Louise Wyatt Collection

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Background information on Louise Wyatt

Louise Wyatt spent a lifetime in Clarksville, TN, interviewing old timers, collecting Bible records and obituaries, and assembling family group sheets, while happily answering questions for the most distant of cousins – in an age before computers and the Internet.  Her material is mostly on Wyatt, Roper, Atkins and the Bazel Smith family, which intertwined with the Atkins.  Louise now lives in Nashville.

Her work on the Wyatt family led in an unusual way to the family of Lewis Atkins.  Lewis was born in 1756 in Prince Edward Co., VA.  In 1780 he became a Rev. War soldier from Anson Co., NC.  He moved his family to Stewart County, TN in 1807.  His daughter Rachel married Charles Roper in Stewart County and they raised a large family.  The Ropers also took in Wyatt twin boys around 1830.  According to family lore, the Wyatts were traveling through Stewart County on a wagon train and the mother was unable to nurse the newborn twins, so they were left with the Ropers.  The Wyatts were supposed to return for the twins, but for some reason they never came back.  These twins left many Wyatt descendants scattered around the area.  Two hundred years of Lewis Atkins’ tree branches lead to numerous Lewis and Howell links, as well as many other family names in the Stewart and Montgomery County, TN environs.

Allen M. Atkins
Annie G. "Gertie" Atkins
Bertie Atkins
Bruce Atkins
Charles Atkins
Chester M. Atkins
Ethel E. Atkins
Everette G. Atkins
George H. Atkins
Henry Lewis Atkins
John H. Atkins
Johnie P. Atkins
Lillian O. Atkins
Maggie Atkins
Mallie Atkins
Orman Atkins
Paul C. Atkins
Ravyn Atkins
Richard C. Atkins
Talmadge S. Atkins
Thelma Atkins
William Bruce Atkins
Buthel Mae W. Beasley
Leslie Bryant
Hallie Bumpus
Minerva L. Byrd
Smith H. Byrd
Thomas Byrd
Shirley A. Carroll
Birdie W. Cherry
Flossie W. Cherry
Ophia W. Clements
Mayme Crocharell
Linnie Crain
Minnie H. L. Edwards
Tennie B. Edwards
Eleanor W. M. Fetner
Annie Gafford
Charles R. Gafford
John C. Gafford, Jr.
Oscar Gafford
Eva R. Graves
Dora Griffin
Lula Halliday
Callie M. Harrison
Claude Harrison
Bailey G. Heflin
John N. Howell
Lennis L. Howell
Oliver L. Howell
Robert W. Howell
Lula Howell
Ellsie L. Johnson
Minnie I. Lee
Venner N. Lee
Ella M. Legate
Charlie E. Lewis
Ellen Lewis
Eula G. W. Lewis
Eula M. Lewis
John D. Lewis
Maggie Lewis
Oscar Lewis
Rufus R. Lewis
Emma W. Long
George I. Manners
Beatrice E. Mullins
Dorothy Norfleet
Isaac Norfleet
Janie M. Norfleet
Margaret Norfleet
Launa G. Powers
Effie L. R. Quarles
Pearl A. Richardson
Charles David Roper
Edwin J. Roper
Edwin J. Roper, Jr.
Emmett A. Roper, Jr.
Fred J. Roper
James T. Roper
Lawrence L. Roper
Marcus L. Roper
Jewel L. Ross
Louise A. Sexton
Horace Shepherd
Nannie Shepherd
Reams C. Shepherd
Annie H. Smith
Archie Smith
Buena Smith
G. Bruce Smith
Georgia Ann T. Smith
Herbert B. Smith
Robert L. Smith
Sally B. Smith
William G. Smith
William J. Smith
Ida Ethel Stephens
Acree W. Threatt
Bessie M. Threatt
Edward R. Threatt
Erman Threatt
Gertie B. Threatt
Hubert M. Threatt
James Threatt
Sam Threatt
Wilbur J. Treatt
Willie M. Threatt
G. Hill Walker
Marvin Walker
Monroe Walker
Charles C. Wall
Clayton C. Wall
Elliott Wall
Ewing Wall
Rachel Wall
William N. Wall
Edward L. Walter, Jr.
Lois Walter
Herman L. Wilson
Lettye B. Wilson
Robert P. W. Wilson
Edgar L. Wortham
Bert Wyatt
Bertie M. Wyatt
Charles Wyatt
Frances H. Wyatt
G. W. Wyatt
Haywood I. Wyatt
James C. Wyatt
James W. Wyatt, Jr.
Leonidas E. Wyatt
Lewis M. Wyatt
Neva I. E. Wyatt
Rachel "Fannie" Wyatt
Ray Oakley Wyatt
Reed Wyatt
Sarah R. Wyatt
Smith O. Wyatt
Thomas N. Wyatt
William G. Wyatt

Rachel Atkins Roper

Submitted by  Kyle, Melanie and David Atkins  on behalf of Louise Wyatt-  Thank you!

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