Montgomery County Tennessee
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The following is the Will of JOSEPH MCCORKLE (d. ca. 1803 in Clarksville, Montgomery Co., Tennessee), husband of FRANCES HARRIS. My information says he was born about 1767 in Halifax Co., North Carolina. Frances (b. Abt. 1768 in Halifax Co., North Carolina; d. Aft. 1806 in Clarksville, Montgomery Co., Tennessee) was the daughter of ELIAS HARRIS and either his first wife (unknown) or SILVY/SILVA CHAMBLISS HARRIS. Silvy and Elias were supposedly married about 1763 in Halifax Co., North Carolina which would make her Frances' mother, if true.

Will book A, Page 181.

Inventory of the Estate of Joseph McCorkle, deceased

Personal property includes:

407 acres of land, 4 horses, 37 cattle, 57 hogs, 3 feather beds and furniture, one dozen pewter plates, 12½ dozen earthen plates, one half dozen dishes, two tea pots, eight cups and saucers, two milk pots, ten teaspoons, 14 tablespoons, half dozen tin cups, three pint basons (sic), one earthen bowl, one quart pot, one tea canister, one coffee mill, candle molds, pepper box, funnel, three piggens and three keulers, one tin strainer, eight knives and forks, one butcher knife, one looking glass, three saddles and bridles, two chairs, one cotton wheel, one flax wheel, one reel, five chairs, one candlestick, one pair shears, some shoemaker tools, flat irons, cutting knife, one handsaw, one drawing knife, three augers, one chizzle (sic), one frow, one mattock, one hackel, one grubbing hoe, two barshears, one shovel, plow irons, four weeding hoes, one axe, one table, two pair cotton cards, fifteen books, two kettles, three pots, one skillet, one frying pan, two churns, one washing tub, ½ bushel, two pair pot hooks, two bee hives, two pair chain traces, two collars and harnesses, two clevises (sic), one gallon bason (sic), one sifter, four baskets, double tree, loom and gears, spice mortar, bread tray, iron pot, Dutch oven, tallow, some leather, one bedstead, three cow hides or bull hides, one hammer and two gimblets, two combs. Amen.

Abner Harris

Fanny (X) McCorkle

Submitted by Jean Hancock

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