Charles David Roper
 May 23, 1787 – 1870


At his residence in Stewart Co., TN, on the 10th inst., Mr. Charles Roper, in the 83rd year of his age.

 He is no more; he has passed from time to Eternity.  Truly may it be said of him that he died the death of the righteous.  He espoused the Christian Religion and attached himself to the Methodist Episcopal Church about 58 years ago and if it can be said of anyone, he was an Israelite in whom there was no guile.

While his eleven living children feel deeply his loss, they rejoice in the full assurance that their loss is his gain; and that he has gone to join their Angel Mother who died Feb. 14, 1867, and their sainted brothers and sister, who have reason to believe are now basking in the Eternal Sunshine around the Throne of God.  He was born in the state of NC May 23rd, 1787 and emigrated to TN in 1808 and was married to Rachel Atkins, Feb. 10th, 1810.  From the date of his marriage to that of his death, he lived in this county.  He leaves a large circle of acquaintances besides his numerous relatives who mourn his loss.

He was one of the first settlers of this county.  He served under Gen. Jackson in the War of 1812, was at the Battle of Tipecanoe and Horseshoe Bend in 1815, was discharged from service Feb 12th, 1815.  The Christian Patriot and Soldier, at once; he has heard his last tattoo; until he hears the great marshal Gabriel sound the last Reveille of Earth to summon all the world to the great Roll-Call of Almighty God. A. J. Simer

Submitted by  Kyle, Melanie and David Atkins  on behalf of Louise Wyatt-  Thank you!


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