Anderson 4 Apr 1842. Austin Caldwell, sec.

Grandison Tyler to Indiana Anderson 7 Apr 1842. Bassett Rogers, sec.

*W. H. Anderson to Margaret E. Smith 5 Oct 1843 by Drury C. Stevens, M. G.
John McFall, sec.

Wm. Anderson to Lucy J. Rutherford 27 Mar 1844. Geo. W. Leigh, sec.

P(eter). N. Anderson to Agness Brame 23 Mar 1844. W. B. Sanderson, sec.

James W. Anderson to Eliza B. Moseley 28 Mar 1844.
John T. Anderson, sec.

James Mansker to Jane Anderson 12 Dec 1844 by Jordan Moore, M.G.
Thos. C. Blake, sec.

Edward Robinson to Sarah A. Anderson 29 Nov 1846 by J. T. W. Auld, L. E. of
M.E. Church S. Wm. Griffin, sec.
(WorldConnect Project submission gives name as Edmund J. Roberson. Found in
Graves Co KY 1870 census in household next to John T. Anderson 47 TN and
wife Sarah Ann 42 AL. They were probably John Anderson and Sarah Ann Bonds,
listed below.)

Thornsberry Anderson to Fredonia Gates 30 Jan 1848 by Jo. Pollard, J. P.
John H. Anderson, sec.

John Anderson to Sarah Ann Bonds 28 Feb 1848 by Jo. Pollard, J.P.
James Anderson, sec.

*Elijah Anderson to Harriet Burton 5 Apr 1846 by T. H. Batson, J.P.
Richard Dunlap, sec.

(Henry B. Anderson sec for Mark M. Landrum to Elizabeth Pegram 19 Aug 1851.)
There were Anderson-Landrum marriages in Davidson Co TN in 1810.

Michael B. Stone to T. M. Alice Anderson 6 Jan 1853 by Jo. Pollard, J.P.
Jo. Peacher, sec.

William R. Anderson to Dicy Adaline Lewis 12 Jun 1853 by T. H. Batson, J.P.
Wm. J. Lewis, sec.

Nathaniel S. Richardson to Mildred Anderson by W. G. Carney, M.G.
R. R. Gaines, sec. (I neglected to copy date.)

From miscellaneous old Mtgmry Co marriages:
*Jonathan Anderson to Joselliah Taylor 29 Jan 1808

The following was not found in Montgomery Co marriages. It's from Brame
family records and was most likely performed in a county close to
Montgomery: John D. Brame to Elizabeth Anderson 14 Aug 1841.
*See explanation in introduction.

Submitted by Andy Anderson,


 Thomas Joseph McCabe Jr. and Mariam(Mariann) Ahearn were married Sept. 23, 1875 in Montgomery Co., TN. They were married in Clarksville, Tenn. at the Immaculate Conception Catholic church by Father P.J. Gleeson.  (See Family Histories for more infomation.)

Submitted by Charles Kearney Hall III at


James Brown b 15 Dec 1800 in VA, mM  16 Mar 1830 Montgomery  Co. TN  Mary Ann Lynes 6 May 1812, b 6 May 1812 in TN

Submitted by Donna Boliver  at


James Tyler and Sylvia Markham


State of Arkansas

County of Randolph

On this 23rd day of August in the year one thousand eight hundred and fifty-six, before me, a Justice of the Peace, duly authorized to administer oaths within and for the county and State aforesaid, personally came Sylvia Tyler aged about 71 years, a resident of Roanoke Township in the County of Randolph in the State of Arkansas who, being duly sworn, according to law, on her oath declares, that she is the widow of James Tyler deceased, who was a private soldier in a company of Tenessee Militia commanded by Captain William Hamilton in the Regiment of Tennessee Militia commanded by the war with Great Britain declared by the United States June 18th, 1812 that her said husband was drafted and entered the military service of the United States at Clarksville in the State of Tennessee on or about in the year 1813 or1814 for the term of three months, and that he continued in the actual military service of the United States, as aforesaid, in said war for the term of fourteen days and was honorably dischared at Clarksville int he State of Tennessee on or about the A.D. 1813 or 1814.

She further states that she was married to the said James Tyler deceased, in the county of Montgomery in the State of Tennessee on or about the month of October in the year 1807 by a Minister of the Gospel, his name she does not recollect and that her name before said marriage was Sylvia Markham. She states that she has no public record of her said marriage to transmit herewith, there is no private family record of thesame to present herewith; that her said husband died at his residence in the county of Randolph in the State of Arkansas on the 20th day of September in the year 1850 and that she has never since married and is now a widow.

She further states that she has not heretofore made application for bounty land under this or any other act of Congress whatever and that she has not obtained nor received a land warrant under this or any other act of Congress whatever.

She makes this declaration for the purpose of obtaining the BountyLand, to which she may be found entitled under the act 3rd March 1855.

And: -- She hereby appoints ___________ , Independence County, Arkansasher true and lawful agent and Attorney, with full power of substitution; to file and prosecute his her claim for Bounty Land, and to receive upon this or supplementary applications, the Bounty Land Warrant to which she may be found entitled, whenever the same may issue.


James E. Hawkins

Stephen E. McClain Sylvia Tyler (her mark)

The foregoing declaration, containing Power of Attorney, was sworn toand subscribed before me on the day and year above written; and I certifythat I know that the claimant is the identical person she represents herself to be, and that I have to interest in this her claim for Bounty Land. and I ceretify that I was personally present at the burial of the said James Tyler.

Signed: B. P Hawkins

Submitted by Marla Goodrich at

Montgomery County Marriages

Wallace Eliza to John Long 6-9-1855
Wallace Julia to Lewis Williams 6-18-1866
Wallace Mary Jane to James Turbeville 2-15-1860 Security: Levi Wallace
Steward C.M. to T.E.C. Etherly 7-28-1845
Stewart Acenith to Cornelius E. Morgan 6-16-1855
Stewart Angeline W. to Sterling Shearron 11-25-1853 Security: James A. Shearron
Stewart C.M. to T.H. Etherly 7-25-1845
Stewart Letitia to Lunsford Read 10-29-1844
Stewart Milly to Jas. Mitchell 4-22-1865
Stewart Nancy to Charles J. Collier 9-13-1839
Stewart Prudence to Michael Black 5-23-1846
Stewart Rachel A. to Jas. Oldham 6-20-1865
Stewart Susan to John W. Smith 12-22-1838
Wallace Malinda to William Davidson 7-5-1870
Wallace Emanuel to Martha Malory 4-16-1866
Wallace James S. to Polly Warden 12-15-1845 Security: Martin S. Wallace
Wallace Josiah to Mary Trice 12-18-1866
Wallace Levi to Malinda J. Stuart 2-9-1855
Wallace Martin S. to Harriet T. Smith 4-26-1845
Stewart A. to Mary Ballentine 8-19-1851
Stewart A.C. to Louise Bush 5-30-1856
Stewart A.J. to Mourning L. Welker 10-10-1848
Stewart Antony to Nancy Snowden 1-23-1867
Stewart Brice to Eliza McClure 10-29-1839
Stewart George W. to Elizabeth Watson 11-22-1856
Stewart Isam to Jane McKenels 12-26-1866
Stewart James L. to Nancy Browning 9-19-1857
Stewart Joel to Malinda Wilson 5-30-1838
Stewart John to Elmira E. Lisenby 1-4-1867
Stewart Mack to Mary Britton 7-4-1866
Stewart Richard T. to Sarah Jane Austin 1-18-1860
Stewart Robert W. to Laura Eveline Crewell 7-27-1865
Stewart Saml. B. to Dora Judkins 5-2-1866
Stewart Shelby to Mary Weakley  12-21-1841
Stewart Willie B. to Emily M. Stroud 11-21-1840
Stewart Wm. to Butchett Starks 10-5-1841
Stewat Thomas to Margaret Anderson 10-10-1839
Wallace Robert to Cassie Cale 9-1-1879 Security: Dick Crass

Wallace James B. to Nannie E. Russell 8-15-1877 Security: T.E. Vinson Signature spelled James Wallis Jr.


Submitted by

Cecil Cobb and June Kennedy

Cecil Bryan Cobb married June Kennedy 12/25/1946 @ New Providence Baptist Church, Clarksville, TN ( both were raised in Montgomery County and my father is buried @ Greenwood Cemetary. My mother is still living in Clarksville.


This was a significant date in that not only was it Christmas Day it was also my father's birthday. He was born 12/25/1925 and died on 04/02/2006.

 Submitted by Evie Cobb Carroll

John P. Yarbrough and Mary "Polly" Vaughn

John P. YARBROUGH and Mary "Polly" VAUGHN were married 1825 in Montgomery Co., Tennessee.

They have nine kids.

Submitted by Sam Weaver  email-

John Angelin (Angelo) Logan to Cordelia Lewis -May 31,1887    Book 13 pg 214

James A Hendricks to Cordelia Logan- July 25,1895   Book 19 og 159

Alexander "Tom" Logan to Maud Daughtry- January 20,1907  

Alexander "Tom" Logan to Nora Shelton- August 1,1933    Book 54

Alexander "Tom" Logan to Lucille Russell- January 11,1946   

Harl Logan to Edna Irene Harris- April 18,1931

R.R. Mackens to Ollie Mae Logan- September 22,1933  Book 54 pg 348

James Edward Horton to Barbra June Logan- August 16,1952


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National Archives Delayed Marriage Record, found in files of Elizabeth (Hobbs) Vineyard of Saline County,
Illinois application for Civil War Survivor's Land Warrant of Joshua Vineyard. (Branch Symbol RJS930, Agency Address 002173, RG. No., Stack Area 7E2, Roll 45, Compartment 22, Shelf A). R. D. Mosely, County Clerk in 1880 stated that he personally remembered the marriage of Elizabeth Hobbs to Joshua Vineyard.

Marriage Bond: “11th day of January 1836 a bond was by Joshua Vineyard and Steven [sic] Vineyard in Montgomery Coun ty Tennessee Clerk’s Office. We Joshua Vineyard & Steven Vineyard are held and firmly bound to Newton Cannon Governor in and over the State=2 0of Tennessee, for the time being in the final sum of twelve hundred and fifty dollars, for the express purpose that there shall not hereafter appear any lawful cause why Joshua Vineyard and Elizabeth Hobbs shall not be joined in the bands of Holy Matrimony. Given under our bonds and seals, in the town of Clarksville the 11th day of January 1836. Joshua Vineyard, Steven [sic] Vineyard.
"State of Tennessee, Montgomery County, I A. D. Moseley, Clerk of the County Court of said County certify that the forgoing is a true and perfect copy of Marriage bond filed in this office as the same appears on file. I further certify that I have made a diligent search in the papers for the marriage license issued on said bond but have been unable to find it. The Court House of this County having been destroyed by fire in the month of April 1878 and many of the papers in this office having been destroyed it is possible that the license may have been amongst the number. Witness my hand and Seal at office in Clarksville This October the 16th=2 01880.  R. D. Moseley Clerk."


Joshua born 1812 in Montgomery County was the s on of David and Nancy (Stephens) Vineyard. Cir. 1807, David settled on the Little West Fork Creek (Red River) in an area claimed by both Kentucky and Tennessee. This area became Tennessee in the 1859 boundary settlement. Ref. Gene Marrow, Historical Notes of Clarksville, Tennessee 1784-1864, 1934. David was mustered in 15 November 1813 in Mitchisson's Kentucky Militia to serve in the War of 1812. His unit was the only unit to serve with the 2nd Regiment of Cockes West Tennessee Militia in the Battle of New Orleans. Afterwards David fell sick and died during his trip home in Bogue Chitto, Lawence County (now Lincoln Co.) Mississippi 5 April 1815. His probate is found in Montgomery Co. Probate Will Book B, pages 375 and 436 and Court Minutes Vol 7, pages 149 and 177.
Also serving in Cockes Militia were George Vineyard (brother of David) who settled later in Dickson Co., TN and Isaiah Vineyard (son of David). Ezekiel Stephens (nephew of David) served in Captain Weakley's Co. 2nd Regiment (Cocke's) West Tennessee Militia.

 Submitted by

(I have a large collection of Vineyard and Stephens data and would like to correspond with any researcher interested in Vineyard, Stephens, and Beasley.  )


Jeremiah Bearden to Rachel Hamilton, married 20 March 1811 in Montgomery County (per her pension application, Widow's Orig. #10914, Widow's Cert. #6387); he died 15 May 1850 in Pike Co., Miss; in 1874, she was living in Lawrence Co., Miss.; he was a Private in Capt. Abraham Allen's Co., TN Militia

Tate Bryarly to Mary Smith Gray, married 30 July 1829 in Clarksville (per her pension application, Widow's Orig. #15751, Widow's Cert. #11492); he died 30 Oct 1852 in Clarksville; she was still living there in 1878; he was a Private in Capt. Baker's Co., VA Militia

Richard M. Buckner to Adeline M. Grace, married 8 Sep 1829 in Montgomery County (per her pension application, Widow's Orig. #17513, Widow's Cert. #10877); he died 6 April 1874 in Hopkins Co., KY; she died 18 July 1901; in 1850 and 1855 they were living in Christian Co., KY, and in 1878, she was living in Hopkins Co., KY; he was a Private in Capt. John Bagley's Co., VA Militia

Robert Bumpass to Mrs. Mary Sykes, married Sept. 1835 in Montgomery County (per her pension application, Widow's Orig. #26413, Widow's Cert. #22973); they lived in Montgomery Co., where he died 13 Feb 1871; he was a Private in Capt. John Strother's TN Militia

Daniel Campbell married 18 Jul 1811 in Montgomery Co. to Mary Ann Cashion; he died 13 Sep 1860 in Adair Co., MO; she died 22 Oct 1873; he served in Abraham Allen's Co., TN Militia and lived in Randolph Co., MO

William Chester married May 1815 in Montgomery Co. to Elizabeth Copeland; he died 20 Jul 1867 in Calloway Co., KY; he served in Benjamin Reeves' KY Militia and lived in Calloway Co., KY

Jesse Cooksy married 31 Mar 1816 in Montgomery Co. to Sarah Heathman; he died 10 Feb 1865 in Montgomery Co.; he served in Hambleton's & Edmonson's Cos., TN Militia, and lived in Montgomery Co.

John Darnell married in 1865 in Montgomery Co. to Betsey Pruett.

 Robert Davis married 17 Jan 1814 in Montgomery Co. to Betsey Hooper; he died 12 May 1859 in Montgomery Co.; he served in James Haggard's Co. TN Militia and lived in Mont. Co.

 Enoch Edwards married 12 Sep 1812 at Jordan Springs to Nicy Darnell; he served in Gabriel Mastin's Co., TN Militia.; he was living at Jordan Springs in 1872

 Joseph B. Edwards married 14 Aug 1806 in Montgomery Co. to Ann Fentress; he died 2 May 1848 in Stewart Co.; he served in Williams' Co. TN Militia; his widow was living in Stewart Co. in 1855 and in Houston Co. in 1872

Hardy Ellis married 22 May 1815 in Montgomery Co. to Martha Dennis Trotter; he died 30 Nov 1872 in Marshall Co., KY; widow lived at Murray, KY; he served in James Haggard's & Robert Edmonston's Cos., TN Militia and lived
Calloway Co., KY

Simon Heflin married 18 Oct 1810 in Montgomery Co. to Elizabeth Smith; he died 7 Nov 1858 in Montgomery Co.; she was still living in Montgomery Co. in 1872

Dempsey Hunter married 20 Nov 1844 to Mrs. Mary A. Jones; both had been previously married and his former wife died 2 Sep 1842.  He died 19 Dec 1879

William Lockert married 27 Dec 1811 in Montgomery Co. to Elisabeth McFadin; he died 12 Jun 1862

Martin Loggins married 17 Dec 1806 to Sukey Kennedy in Clarksville.  He died 20 Feb 1847 in San Augustine County, Texas.

SOURCE: Virgil D. White's book, Index to War of 1812 Pension Application Files, as well as online at

Submitted by Jim Long


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