G. H. Atkins
(George Harrison Atkins)
Sep 28, 1848 – Jan 4, 1925

            On Sunday morning, Jan. 4, 1925, the death angel visited the home of Lewis Atkins (and) took from him his dear father, G. H. Atkins.
            He was 76 years, four months old.  He was the son of L. G. Atkins.  He married Laura Green, who departed this life 11 years ago.
            Mr. Atkins was a member of the Methodist church for a number (of) years and has always been a true member; he attended Sunday school every Sunday.
            Oh, how we will miss his dear face; he was on his way to Sunday school when he fell dead.  He leaves a son and daughter, Lewis Atkins of this place and Mrs. Ada Wortham of Clarksville.  One brother and sister departed this life several years ago.
            We want to say to the bereaved ones, "Weep not for dear papa, he is not dead, he is just sleeping in the arms of Jesus, waiting there to greet us with a happy smile on that bright and happy shore.  He was a kind and loving father and was loved by all who knew him.  He was laid to rest in the family graveyard on Monday evening in the presence of a large crowd.  Funeral services were conducted by Bro. Kelly.
            There he's singing hallelujah!  Walking through the streets of gold; Worldy harm will ne'er molest him; He is safe within the fold.  We loved him, yes, we loved him, But the angels loved him more, And they have sweetly called him to yonder shining shore.  The gates were opened; A gentle voice said come; and with farewells unspoken, He calmly entered home.
Written by one that love him, Ethelene Cherry.
 (Note:  From research of David T. Atkins: George Harrison Atkins, b. September 28, 1848 and d. January 4, 1925.  Married Laura Jane Green, b. January 10, 1859 and d. October 25, 1913, daughter of James and Mary A. (Keel) Green. They are buried in the Wortham Cemetery, on the west side of Bellwood Landing Road, Stewart Co., TN.)

(Note:  George Harrison Atkins was a great grandson of Rev. War soldier Lewis Atkins.)

Submitted by  Kyle, Melanie and David Atkins  on behalf of Louise Wyatt-  Thank you!


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