Montgomery County Marriage Records
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If you have Marriage Records for your Montgomery County family that you would like to contribute, please e-mail me and tell me a little about them. All families with Montgomery County roots are welcome and encouraged to submit their records. The only restriction is that one of the persons listed in the Marriage Record must have lived in Montgomery County at one time. Be sure to include your e-mail address. All entries are listed in groups by submitters and followed by the e-mail address of the submitter. Thank you for your willingness to help make the Montgomery County pages a valuable asset for online research.

Listed are marriages found in three separate sources. These sources include the Early Montgomery County, Tennessee, Marriages, from the "Ansearchin'" News published by the Tennessee Genealogical Society, 1968; Early Marriage Records compiled from Clarksville, Montgomery County, Tennessee Newspapers



GROOMS- with Trotter Surname BRIDES
1839 James N.  Married  Lavina Whittington 
1845 Joseph  Winnie Jones
1847 Green B.      `  Paralie Patterson
1855 Elijah  Mary Ann Dawson
1856 Benjamin  Elizabeth Brunwell
1863   James M.  Louisa Harris
1865 Slyvan  Elizabeth H. Lee
1866 Jerona  Sarah E. Trotter
1871  Daniel   Jenny Jones
1871 James E.   Lucy A. Bumpus
1873 J.N.  Arvie Saunders
1873 Jobe   B.H. Harper
1874 John W.  Amanda Jones
 1876 W.P.  Paralie Jones
1876 Joseph  Tennie Bagwell
1880 G.W.  Sallie Davis
1880 J.A.  Bedian Jones
1881 James  Allice Swift
1886 Elijah  Mrs. Olive McDermet
1891 Thomas  Amanda Ramy
1892 Matthew  Rebecca Bridges
1892 R.W.  V.A. Green
1896 Phineas  Emma Hodges
1896 Ches  Nancy Rogers
1901 William   Iva Harper
1901 J.P.   Hattie Pruett
1903 H.T.  Mary L. Davidson
1904 Joseph  Scottie Powers
1906 Sawney  Rachel Holmes
1906 Robert  Lena Davis
1908 James B.  Emma Lee Phillips
1909 Orville  Lillian Scott
1910 Chess  Martha Allen
1912 Tom  Lizzie Williams
1912 Elisha  Ethel Fox
1916 Perry  Chloe Plummer
1920 Lige  Ida Potts
1920 Boyd  Annie M. Dean
1920 J.J.   Martha Edwards
1921 Edgar  Ella Pollard
1922 Walter  Pearl Suiter
1925 Flint  Beartice Terry
1926 Tom  Carrie Irvin
1931 Oscar W.   Ola Miller
1931 Herman   Precious Jackson
1935 Garner  Mary Bumpus
1936 Jno  Cora Lee Hughes
1937 Thomas  Sallie Bosley
1941 Glenn  Mrs. Christine Ferrell
1942 Thomas Richard   Louise Dawson
1948 Donald P.  Dorothy Jean Newhouse
1953 Seamon Curtis  Ruby Jesse Colyer


BRIDES- with Trotter Surame GROOMS
1847 Elizabeth   Samuel Yarbrough
1847 Mary Ann  W.G. Shelton
1865 Martha  Isham Jones
1866 Missouri A.  Thomas Morrison
1870 M.F.  E.H. Jones
1872 Virginia  James O. Davis
1873 Mary  B.F. Brown
1874 Martha  George H. Davis
1876 Eliza  W.D. Harper
1876 Sarah   Joseph Baggett
1878 Tennessee  J. T. Matthews
1879 Eliza  William Cantrill
1880 Bettie  J. M. Langford
1885 Isabell  William Lisenbee
1885 Sally L.  R. H. Batson
1888 Lucy  George Johnson
1892 Arena  J. H. Holmes
1893 Dora  Salamon Rainey
1893 Luvina  Richard Morrison
1898 Katie  J.M. Evans
1899 Jane  Ben Beaumont
1900 Lena  Stewart Schmittou
1900 Sallie  Thomas Golliday
1900 Martha F.   Burr Hinton
1901 Nannie E.W.  W.E. Holly
1902 L.L.   J.W. Bridges
1903 B.A.   C.R. Weakley
1907 Sallie  Will Rives
1907 Mollie   Hezekiah Baggett
1907 Katie  Thell Harvey
1907 Bertha   Joseph L. Dean
1907 Pearl  Emmett Harris
1908 Lucy  Henry Waller
1911 Gussie  C.F. Grant
1913 Myrtle   George Britt
1913 Chattie   Calvin Adkins
1916 Vallie  J. Hendricks Majors
1916  Inez  Monroe Underwood
1916 Lela  Horace Blackwell
1917 Martha  Emmett Martin
1917 Verdie  Rome Hicks
1917 Anna  T. Eugene Rubel
1919 Clara  Thurman Scott
1920 Lena  Tommie Leftwich
1920 Mina  Herman Sensing
1921 Sara  C.E. Meeks
1921 Flora  John Halmes
1922 Emma  Jesse Hagewood
1922 Grace  Russell Castleberry
1922  Fannie  Doyle Parker
1925 Emma  R.E. Blackwell
1926 Thelma  Alfred Clark
1926 Lessie   George Stalls
1929 Mary Catherine  John Hartwell Cocke
1929 Bailey  T.B. Batson
1932 Robbie  Elton Black 
1936 Lara  Eugene Smith
1937 Julie Mae  Elbert Davenport
1937 Bernice Elizabeth  John L. Bumpus
1941 Slettia  Roy Meeks
1944 Wilma Loy  Charles E. Burnett
1945 Marjorie   Jessie Allen Green
1949 Emma L.  Henry Alvin Langford
1951 Mary Sue  James Lee Slate
Submitted by Debbie McMinn

Groom:  A.E. (Archie Elvin) KEELING
Bride:  Mabel Claire HUGHES
Date: 17th day of January 1906
"were united by A.E. Clement M.G. in the holy bonds of matrimony"
Marriage Record Book 23 page 334.
Certificate signed by "H.M. Smith, Clerk of the County Court"
and T. M. Harris, Deputy Clerk

Submitted by Jan Keeling Dailey

Bagwell, G.P. to A.F. Adams 8-4-1840 (Mt.)
Bagwell, G.W. to Mrs. Margaret Wheeler 5-3-1865 (Mt.)
Bagwell, Jno. W. to Martha Brown 11-30-1843 12-1-1843(Mt.)
Bagwell, John M. to Caroline Mays 9-7-1859 (9-8-1859) (Ce)
Bagwell, L.R. to Mary J.Wall 11-19-1859 (11-20-1859) (Mt.)
Bagwell, N.E. to Emma Patrick 10-18-1866 (Mt.)
Bagwell, William M. to MaryAnn Brown 9-28-1852 (Mt.)

Submitted by Terrie Wyatt

Marcus M. Greene/Green m. Martha Dean in Clarksville Montgomery County, TN.

Submitted by Carol L. Doane


This is a transcription of a letter written by Henry Minor Dudley (1811-1883)  to Lucy Elizabeth Waller (1824-1878).  Lucy E. Waller married H.M. Dudley in 1849 and lived in the vicinity of St. Bethlehem and  both are buried in the Dudley Cemetery.

I thought this too good not to share.   I've attempted to maintain the original format. I have some doubts about making public thoughts which were very private and emotional, but  I hate to see this "precious document" lost.  These are my great-great grandparents.  Hope they will forgive me.

                                                                                 Sept. 30, 1849

Miss Lizzie,

                                                                               I hope the peculiar circumstances which I am placed in will be sufficient  apology for this hasty epistle. I think it best to say plain simple matter  of fact you know I have been hinting at something long enough and I wish a definite understanding between us. I do not wish you for one moment to doubt my sincere and undivided
affection. I have no pledges to make only one that is to use every necessary exention in my power to make you happy for your happiness is an important item with me. If this meet with your approbation you will please confer with your parents before next Sunday as I wish your Pa apprised of it before he leaves. I have my doubts about a reciprocity of feeling and if you are not willing to unite your destiny with me we will be friends and drop it.
Yours in haste.
P.S. I would be happy to hear from you.
  Henry Dudley

Henry Minor Dudley and Lucy Elizabeth Waller were married Oct. 23, 1849.

Submitted by

William P. RAMAY/RAMEY ( son of Elijah RAMAY/RAMEY & Margarite PERRY) m Margaret HUTCHISON (dau. of
James HUTCHISON & Sarah THOMAS) 8 May 1822 in Montgomery Co., Tn.  After Margaret died ( 3 Dec 1829) William P. RAMAy m. Elizabeth GRIMES (dau of William & Eva GRIMES) 27 Aug 1830 Montgomery Co., Tn.

Records from William P. Ramay's Bible.

Submitted by  Sue Field

From Tennessee Genealgical Records (page 248)

      "Due to a fire in the early history of Montgomery County, Tennessee,
formerly "Old Tennessee County," many of the early marriage records have
been destroyed.  The following are a few of the marriage records that have
been preserved.  The marriages of Montgomery County.  E. R.W."

GROOM                                 BRIDE                           DATE

Henry GIBSON                  Hariott FRENCH        28 Aug. 1799
Thomas HAMILTON          Rachel McGRACE        3 Aug 1799
Charles ROSE                      Polly ROSS                24 Dec. 1799
John KARR                          Timby GARDNER      6 Aug.  1799
John SCOTT                         Polly DOBBS           28 Aug.  1799
Thomas TINNIN                   Nancy ALLEN          7 Nov.  1799
William DUNBAR                 Elizabeth HALL        30 Nov.  1799
Thomas JONES                     Rebecca HURT       30 May  1799
John CLERK                          Lucy ELLIOTT        27 Feb. 1799
Richard COOK                      Elizabeth COFF        25 Feb 1799.
Alexander  TROUSDALE      Jean NELSON           23 Jan. 1799
Joseph WOODFORK            Zeburch PENNING      Jan.   1799
James COCKRAN                 Mary PHILIPS           3 Aug. 1799
Henry BRYANT                     Milly TAYLOR         13 June 1799
James TYARD                       Susanath McCARTY   7 May 1799
Cornelius McGRAW              Betsy ALLEN                  Aug. 1799
Samuel WATSON                 Catherine EDMONSTON   6 Mar. 1799
Jonah HIBBS                         Lucy MILLER                 4 Jan. 1799
Gideon WALKER                 Betsey JOHNSON         30 Jan. 1799
Cordel NORFLEET               Polly PENNINGTON  20 Dec.  1799

From Tennessee Genealgical Records (page 248)


      "Due to a fire in the early history of Montgomery County, Tennessee,
formerly "Old Tennessee County," many of the early marriage records have
been destroyed.  The following are a few of the marriage records that have
been preserved.  The marriages of Montgomery County.  E. R.W."

GROOM                                     BRIDE

Alexander PATTERSON              Rebecca BIRD
4 Oct. 1802
Robert RAGH                            Nancy VARNES
3 July 1802
James EDWARDS                       Elizabeth SPARKS
4 Feb. 1802
Yancy THORNTON                   Amdia THORNTON
19 Dec. 1802
Lawrence TENNEN                     Elizabeth ALLEN
3 Nov. 1802
Nathaniel HEWS                          Isbel McGARRITY
3 Aug.  1802
William GRAYSON                     Susannah TENNEN
6 Sept. 1802
George ELLIS                             Joniah HELTON
3 Apr. 1802
William BOGARD                        Ador CHISM
11 May 1802
John M. LANFORD                     Peggy ONEAL (Oneal, O'NEAL) 11 Feb.  1802
John WILLIAMS                          Elizabeth SMITH
26 June 1802
James HENED                              Elizabeth McCARTY
15 June 1802
Ebenezer PIATT                           Abigail LINDZY
3 Jan. 1802
John KIZER                                  Polly COOK
23 June 1802
John ELLIS                                   Masson THOMPSON
25 May 1802
Robert DUKE                               Charlotte DUKE
25 May 1802
14 Sept. 1802
Benjamine RAY                             Anne HENRY
13 July 1802
Benjamine MASON                      Mary REEVES
9 Sept. 1802
Jonathan ALDRIDGE                    Sarah HARVEY
10 Aug.  1802
Charles SEAL                               Christianna MILLER
9 Nov. 1802
Robert DRAKE                             Polly ROSE
15 Nov. 1802
Joseph B. NEVILLE                      Elizabeth (?)
5 Oct. 1802
                              William MONTGOMERY             Fenny MILLER                                               23 Nov. 1802
Matthew RYBOURN                   Polly DRAKE
25 Oct. 1802
Davil McINTOCH                       Franky BEARD
25 Apr. 1802
Benjamine GAINIS                      Rebecca RABOROM
4 Nov. 1802
John NEELEY                             Peggy PATTEN
22 Dec. 1802
Vincent ENNIS                           Mary AWINGE
14 Sept. 1802

Sue Jones


From: Clarksville Leaf Chronicle

July 25,1909-- Mr. W.O. Baggett and Miss Lorena Baggett were married this morning in the waiting room at the L.&N. passenger depot. Esquire W.R. Attaway performed the ceremony. The couple is from District 20 and are very popular in that vicinity.


From: Clarksville Leaf Chronicle

December 26,1908-- Mr. David McCarroll and Miss Clara Lyle were married this afternoon at the Magnolia House, Rev. J.J. Stowe of Madison Street Methodist Church, performing the ceremony. It was not a runaway affair. The bride is the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Reed Lyle of Hackberry and an attractive and popular young lady. The groom is a prominent young man of sterling worth who lives near Louise. The happy couple left on the Mineral Train for Hackberry to spend a few days.


From: Clarksville Leaf Chronicle

August 19,1914-- License for the marriage of Mr. Irving Manning and Miss Mabel Orgain was issued this morning. The marriage will take place this afternoon at the home of Mr. Edgar Orgain

at Lone Oak.


From: Clarksville Leaf Chronicle

January 6,1917-- A double wedding took place at 2:00 this afternoon at the Ladies Rest Room, this city , when Esquire James Broom united in marriage Mr. Sterling Davis to Miss Mamie Suiter and Mr. Luther Suiter to Miss Lilie Mai Brumme. All of the parties are residents of District 13 where they have many friends.


From: Clarksville Leaf Chronicle

January 31,1917-- Esquire Corban Married Sanford Gibbens and Mrs. Mary Sivels in a buggy in his yard last Sunday. Twenty-nine years ago the Squire married this same woman, then

Miss Mary Seiber, to Mike Sivels at the same gate.


From: Clarksville Weekly Chronicle

May 29,1875-- Our friend Thomas Batson, Esquire of McAllister’s Crossroads was united in the bonds of wedlock with Miss Alice Dillon on of Stewart County’s fairest daughters on the 20th inst. The ceremony took place at the residence of the bride’s father, W.H. Dillon, Esquire.


From: Clarksville Semi-Weekly Tobacco Leaf

July 12,1887-- John S. Rice and Miss Mattie Roberts were married last Wednesday at the home of the bride’s father, Collin Roberts of the south side. The ceremony was performed by

Rev. W.R. Peebles of this city. The bridegroom is the son of Rev. J.G. Rice the Methodist Minister of the Antioch Circuit.


From: Clarksville Semi-Weekly Tobacco Leaf

January 3,1888-- Samuel C. Fessey of the Corbandale neighborhood and Miss Maud McCauley of the same vicinity were married last Sunday morning. The ceremony was performed at the residence of the bride’s father, William McCauley. Like a provident man, Mr. Fessey had provided a home for his charming bride and thither they went at once. They have the best wishes of a host of friends.


From: Daily Leaf Chronicle

December 1,1900-- On the morning of November 25, a couple of young people drove up in a carriage to Squire Jo. Trotter’s gate and asked to be married. The Squire accommodated them, as they sat in their vehicle, and when it was done they drove smiling away. They were His. Baggett, son of Jo. Baggett of the 18th District, and Miss Dora Karnes, daughter of George Karnes, of the 22nd. They are both very prominent popular young people of their community, and enter upon their married life with very bright prospects ahead of them.


From: Daily Leaf Chronicle

March 16,1918-- Esquire Joe Trotter of District 20 is in the city today and announced that Sunday afternoon he united in marriage Mr. John Clark, son of T.W. Clark and a prominent farmer of District 20 and Miss Elsie Black, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Dan Black of the same neighborhood. The marriage occurred at the bride’s home near Shiloh in the presence of a few friends.


From: Clarksville Leaf Chronicle

July 30,1906-- Isham Sikes and Miss Lida Britt, well known young people of the 20th District, were united in marriage Sunday while seated in a buggy. Squire Joe Trotter performed the ceremony.


From: Clarksville Leaf Chronicle

January 1,1917-- On Thursday December 28, Mr. Vernon Swift and Miss Sallie Morrison, both of Cunningham, were happily united in the holy bonds of matrimony by the Rev. G.L. Hensley at Rye’s Chapel Church. At 2:15, Miss Lillian Swift, a sister of the groom, began the Wedding March and the party entered in the following manner: Miss Audrey Batson and Reuben Swift, Miss Jessie Abernathy and Wade Morrison, Miss Pearl Batson and Thomas Bumpus, and Miss Lillian Batson and Allen Harvey. Following these came the bride and groom.

The bride was beautifully dressed in a coat suite and the groom wore black. The church was decorated neatly but not elaborately in the white and gold effect. It was darkened and artistically lighted while the double arch under which the bride and groom stood was lighted by candles.


From: Daily Leaf Chronicle

March 9,1897-- Mr. Newt Patterson of McAllister’s Crossroads and Miss Beard were married by Esquire Joe Trotter.


From: Clarksville Leaf Chronicle

April 20,1918-- Mr. Hayden Green and Miss Lily Hamilton, a popular young couple of District 22, were married last Sunday afternoon at the home of Esquire Trotter in the 20th District, Esquire Trotter officiating.

Another wedding, that of Mr. John Baggett and Miss Annie Bagwell, was solemnized Thursday afternoon at Esquire Trotter’s home, he officiating.


From: Clarksville Leaf Chronicle

June 5,1928-- Miss Martha Allen to wed Mr. Robert W. Ritter in the late afternoon. The impressive ceremony will be said just at dusk, an uncle of the bride, Rev. Felix H. Coleman of Mulberry, Tennessee, Pastor of the Lynchburg circuit, officiating.

Nuptial music will be rendered by Miss Virginia Flowers Ritter, Sister of the groom, accompanying Miss Lattie May Lyle, violinist, and Mrs. Lauren Edmondson who will sing “Because”. The piano and violin duet will be “Melody of Love” and “Mendelssohn’s March” will be used as recessional.

A pretty floral arrangement of pink and white will be emphasized through artistic placement of roses and fronds to form an altar in the living room and at tastefully selected places throughout the house. From her trousseau, the bride has chosen to wear georgette toilette of the palest rose-pink with rarely effective laces, a hat with lace trimming and the same nuance of color. Her flowers will be a shower bouquet of roses and sweet peas in the Dresden shade.

The couple will leave for a short bridal trip to Chattanooga and other points and upon their return will be at home in their apartment which they have taken at 408 College Street with Mr. and Mrs. W.B. Weakly.

Out-of-town guests here for the wedding include the bride’s grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. John W. Neblett, Miss Kate Neblett, Mr. & Mrs. Sam Neblett, Mr. & Mrs. P.M. Mitchell, Mr. & Mrs. Reed Lyle and son, Mr. & Mrs. Arch Rollow, Miss Grace Ramey, and Dan Allen, all of Nashville, and Miss Allen’s uncle and aunt, Rev. & Mrs. Coleman from Mulberry.

She is the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Hadley Allen and he is the son of Circuit and Criminal Court Clerk H.W. Ritter & Mrs. Ritter. Both are graduates of Clarksville High School and the groom has been connected with Ladd’s Motor Shop for several years in a mechanical way.


From: Clarksville Leaf Chronicle

February 3,1919-- One of the prettiest home weddings of the season was that of

Miss Jessie Rice Abernathy and Mr. Clyde D. Lunn which was solemnized at the home of the bride in the Bend on Saturday afternoon.

The home was beautifully decorated for the occasion. The parlor, which was the scene of this happy event, being especially attractive; white candles, ferns and ivy being used to carry out a color scheme of green and white.

The guests were received by Mrs. Charlie Warfield, Misses Jennie Morrison, Nannie Swift, and Mabel Abernathy of Erin. Mrs. John Ussery kept the guest register.

Immediately preceding the ceremony, Mrs. Laura Edmondson sang most charmingly “ I Love You

Truly”. The bridal couple advanced to an improvised altar to the strains of the Mendelssohn’s Wedding March played by Miss Lillian Swift, where Rev. P.G. Johnson performed the impressive ceremony.

The bride was lovely in a taupe traveling suit with hat to harmonize and carried white carnations. She is the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. A.J. Abernathy.

The couple left immediately after the ceremony for Nashville where Mr. Lunn is engaged in business.

Out of town guest: Mrs. Alf Abernathy, Misses Mabel Abernathy and Annie Laurie Adams of Erin, Mr. & Mrs. T.B. Batson, Mrs. Dick Neblett and Miss Audrey Batson of Southside, Mrs. George Abernathy and daughter Miss Elmer of Cunningham, Mr. & Mrs. Ray Abernathy of New Providence, and Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Swift of Cunningham.


From: Clarksville Leaf Chronicle

December 27,1906-- Charles Mockabee and Miss Lusie Hodges; Dillard Dawson and Miss Mary Morgan; and J.T. Hollis and Miss Addie Powell all of the District 20 were united in marriage in the home of Squire Joseph Trotter.


From: Clarksville Leaf Chronicle

December 14,1906-- An unexpected wedding that will be of interest to many people in this vicinity was that of Miss Lattie Neblett of the Bend to Mr. G.M. Willis, which occurred at 3:30 Thursday afternoon at the residence of Rev. J.L. Chenault on the south side. The couple was attended by Mr. & Mrs. John R. Edmondson, Mrs. Lilly Ussery, and Misses Bessie and Laura Wyatt. The ceremony was pronounced by Rev. Chenault.

The bride is the daughter of the late P. P. Neblett and a young lady of fine character who has a host of friends. Mr. Willis formerly lived at Ridgetop and was connected with the L&N Railroad, but was recently moved to the west. The best wishes of many friends will follow them.


From: Clarksville Leaf Chronicle

May 30,1874-- Mr. James Adams of this county and Miss Dana Nichols of Dickson County were married recently.


From: Semi-Weekly Tobacco Leaf

October 17,1890-- The brilliant affair of the season was the marriage last Wednesday evening of Dr. G. Meadows of Blockton, Alabama and Miss Bertha Hunt, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. S.D. Hunt. Rev. W.A. Turner performed the ceremony. Attendants: Holmes Orgain and Miss Bettie Meadows; Louis Neblett and Miss Annie Hunt. After the ceremony the party repaired to the residents of J.E. Meadows and were royally entertained. Mr. Meadows is a bookkeeper for Aldrich, Caudie, Tyler & Company, one of the largest dry goods establishments at Blockton.


From: Semi-Weekly Tobacco Leaf

July 25,1890--Last Thursday at the home of the bride on the south side, Esquire J.K. Ramey united in marriage B.G. Harper and Mrs. Ophelia Batson, relict of the late Zach Batson. This is the 7th combined plunge the happy couple have taken in the matrimonial sea, this being the groom’s third wife and the bride’s 4th husband. The testimony, if in accordance with their example, would be that marriage is not a failure.


From: Clarksville Leaf Chronicle

December 29,1928--The wedding of much interest to a large circle of friends was beautifully solemnized at high noon Thursday at Antioch Methodist Episcopal Church. The ceremony uniting in wedlock Miss Mary Ussery and Aubrey Barham of Petersburg, Tennessee was impressively said by Rev. C.T. Cook in the presence of a large assemblage of interested friends and relatives.

A program of appropriate nuptial music was given by Misses Esther Neblett and Allie Willis, cousins of the bride. Miss Lottie Mai Lyle, violinist, played the “Flower Song”. Miss Willis sang

“I Love you Truly” and “At Dawning”. Decorations were in keeping with the Christmas season. A small white gate with posts decorated with candelabra bearing lighted tapers was the entrance to the marriage altar. Little Angeline Edmondson charmingly dressed in a frock of white was flower girl, while Mrs. Lane Edmondson, also dressed in white, opened the gate for the bride’s entry.

The bride wore a modish gown of beige crepe fashioned on ensemble style with hat to harmonize. She wore an antique gold brooch which her grandmother, Mrs. P.P. Neblett, had worn on a similar occasion in the long ago. She carried a chatelaine bouque of roses and valley lilies.

Rodney Lyle, Robert Wyatt (cousin), Edwin and John Ussery (brothers of the bride) served as ushers.

Mr. & Mrs. Barham will make their home at Petersburg, Tennessee. She is the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. George Ussery, and his parents are Mr. & Mrs. W.T. Barham of Petersburg, Tennessee.


From: Clarksville Leaf chronicle

January 1,1914-- On Wednesday December 24,1913 Miss Mary Moffitt of the Bend and Mr. Eldon Wall of near Cumberland Furnace were quietly married at the Methodist Parsonage near Salem by Rev. J.M. Oakley. Both the bride and her attendants were attired in attractive suit coats. The attendants were: Mr.& Mrs. Floyd Melon, Miss Clara Neblett and Mr. Homer Coke.

The groom is a prosperous young farmer. The bride is a daughter of Mr. L.S. Moffitt. They’ll make their new home near Cumberland Furnace.


From: Clarksville Leaf chronicle

December 21,1931-- The marriage of Miss Mattie Belle Davis and Lewis Plummer was solemnized Sunday December 20, at Blackford’s Spring with the Rev. C.P. Givens officiating. The attendants were: Miss Mayme Alice Waller, Miss Louise Davis, Miss Ruth Givens, Miss Grace Givens, and Paul Plummer, brother of the groom.

The bride is the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John Davis of Southside, and the groom is the son of Mr. & Mrs. George Plummer of Southside.

Mr. & Mrs. Plummer will make their home in Southside.


From: Semi-Weekly Tobacco Leaf

January 8,1889-- Esquire Joe Trotter officiating, R.L. Biter and Miss Parthenia Underwood were married near Sailor’s Rest in this county on Christmas day. The attendants were: Robert Chambers and Miss Lavinia Underwood; R.E. Smith and Miss Emma Harvey; and Henry Underwood and Miss Dora Harvey.


From: Clarksville Leaf Chronicle

December 3,1920-- A wedding of much interest to their friends was that of Miss Ollie Dawson to Elijah Wyatt which was quietly solemnized Wednesday November 26, at Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Returning from a short motor trip, Mr. & Mrs. Wyatt are at home with his mother, Mrs. Mollie Wyatt. Mrs. Wyatt is a graduate of Southside High School. Mr. Wyatt is a prosperous young farmer.


From: Daily Leaf chronicle

June 28,1906--Miss Cora Carver, daughter of Constable G.H. Carver, and Paul Norfleet were married Sunday at the Parsonage by Rev. J.A. Patterson.

Kathy Reynolds & Patty Davis &

May 23,2000

      M. F. Smith and Mrs. Blanche Allen, dated September 6, 1891 in Montgomery County, by J. T. Southall, Justice of the Peace.
M.F. was my Great-grandfather, Mack Ferrin (McFerrin) Smith.
Blanche had previously been married to William Allen.
A letter from Ed B. Powers indicates the wedding was held at his house.

Submitted by Larry Smith

I have a Bounty Land Claim for Sylvia Markham Tyler which states that she was
married in Montgomery Co., Tn to James Tyler by a man of the Gospel whose
name she can't remember October 1807.  He was enlisted in the War of 1812 and
went from Clarksville in 1813 or 1814 for 3 weeks.  This family moved to
Arkansas near 1820.

Submitted by Marla Goodrich

Richard Marion Bryant to Mary E. Gilbert, m.  December 22, 1869.  Richard was the son of Chester Arthur Bryant and Frances Caudle.

Robert Lee Bryant to Lana Maude Cook, m. December 2,1894.
Robert was the son of Richard Marion Bryant and Mary E. Gilbert.  Lana Maude was the daughter of William Cook and Rebecca Moss.

Robert Lee Bryant and Lana Maude Cook were born in Clarksville, TN.  They were married in Clarksville, TN. They moved to Southeast Missouri where they resided until their death.

 Submitted by R. A. Lacy 

Robert Lee Bryant and Lena Maude Cook. Marriage bond was made on Nov. 30, 1894, County Clerk was J.D. Bailey. Marriage date was Dec 2, 1894 in Montgomery County with Minister W.V. Jarrett officiating. Submitted by Sue Morris 
James McFarlan married Elizabeth Stuart. They were married on January 22, 1806 in Montgomery Co, TN. The source for the place & date is Elizabeth (Stuart) McFarlan's application for bounty land on the basis of James McFarlan's War of 1812 service. The land was applied for in Hardin Co, IL on June 5, 1855 & is on file in Washington. In the application Elizabeth McFarlan stated that she married James McFarlan on Jan. 22, 1806 in Montgomery Co, TN & that her maiden named was Stuart. We believe (but can't absolutely prove) that James McFarlan was the son of James & "Margot" McFarlin (McFarlan), early settlers in Montgomery Co. Descendants of James II have much evidence that strongly points to the them being James II's parents, but "absolute" proof is yet to be found. James McFarlin I died in Montgomery Co, TN in 1796. James McFarlan II was born in the Waxhaws on March 29, 1776 & died in Pope Co, IL on Dec. 1, 1837. He & Elizabeth (Stuart) McFarlan moved to IL Territory about 1810 & settled in what is today Hardin Co., but all of James McFarlan's life in IL was lived in Pope Co, IL. Elizabeth (Stuart) McFarlan was born abt 1790 in VA & died in Hardin Co, IL on Aug. 11, 1863. Together she & James II pioneered in southern IL, where they operated McFarlan Tavern (now the Rose Hotel at Elizabethtown, IL) & ran a ferry across the Ohio River from KY. The community which grew up around this site is today called Elizabethtown & was named for Elizabeth (Stuart) McFarlan. It is the county seat of Hardin Co, IL. Submitted by David Howard 
Marriage License State of Tennessee - Montgomery County To any Minister of the Gospel having the care of Souls, or any Justice of the Peace of said County - Greeting: You, or either of you, are hereby authorized to solemnize the Rites of Matrimony between Daniel CAMPBELL and Mary Ann CASHON, he, the said Daniel CAMPBELL having given bond and security agreeably to the Act of the General Assembly in such case made and provided. Given under by hand, at office, in Clarksville, this 13th day of July 1811. W. C. Jamison, Clerk Know all men by these presents: That we, Danl CAMPBELL and Martin CASHON, his excellency Wiley Blount, Governor in and over for the time being and in accordance in office are held and firmly bound unto the state of Tennessee in the penal sum of five hundred dollars. For this express purpose: That there shall not hereafter appear any lawful cause why Daniel CAMPBELL and MaryAnn CASHON shall not be joined in the bonds of holy Matrimony. Given under our hands and seals this 13th day of July 1811. Acknowledged W. C. Jamison, Clerk Daniel CAMPBELL Martin CASHON State of Tennessee } Montgomery County } I, Peter ONeal, Clerk of the County Court of said County, do certify that the within is a true and perfect copy of the marriage bond of and the license issued to Daniel CAMPBELL and Maryann CASHON as the same appears of record in my office. I further certify that no return of said marriage is of record or on file in this office. On Testimony where of I have hereunto ? my hand and affixed my official seal this 15th day of Sept. 1841. Peter ONeal, Clerk State of Illinois } Greene County } Rebecca McAdams on her oath states that she is aged 72 years a native North Carolina and afterwards a resident in Tennessee and now resides in Greene County. Illinois that she is a sister of and three years younger than Mary Ann CAMPBELL, formerly Mary Ann CASHION, that at Montgomery County (I believe) in Tennessee she was present at the marriage of the said Mary Ann Campbell (then CASHION) to Darnel CAMPBELL - this was on I think the 18th July 1811 - and the officers who married them was named Benjamin Weekley - who was a justice of the peace. At that time and place said Mary Ann CAMPBELL is now living at Darksville in the state of Missouri and further this ??? Rebecca McAdams Witness N. J. Andrews Subscribed and sworn to before me Geor W. Davis Co Clerk of Greene County, Illinois this 12 day of July AD 1870

1839     James Chance to Elizabeth Lewis     Vol 1 Pg 14
            Susan Chance to James Roachel      Vol 1 Pg 8

1846     Robert Chance to Julian Birdwell        Vol 2 Pg 14

1865     Sallie A Chance to James Underwood   Vol 3 Pg

1873     Mary Eliza Chance to William B Beard   Vol 5 Pg
            Sara Ann Chance to William R Vaughn   Vol 5 Pg

1880     E A R Chance (f) to J R Sanford        Vol 9 Pg 217

1887     Bobby Chance (f) to B G Baird          Vol 13 Pg 306

1894     Evannah Chance to H A Ellis            Vol 18 Pg 438

Submitted by Teresa 


Marriage Contract between Benjamin Whitehead and Sally Willis

Source: Probate Records, Montgomery County, Tennessee, E: p 512. Spelling is as written

Know all men by these present that we Benjamin Whitehead and Sally Willis both of the County of Montgomery & State of Tennessee having concluded to intermarry have agreed and covenanted with each other upon the following marriage contract viz: I Benjamin Whitehead do hereby agree and covenant with the said Sally Willis, that all the property both real and personal belonging to said Sally Willis or that may be aloted to her upon a division of the Estate is to (unreadable) to his daughter Sally Willis at his death or the said Sally Willis is at liberty to dispose of her part of the property aforesaid at his death to his daughter Sally aforesaid, & I, the said Sally Willis do hereby expressly covenant & agree with the said Benjamin Whitehead that all the property both real and personal belonging to the said Benjamin Whitehead is to be (unreadable) to his children or the said Benjamin Whitehead is at liberty to dispose of his property at his death to his children aforesaid. In witness whereof we have here unto set our hands & seals this 18th August 1828. Teste: Signed: Ben. Whitehead {seal} George Watkins her John Layne Sally X Willis {seal} mark

Submitted by Jean Hancock

Powell Marriages in Montgomery Co. TN between 1838-1854

1. Joseph Powell m. Rebecca Blanton on Feb. 15, 1852 witnessed by W.B.Stewart & R.T. Gupton

2.Mary Powell m. Howell Baggett on Jan 29, 1844 witnessed by Josiah Baggett

3. Malinda Powell m. Henry Baggett on Mar. 29, 1844 witnessed by Abraham Baggett

4. Henry Baggett m. Mary Weaver on May 26, 1851 witnessed by Thos. R. Clark

5. John Powell m. Martha Jett on Dec 19, 1853 witnessed by George W. Brown

6. Ransom Powell m. Caroline Powell on Apr. 29, 1840 witnessed by G. D. Hall

7. Caroline Powell m. Wesley Baggett on Apr. 3, 1839 witnessed by Abraham Baggett

8. Barney E. Powel m. Margarette A. Mockbee witnessed by John H. McFall

9. W. H. Powell m. Susan Morrison on Feb. 4, 1852 witnessed by G. D. Anglen

10. Nancy Powell m. Rich'd Vaughan on Jan. 31, 1849 witnessed by B. F. Bartlett

11. William Powell m. Sally Davis on Jan. 21, 1847 witnessed by W.P. Norwood

12. Ameline Powell m. Elisha Row on May 30, 1840 witnessed by Barnet Powell

13. Levi Powell m. Edyth H. Dodd on June 11, 1843 witnessed by Wm. Powell

14. John Powell m. Eliza Channell on Dec. 5, 1843 witnessed by Wm. Ferrell


1. John Powell m. Eliza Channell on Dec. 5, 1843 witnessed by Wm. Ferrell

2. Martha Powell m. Robert Sikes Apr. 24, 1846 witnessed by George W. Jackson

3. Francis Powell m. Luke Suiter Aug. 28, 1848 witnessed by John Black

4. Manerva Powell m. Elisha J. Charnell Jan. 22, 1849 witnessed by Jesse Sikes

5. Mary Powell m. Willis Walker Jul. 9, 1849 witnessed by B. F. Breeden

6. Daniel Powell to Mary Angeline Perry 10-6-1840

7. Wiley Powel to Rebecca Martin 1-19-1864

8. Hawkett Powell to Lila Myers 11-30-1865

9. William A. Powell to Sarah Wilcut 7-28-1866

10. William G. Powell to Nancy L. Beedin 9-15-1846

11. Jack Powell to Eliza Shaw (Ce) 12-26-1878

12. J. W. Powell to Lucy Ann Barbee 6-2-1856

13. Henry W. Powell to Mary Chanwell 11-20-1856

14. W. H. Powell to Sarah Binkley (Ce) 9-18-1872

15. W. J. Powell to Mary T. Sisk 8-15-1860

16. Wiley Powell to Jane Martin 10-8-1847

17. Evelina Powel to Howel Vick 9-28-1864

18. Nancy Powelll to Ennis B. Lyle 2-4-1861

19. Fannie Powell to George Smith 11-4-1864

20. Hanna Powell to Dick Nothington 9-7-1866

21. Lucy Ann Powell to John H. Colesham 1-4-1855

22. Mary Powell to Alliner McCarnes 10-30-1845

23. Sally Ann Powell to George Jamison 12-7-1855

24. Sarah J. Powell to William Smith 5-14-1864

25. Susanna Powell to Ambers W. Norris 2-28-1860

26. Willie B. Stewart m. Emily M. Stroud Nov. 21, 184? witnessed by Thomas H. Stewart

27. Nancy Baggett m. Marion Sims Dec. 26, 1850 witnessed by Howell Baggett.  JP A. Baggett

28. John Blanton m. Lucy B. Buck Dec. 4, 1851 witnessed by W. F. Fall JP A. Baggett

29. James J. Blanton m. Clarinda Black Mar. 10, 1852 witnessed by Joseph T. Stewart

30. Eliza Ann Baggett m. Marian Sims Sep 17, 1853 witnessed by Henry Baggett JP. A. Baggett

31. Mrs. C. Blanton m. G. W. Coon Dec. 20, 1863 no noted witness or JP.

Corrections from previously submitted Powell marriages:

1. Malinda Powell m. Henry Baggett on Feb. 29, 1844 witnessed by Abraham Baggett
2. Barney E. Powel m. Margarette A. Macklin 4-21-1840 witnessed by John H. McFall
3. Emeline (Ameline) Powell m. Elisha Row on May 30, 1840 witnessed by Barnet Powell.

Information obtained from several sources.
Submitted by Cindy Powell 11-25-2001

Submitted by  Cindy Powell  at

Mr. Green Harris married Julia Ann Byard in Montgomery Co., TN on July 11th 1877.  Both Green and Julia were from Clarksville and lived there until thier deaths.

Submitted byDickie Harris

                       General index of “U” Females

1852   UTLEY                     Nancy C.      to    Dixon G. Wright
1852   USSERY                   Sara F.                James M. Swift
1863   UNDERWOOD          Mary                  John Baggett
1868   USHERS                    Lucy A.              James Owens
1873   USSERY                  Armita                  Arron  Collier
1875   USSERY                  Harriett                 John Leigh
1878   USSERY                  Lucy H.                Alex M. Lyle
1880   USSERY                  Ida                       John B. Steel
1881   UNDERWOOD        Joanna                James S. Eads
1883   UNDERWOOD           Parina                W. F. Moody
1884   USERY                    Lisa                    Wilson Bell
1886   USSERY                 Kate                    B. A. Orgain
1886   UNDERWOOD        Florence                George Lee Baggett
1886   USERY                    Harriet                 Armstead Hutchinson
1887   USSERY                Lizzie                N. D. Northington
1887   USSERY            Mily                       Stuart Chilton
1888   UNDERWOOD    Lizzie                Wesley Lawson
1888   UNDERWOOD    Partheny            R. L. Biter
1889   UNDERWOOD    Ada                    Elias Sinks
1890   UNDERWOOD    Sallie A.              Elias Davis
1890   UNDERWOOD      Catherine         J. J. Britt
1891   UNDERWOOD    Lavinia            S. G. Weaver
1891   UNDERWOOD    John    (male)       Currila A. Black (F)
1892   UNDERWOOD    Jennie        Willie Meriwether
1893   USSERY            Carnelia        Manuel Fox
1896   UNDERWOOD    Sallie        George A. Swift
1897   USSERY            Eloise        J. S. Edmondson
1898   USSERY            Maude H.        Leonard Hitler
1898   UMBLE            Lulu             Henry Hutchinson
1898   USSERY            Mary            R. B. Edmondson
1898   UPSHAW        Maggie        John Clamps
1898   UNDERWOOD    Lena            Alfred Baggett
1902   UNDERWOOD    Mary E.         Dillard Bryant
1907   UNDERWOOD    Lessie        Sterling Baggett
1907   USSERY            Lena            John Adams
1908   URAY            Ellen            Baston Mallory
1909   USSERY            Lillie            Son Galliday
1910   UTLEY            Sallie        Gidney Tapp
1910   UNDERWOOD    Maude        J. S. Arvin
1912   USSERY            Maggie         Bailey Johnson
1912   USSERY            Boyde        A. T. Felts
1913   USSERY            Willie        Floyd Peacher
1913   USSERY            Mary            G. H. Carver
1915   UNDERWOOD    Hugh        Kizzie Ferrell
1915   UNDERWOOD    Pathena        Teamont Eads
1916   USSERY            Eunice        Wallace Perry
1916   UNDERWOOD    Clarence (M)      Zadie Baggett (F)
1917   UNDERWOOD    Minnie        Henry Edwards
1917   USSERY            Lena            Moses Washington
1918   USSERY            Ethel            W. H. Petway
1918   UNDERWOOD    Eva M.        Lee A. Biter
1919   UNDERWOOD    Minnia L.        Herman Baggett
1919   UTLEY            Lora            Walter Hibbs
1919   USSERY            Ruth            R. S. Brown
1919   USSERY            Sarah E.        James G. Davis
1919   USSERY            Gladys        Bruce L. Morrison
1920   UNDERWOOD    Mina            R. D. Fambrough
1920   UNDERWOOD    Birdie        Dewey Hodges
1920   UTLEY            Eunice        Erby Fowler
1921   UNDERWOOD    Willie        Sidney Black
1921   UNDERWOOD    Lena            J. A. Biter
1921   UPTON            Irene            Charley Jones
1922   UNDERWOOD    Maude        Clay Baggett
1922   UGGLE            Myrtle        Castil Harris
1923   UTLEY            Burnest        James Bennett
1923   UNDERWOOD    Dixie            Wylie Sykes
1923   UNDERWOOD    Nannie        James Green
1924   UPTON            Emma        James E. Miller
1924   UNGER            Katie            Miles Edwards
1924   UZZLE             Maudie        Aubrey Chaney
1924   UNDERWOOD    Mabel           Rainey Kennedy
1924   UTTERBACK        Evelyn        Lexie Holman
1926   UNDERWOOD    Elsie            H. D. McWhorter
1926   UNDERWOOD    Virgie        W. J. Black
1926      UNDERWOOD    Effie            Hilton Underwood
1926   USSERY            Pearl            W. F. Steele
1926   UZZLE            Ina May         E. E. Sisk
1927   UNDERWOOD    Stella        Arthur Hodge
1928   UZZLE            Agnes        Lyndel Stovall
1928   UTLEY            Bonnie Mae    Edward Bell
1928   USSERY            Mary            A. W. Barham
1928   UNDERWOOD    Estelle        Frank Mackens
1929   UNDERWOOD    Stella T.        Jessie Baggett
1929   USSERY            Mary Belle    Dick Barnes
1933   UNDERWOOD    Pauline         Ray Gafford
1934   UNDERWOOD    Gertie        T. B. Richardson
1935   UNDERWOOD    Ermine        Joseph D. Jones
1936   UTLEY            Mildred        Jewell Prowse
1936   USSERY            Annie Lee        Ellis Sig_ars
1937   UTLEY            Josephine        Edwin M. Terry
1937   USSERY            Eula            Sidney Lisenby
1939   UNDERWOOD    Mrs. Louise    James Britt
1940   UNDERWOOD    Erlene        Clayton Black
1940   UNDERHILL        Mary            R. E. Dalton

General Index of  “U” Males

1851    USSERY        William M.               to    Elizabeth Ann Neblett
1853    USSERY          John R.              America Smith
1854    UNDERWOOD    T. S.                 Sarah Meadow
1854    UNDERWOOD      Lorenzo J.            Nancy C. Davis
1858    UNDERWOOD    Wm. Benj.            Oliva Hodges
1861    UNDERWOOD    Alexander            Elizabeth C. Jackson
1861    UNDERWOOD    Henry H.             Malina E. Ferrill
1864    UNDERWOOD    Calvin            Amanda Baggett
1865    UNDERWOOD      James                Sallie Chance (Channell)
1869     USSERY        Peter                Niss Outlaw
1872    URSHER        Richard            Nancy Barker (c)
1873    USSERY        George            Harriet Mackbee (c)
1874    USSERY        Peters                Haley Ledford
1879    USSERY         Pete                Margaret Jones
1879     UNDERWOOD    Gilbert            Parthenia Leigh
1879    USSERY        Peter               Laura Anderson (c)
1882    UNDERWOOD    Green                Desy Grimistead
1883    USSERY        William            Sarah Wilkerson (c)
1883    UNDERWOOD    Felix                Florence E. Baggett
1884    UNDERWOOD     George            Melinda Kimble (c)
1886    USERY        Richard            Dixie Rogers (c)
1889      UNDERWOOD    John                 Linny Smith
1889    UNDERWOOD    W. H.                Miss Dora Harvey
1890      USSERY        George            Adell Neblett
1890    USSERY        William            Nora Nesbitt  (c)
1890    USSERY        Peter                Fannie Wist   (c)
1891    USSERY         Robert            Eunice Robert
1892    UNDERWOOD    George            Lizzie Dawson
1892    USSERY        J. N.                 Agnis Lyle
1892    UNDERWOOD    Gill                Rosa Fletcher
1893    USSERY        Norman            Hattie Bagwell
1894    UNDERWOOD    Hiram                Carrie Baggett
1895    UNDERWOOD    Archie            Lou Harvey
1895    UTLEY        Tom                Ida Jones
1895    UNDERWOOD    J.W.        (No Return)    Nancy _____ ? No Name
1896    USSERY        Henry                Mariah Briggs
1896  USSERY        Sterling            Mary Harris
1896    USSERY        William            Pearl Neblett
1896   UTLEY        C. S.                Irene Talley
1899    USSERY        William            Lillian Neblett
1902    UNDERWOOD    John                Dora Harness
1902    USSERY        Will                Ola King
1902    USSERY        Frank                Annie C. Neblett
1903    USSERY        B. R.                Boyde Allen
1904    USSERY        J. E.                Eliza Henley
1904    USSERY        Wilmer            Kate Harris
1906    UNDERWOOD    George            Douglas Ferguson (c)
1906    UNDERWOOD    J. R.                Minnie Crockett
1907    UGGLE        Jack                Virlie Bone
1908    UFFLEMAN    H. Z.                Edna Swan
1908     UTLEY        Charley            Cara Ausenbough
1909    UNDERWOOD    Leman            Bessie Kennedy
1910    UNDERWOOD    Ed.                Russia Reese
1912  UZZLE                  Logan                               Ada Stewart
1912  UNDERWOOD    Barney                              Ethel Davis
1913  UNDERWOOD    Albert                                Essie Thomas
1915  UNDERWOOD    Ranzy A.                           Lela Clark
1915  USSERY               John R.                             Lillian N. King
1916  UNDERWOOD    Monroe                             Inez Trotter
1916  USSERY               Will                        Addie A. Boyd  (c)
1917  UNDERWOOD    Lee                                   Beulah Baggett
1918  UNDERWOOD    Elder                             Ethel Baggett
1918  UNDERWOOD    Clay                Nora Davis
1918  UNDERWOOD    Sherman                Fredonia Neblett
1919  UNDERWOOD    Floyd                Ada Mai Rye
1920  UNDERWOOD    Dewey            Annie Jones
1920  UNDERWOOD    Wylie                 Cuba Luther
1920  UNDERWOOD    Clate                 Myrtle Moorefield
1921  UNDERWOOD    Dennis                              Maud Schmittou
1922  USSERY               R. M.                                Elsie Porter
1924  UNDERWOOD    Dossie                               Lou Conatser
1924  USSERY               P. L.                                  Mary Allen
1924  UNDERWOOD    Griffin                               Norma L. Woodburn
1925  UNDERWOOD    William                             Birdie Baggett
1925  UTLEY                     Lexie                                Pearl D. Gilliam
1925  USSERY               N. L.                                 Emma Lee Winn
1926  UNDERWOOD    Hilton                                Effie Underwood
1927  UZZLE                 Sellans                               Mada Poole
1927  UNDERWOOD    Alex                        Sallie B. Sykes
1928  USSERY               Garvin                               Nellie Waller
1929  UTLEY                 Fount                                 Ruth Gardner
1929   UNDERWOOD   Hugh                                  Ruby Harrison
1929  UNDERWOOD            Jim                                     Anna Allen
1931  USSERY               Vernon S.                          Sarah Ann Neblett
1932  USSERY                 Will                 Alice Lee
1932  UNDERWOOD    Roy                       Lester Mackens
1932  UTLEY                 Francis                              Mrs. Mattie H. Graity(?)
1934  UFFLEMAN         Malcolm  C.             Margaret L. Davidson
1935  UNDERWOOD    John Bradley             Ora Dune Hickerson
1938  UNDERWOOD    Wm. C.                   Sallie Meriwether
1940  UTLEY                 Ruben             Margaret Brown
1940  UNDERWOOD    Howard                   Gladys  Gullett

Submitted by Debbie McMinn




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