Annie Gertrude “Gertie” Bryant Atkins
Dec 9, 1884 – Nov 11, 1918
A Good Woman Gone

There's a Reaper whose name is Death,
And with his sickle keen,
He reaps the bearded grain at a breath,
And the flowers that grow between.

            The reaper has passed and one of the sweet flowers has fallen beneath his blade within the last few days, leaving an earthly home desolate and many hearts full of sorrow over the flower that God has taken to bloom forever in the garden of heaven.
            This being Mrs. Gertie Bryant Atkins, aged 32 years, of influenza and pneumonia, leaving a devoted husband, five children, father, step-mother, one sister and two brothers to mourn their loss, while her spirit rests on the other side and binds heaven and earth with a stronger tie.
            Nevetheless, the Lord saw fit to remove from us our long life friend, our playmate from childhood, our schoolmate, and it seems but yesterday, we sat together on the banks of some stream enjoying the pleasure of life and exchanging childish secrets.
            She was a member of the Methodist Church of Rose Valley from childhood and leaves sufficient testimony for her loved ones to know she awaits with her three little babes on the beautiful shore beyond.  Funeral services were conducted by her pastor, Bro. Owen, and her body was laid to rest in the family burying ground on Cub Creek to await the Resurrection morn. Written by her cousin, Eula Lewis.

(Note:  Gertie’s date of birth and death were taken from the files of Louise Wyatt.  Gertie married Henry Lewis Atkins on Dec 21, 1904.)

Submitted by  Kyle, Melanie and David Atkins  on behalf of Louise Wyatt-  Thank you!


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